Monday, July 27, 2015

It's about family...

Okie doke a'ma,
It has been amazing... Seriously. 
Ok. so, some hard and fast updates.
First, this week has been awesome.
(questions from me....)
1.  How are you? I am amazing! Seriously.   
2. How is Elder Goodman doing? I am doing SUPER WONDERFUL.  We are working really hard.... like.....'all your heart might mind and strenth'....and let me tell is the best:)  
3.  How is your new Mission President?  He is awesome.  They are pure love.
4.  Lots of differences/changes?  Not yet, maybe in the future.

OK. This week, seriously, has been awesome.
Just do let you know, the first lesson we teach, is based on 2 things. 
1. That God loves us.
2. That the Gospel, He has given us, blesses FAMILIES.
One of the best things, one of the things we focus on as missionaries, you know are families:)
We have seen that this week!
We have a FAMILY, M... and J...  When we found M..., I think I told you about that,  she was by herself.  After listening to the first lesson, she decided to not go through a "seperation or divorce" process and decided to go back to her husband.  He then decided to listen, because of a friend that told him what we did, and decided to ask his wife (M...) if she wanted to listen too. Of course, they found out that each was listening to our message, and they asked us to teach them together.  It has been so great.  They have been listening and they went to church this week.  What has been so great is that they were really a family, that many would label "dysfunctional."  But in these last days, peolpe have asked them what they have changed because they are different.  They normally respond, "We decided to listen to God."
Then there is M... and her husband L....  They decided to also listen.  Although M... had listened for awhile, she had never decided to go to church until her husband listened, and decided to go.  When they went, it was great to see. (L... is a hard core construction worker....and he lookes like a boss)  When they went there to visit, to see them feel the spirit, to listen, and live happily, it was one of the best things ever.  They, by the small things, are also transforming.
It is a principle I love, but that I wanted to share.  The GOSPEL IS MEANT FOR FAMILIES. :) hahahahahaha! 
Thank you for all YOU have done so that my family can be Gospel Centered, and that my life, has been so blessed.   To be a home centered on Christ and not on something else.  I love you so much.  And no, I am not getting trunky... EVER.  If you don't believe me pray about it;)
But I am thankful, and I will always be happy to see those changes as we all use the atonement. I love you each so much.
Elder Goodman.

Sorry kids.... I didn't write any body today, only you guys, and I still didn't have much time for some technical difficutlies BUT....
Faye... I love you.  Thank you so much for all you share and your trust. I am always praying for you.  Whether you are ok or not:)  And Know that I will ALWAYS love you, always.  Have a great week.
Ash... Work hard broskies.  Do awesome.  Read Preach My Gospel chap. 6:)
Dai... I love you.  You are going to have to reteach me how to swim buddy:)
Dad... Thanks for all you do. 
Hope you guys have a great week. Much more said and explained later;)
Elder Goodman :)

That fish was cool...we got to touch got to touch monkey, birds and things!  This bird wanted to eat my hand..... :D

 This fish tried to bite me, but there was glass :)  I have decided when I have some money, I want an aquarium/hall like this....

 Last picture as a threesome/trio :)

 "Virtud" is "Virtue"--- I LOVE IT!!

Not our will, not our time...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!! Thank you soooooo much for all you do! I love you all SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!! This week has been so awesome!!!!!
So this week, the Lord has been teaching me, and it has really been such a miracle:)  I love seeing how the Lord hastens His OWN work.  I know maybe I have said that like 5 billion times, but it is something that He changes, and He works in ways I might never understand, but we just have to have the faith:)
This week we have been talking with an investigator, M.... She has been going to church for about a month and a half.  She was going to get baptized a while ago, but she backed out because of some doubts and problems she was having.  She wasn't sure about a lot of things, and her family was a little mad because she was going to be "Mormon".  Well, we have been working with her these last weeks.  She has been changing, little by little.
BUT, the miracles come after the trial of our faith:)  As she was between the days we were visiting her, she asked the Lord what she should do and He answered.  Not just one time, but MANY times, in ways WE never would have been able to.  When we visited M..., we were ready to ask, to help, and to strengthen once again.  But after we finished the prayer she said "Elder, I want to get baptized."  We just stood there in shock.  We didn't know why, we didn't know how, but she decided.  Then  she added, "The sooner the better."  She decided to get baptized this last week on Saturday:)  On Sunday she bore her testimony and she said, "I'm not just Mormon, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, and if someone has a problem with that, they can go right ahead and have a problem with that."  It was one of the sweetest testimonies I have ever heard and it touched my heart.  So many people don't understand, it isn't about the missionaries.  It isn't about a church.  It is about our loving Heavenly Father who has a plan and who wants us to live with him again. We take upon us the name of Christ and that changes everything.
I know this is short. But I want you to know how much I love you. I KNOW THIS IS THE LORD'S WORK, AND HE HASTENS IT IN HIS TIME. 
I love you all so much:)
Elder Goodman!

 It has been a little rainy :)

 We taught the primary kids about missionary work!  Best class ever!

Friday, July 10, 2015

Simple things that cause significant change :)

Mom! Thanks so much for everything you do!

This week has been a little different. We are in a trio.... or a threesome. (that is why the pic has 3 people.)
We now have a bigger area, but we are working hard and we have seen quite a few miracles this week.
First, was J.... He is 10 years old and his parents have been inactive for quite awhile.  Well, Jose decided to change that.  We passed by (in the street) and he told us, "Hey, can you visit our family?"  Well of course:)  We started visiting.  J... wants to get baptized and he is super excited, so he said he will start being an example.  He prays, and is going to church with his family again.  But the part I loved the most, is what we saw this past Saturday.  He told us he had been reading.  And although he didn't understand everything, he felt good.  WE felt good.  It was a powerful testimony for me, to know that the Book of Mormon, in and of itself, is powerful.  Anyone can read or listen to it.  When they do it, they feel good.  What a BLESSING! Seriously! It was wonderful!!!!
Another experience...C...and E....(a couple) E... is inactive, and C... is investigating.  They have been together for 5 years.  Well, we were able to visit them for the first time this week. They told us they wanted changes.  If you want a change in results, you have to change the formula:) --and that is what we told them.  They have started reading, they went to church, and they loved it.  But something great was this... we went to visit E... the other day, and when we asked her before the opening prayer, if she would like us to pray for anything special.  She said, "Pray that my husband can get baptized soon"  That is when we truly realized that they weren't in it just because it was interesting or fun, or that they wanted a different social group.  They were in it for their family and they are giving 100%.  That is what the Lord asks. And those are the ones He searches for. :)
I feel like that is what the Lord has once again taught me this week.  We teach three
"Celestial Habits" 
1. Pray. 
2. Read the Book of Mormon. 
3. Go to church. 
(primary answers.) But as we do them, we get better at them, and change the WAY we do them...THEN it is amazing.  These two families are proof of it.  As we do celestial things, we become Celestial people.  I love you so so much:)  Please say "hi" to the Acors for me!  Give Cason A HUGE HUG! And let him know how happy I am for him:)
Thanks for everything!!!
Elder Goodman!

We must be willing to give...

Thank you sooooooo much Mom!!!  For everything!!!!!
I really am so grateful for all you and dad have done, all your sacrifice and help.
This week has been wonderful:)
If I haven't told you, we have a plan as an area of Mexico.  It is in Spanish but I will be trying to share a part with you!!!!!
So, this plan is from the Area Presidency and we have been sharing it with everyone so that they can know what the Lord wants from us, as members here in Mexico!!!!
The plan has a sentence that I love.  It says we will need to increase our faith, our sacrifice, and our faithfulness   We as missionaries have had to do it, as well as the members.  With more faith, really, it means more miracles:)
And that is what we have seen... I know....I am like repeating the same thing...sorry.  I will move forward.  
Anyway, there are three points of emphasis in this plan.
1. Pay a generous fast offering and a full tithe.
2. Help one person every day recieve the ordinaces that will bring them back to their Heavenly Father
3. Look for the names of our ancestors and help them receive the ordinances in the temple.
And then there is a promise that is wonderful.
It includes opening the windows of heaven, having profound family relationships, and being able to be protected from the lashings of the world.... just to name a few.
Well seriously, that is what we have seen.  If you want to increase your faith, you have to increase your action.  We as missionaries have to ask more people, talked more, prepared better, we have been MORE obedient.  We have studied harder and paid more attention to the Holy Ghost.  Members find ways to sacrifice as well, and as they sacrifice, they see miracles.  There is a less active member, named A....  She has a daughter that is 19 and not baptized.  When she heard about this plan, the plan of our mission, she decided to get to it!  She is going to church, and preparing to go to the temple.  As she begun and has started to sacrifice, and her daughter has started listening to the Gospel.  Now the daughter is deciding to change, and wants to get baptized!
There is another family, and their child struggles with the ways of the world.  They didn't know how to help him, but as they have put the Lord first, the Lord has touched their son's heart, and he has started to change.  He wants to return to church, and he has continued to change.
There is another family, that is trying to share the Gospel every day!  They have a couple that they know.  They talked with them, and now that couple is listening.  They also want to join the Church, so they can be closer to the Lord.
The point is, this plan is wonderful.  If they are less active members, or only part of the family is member, or the family is active, the Lord has asked for more sacrifice.  And we are giving it all we've got:)
I think the best thing about it is the testimony the experience gives each person willing to give more, willing to sacrifice.  God STILL loves us.  He STILL talks to us.  He is STILL aware of everything that is going on.  And HE will hasten HIS work in HIS time.  We just have to have faith, and sacrifice a little more:)
I just wanted to share that with you.  It has been great to see, and teach, and feel. 
I love you, and I am thankful, mom and dad, for the sacrifices you made so that our family could have the relationships we have today.
Elder Goodman!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

A desire to share...

MOM!! LOOKY THERE!  I AM WRITING.  I KNOW.... I am so sorry I haven't been able to write:/  But I hope you can forgive me :)
So....I will be answering questions first.

1. How are you? 
SUPER FANTASTICALLY DOODLY DUPER.  You know basically about the exciting stuff, but other than that, we have been working hard!  There have been lots of miracles and wonderful experiences, and LOTS OF CHANGES:)
2. How was your week? 
Great, my companion and I are working hard to strengthen our crazy children.  It has been awesome.  I will try and explain it....this week, we have been able to talk a lot about TESTIMONY.  There is something special about being able to bear Testimony every day of what we do.  I hope you know...after a year and some months (we won't say how many) I guessed I would have had everything figured out, or maybe thought I be "in a little rut"-- but not even close.  This work is wonderful and there are ALWAYS things you can do better. Always a better testimony.  Always a better way of teaching.  Always a better representative of Jesus Christ.  Always. Always. Always. hahahahaha!  And that is what I love:)  We have been working on that.  On how to become better.  It has been wonderful.
3. How are you feeling?  

Ok.... So this week, just real fast.  We went on divisions, and we were trying to find new people to teach.  I'm pretty sure the members are too used to all the Elders always asking, "Is there someone you know that would be willing to hear our message?" And so we have had to change it up.  We went looking, praying, and with faith to find some people that were ready to hear the Gospel.  We started out walking to a visit, when we had the impression to stop by one of our recent converts house, his name is J....  With him, we talked a little bit and as we explained that we felt we needed to visit him, and that he knew of someone that needed this message, he started thinking, "Visit my friend F...."  He needs help.
So we went.  When we got there, we told F.... what was going on.  We went into his home, shared a little of our message, and asked him if there was someone else he knew we could help.   OF COURSE THERE WAS:)  And we just kept doing that same thing.  These people all knew someone else who needed the Gospel.  And it wasn't to baptize, it was to help them know exactly what their Father wanted for them.  That vision of white in the baptism, white in the temple, and white in the Celestial Kingdom.  It was a special experience, and it all started with ONE person.  He decided to share, and that lead to about 25 people.  That is a difference.  He made a difference in the lives of 25 people that day, just for taking a few minutes to think of someone who needed the Gospel.  Who needed more love!
I am so happy to see that. To be an instrument for the Lord, (definitely not perfect, but an instrument none the less), of the person most powerful, and most loving in the whole universe! And I will NEVER get tired, of wanting others to hear it:)
I hope you guys have a great week, sorry I can't write very quick, but I love you all tons.
Elder Goodman!

To build a ship...

ok....I can't send the voice message I made....I will be sending it next week....
BUT, this week, I will write something....readable. hahahahahaha!

We have been invited to STRETCH as a mission and as a companionship.  To move out of our comfort zone, and work in a different way.  It reminds me of Nephi.  When the Lord said, "And it came to pass that the Lord spake unto me saying: Thou shalt construct a ship, after the manner which shall show thee, that may carry thy people across these waters" Even though we might say we know how to make a ship, it isn't the type of ship the Lord wants!  He wants us to do "after the manner He shows us" and it has been amazing.  This week we were with an investigator, M.... She has been listening to us for a while and she loves the Church.  But more importantly, she loves the way the teachings have changed her life.  This week, we saw her on Tuesday and she explained to us how she wanted others to see the blessings she had seen.   We shared that EVERYONE should hear the message, and she decided she wanted to bring someone else.  On Saturday, we saw her again and she brought her husband and her daughter.  Her husband had never wanted to hear our message before.  But now, he decided to give it a try and to listen.  As he listened, he understood why it was so important.  He said, "This is what I lack in my life."  He decided he wanted to change with all his family.  They decided to make that decision because the Lord worked within them.  Later in the week, we were talking with a contact.  It was a little different because we had felt the need to contact him.  We went up and told him why we were there.  As we explained that we were sent by the Lord, a child came up and said, "Hey....can you come to MY house? My dad needs you guys."  The contact just stood in shock, wondering how that had just happened, and then said, "Uh...I think the Lord sent you, please come by other day." As we went with the child, we met a wonderful family that also want to hear this message, and feel the joy they have seen their neighbors (members) feel!
Lastly, we have been searching in some lists of the ward.  The lists here contain 800 addresses.  We have to find them, who lives there, and who doesn't.  On Saturday, we weren't sure where we needed to be, we didn't have an exact plan.  So we asked the Lord, we looked in the Lists, and there was a person we didn't know, that lived close.   We went to visit him.  His name is A...  As we knocked, he opened the door and said, "Please come in, share me a message"  As we shared he said, "Missionaries came by about 6 months ago. I haven't gone to church in over a year.  I am having a hard time, and I asked the Lord for help, then you guys came."  The next day, he went to church.  Seriously, it has been amazing. These aren't things my companion or I do, but it is the work of the Lord.  He is wonderful, and He loves ALL His children.  He is ALWAYS aware of every single one.  I know that.  I love it, and it is amazing here!  The Lord will teach us but in HIS way.  It will then, not be a ship of men, but a ship of God, after the manner of God.  I love it! 
Hope you have a great week. and that this makes sense:)
I love you!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

A remember

We are working hard. This work is the work of the Lord!!!
So, something funny... You guys are right.  My companion is a little tired of going all up and down hills all day....:/  He wasn't ready for that...but, the thing that is great is that we never run out of energy!  The Lord helps with that:)  --always. T he more we can teach, the more we get pumped, and the more we get pumped, the harder we work!  It is amazing.  The Lord hastens our feet.  We just have to have the desire!
This week was great, although it will be short, I will share what I can!
We have a plan for the area of all Mexico!  I don't know if you guys know about the plan for our area there in U.S. but there is always a plan, and we are sharing it with the members. Sometimes, as members I feel like I have forgotten how many blessings I really recieve as we have the Gospel.  To help the members to never forget what they have,  we spend a little time each week teaching the members part of the lessons we teach to investigators.  It is amazing. And just one miracle...sorry:( --I promise much more next week :)
We have been teaching the sister, S....  She has been member for a long time, but she wanted to know how the lessons were.  So we started teaching her and her family.  As they listened, they got excited and they realized all the blessings.  They started sharing the gospel.  They have now shared the Gospel with half of the neighborhood, and we have 2 investigators that are progressing because of what they have done.
That doesn't explain much... sorry. 
Next week, I will explain it well, and you guys won't end reading the letter like what?  What the heck?
I love you so much! Have a great week!

Elder Goodman
 I don't think I have to explain why my face is in the white guy ....
Doing some service...not standing on anything, just holding on :)

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Not by words alone...

So! We have been working like CRAZY this week! 
Seriously, we are so excited and everything is going well.  
Preach My Gospel phrase of the day: (chapter 11)
"For your testimony to have convincing power, you must be sincere. Powerful testimony is not dependent on eloquence or the volume of your voice but on the conviction of your heart." 
hahahahahaha! I had to remember it.:)  This week, we had many wonderful experiences with this way of giving testimony.  During our class that we have as missionaries at the beginning of the week, we were talking a little about testimony.  I remembered those first days I was here in Mexico.  I didn't know very much spanish...(like none.)  I could still only talk english.....and I remembered the feeling so many times as I wanted to help the people, I knew how they felt and I felt like I could have helped so much more if only they spoke english...;)  But during those moments, I also remembered the powerful Spirit that testified as I gave my personal testimony, from my heart, of what the Gospel had done for me.  Now, I CAN talk a little more spanish....but as the phrase says.... my testimony doesn't have to do with how I say it, or the wonderful words I use, but the conviction I FEEL.   That is what we have been working on, and SEEING this week:)
We were with a sister, A...  She is working hard and was a little less active, but is working on going to the temple.  She has made it a goal, and she wants to do it.  As we talked, my companion and I (we were on the same wave length) thought of the blessings our families had recieved from being able to go to the temple, from being able to be together forever. There were so many things brought to my mind.  As we shared and she shared,  we taught the first lesson she would need to start to that goal of going to the temple.   Her daughter, (who is not a member) began to listen and sat down.  She listened more and more, and at the end, she said, "I want something like what you guys are it ok if I go to church with my mom this Sunday?"  We told her of course, and she went.  But it wasn't us, it was the Spirit, the tesitmony it bore of what her mom was changing and trying to do to be able to go to the temple.  That changed everything.
Later in the week we had a recent convert with me, P...( we went on splits).  He is on fire!  We went to visit a sister who had been investigating our church for a long time.  When we got there, we said a prayer and for some reason, she started to tell us that she didn't want to listen any more.  That she was ok where she was, and that she didn't need anything more in life.  In a moment of silence, P... decided to speak.  As he spoke of his conversion, of how he had changed as the head of the family, and how his FAMILY had changed.  Then something happened, that sister, M... changed, she listened.  After awhile, we read some scriptures that testified of the same thing.  Sister M... changed.  She said, "You know what, I have to read this book. REALLY read it and KNOW if it is true or not."  She decided to have us visit the next week.  And her prayer, of asking if it was true or not, was beautiful and you could feel the Spirit TESTIFYING.
Lastly, we were with another M...there are quite a few here:)  Her husband is sick and in the hospital-- he isn't doing well.  We went to visit with a brother, S.... He and his family had had similiar problems a while ago.  As he testified and share how the Gospel had helped him, Sister M... started crying.  She KNEW that the Lord was aware of what was going on, and she knew that there was hope.  It was so exciting to see.
I know, this might not be a crazy letter, but it is something I saw, and I loved:)  My testimony has changed a little this week.  A quote I love, "Preach the gospel, and when necessary, use words." 
Testimony is not just what we say things, not just stories.  It is part of us:)  It is our spiritual motor.  And I have had to pay a little more attention to the care I am giving mine lately.  
I love you so much and I KNOW that we can be together forever.  I know it, because I have asked, and because the Lord has responded.  I KNOW my Savior lives and I want to represent him at all times! 
I love you guys so much! Have a great week and preach at all times:)
Elder Goodman!!!

Sharing is caring...

Ok....lets see what I can do.
We were talking with quite a few members, who are ON FIRE!  They are doing wonderful and we are really seeing a lot of progress.  We have been focusing on self sufficiency and really, the people are doing great! 
First, We have L...  She is a recent convert who has been wonderful!  She is in charge of activites in the ward and she wanted to accompany us to visit an investigator we have named S... --S... family is having a problems and when L... heard about it, she wanted to help!  As she accompanied us she got really nervous because she had never done it before.  But when we entered S... home, and prayed, you could see her face just calm down and get excited:)  As we shared a message, the spirit came into the room and L..., started to share what she knew.  As she shared her testimony, of how things had changed for her, S... and her husband listened intently, sure that what the sister was saying was true.  L...then said she was SO happy.  She didn't know the people, didn't know how to preach the gospel, but the Holy Ghost helped her and she saw the difference in changing OTHER peoples lives:)
A similar thing happened with a another recent convert, P...  We were working with P..., and he decided to also accompany us.  As we were waiting for a bus, a lady passed by with some bags.  We asked her if we could help.  P... said,  "Don't we have to leave right now?"  
We said, "Don't worry, that we would help this lady and we would have time.  As we talked with the woman, she explained to us how her husband was in the hospital, and how she was having a little bit of difficulty with everything that was going on.  She was actually going to the house of her son to change spots...her son was going to go to the hospital.  As we talked, we asked her when we got to her house if we could share a small message of HOPE.  She said we could.  As we taught her whole family a small lesson, the spirit helped to teach everyone that there was ALWAYS hope, and ALWAYS someone that could help.  Tears came to her eyes and that is when P... came in-- He testified strongly of what had happened in his life, and that even though things weren't easy, his burden was lightnened by the Lord.
After visiting with this sister, P... came out and said, "Now I understand a little more how the missionary work goes--Just like for me, the Lord puts you where He wantes you!"
We were so happy for them!
And lastly , was a sister, H...!  She has had some strong problems these last weeks.  She has problems with her spine and is now confined to a wheelchair, but she was determined to go to church.  In a way, she brought 6 sons, daughters, and friends to church.  She cried when she told us, "I have prayed that they can have the peace I have, and today, they have felt it!" We felt so happy for her,  and that the Lord doesn't care how we are... He will ALWAYS help us to help His children return with Him.
These people were examples to me, and I loved this week:)  I am so happy about the joy we feel as we share the Gospel.  It changes live, and it changes my life every day!
I hope you guys have a great week!
Elder Goodman!
This is "la barranca" translation would be like a canyon, or is huge! It has been great!  Can you see us??

Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Well sorry not much time, but today we WENT TO THE TEMPLE!   I was SO EXCITED!   I loved it!!! But I don't have much time to share with you guys.
Today, just wanted to share with you guys some wonderful experiences we had this week. 
The whole week we have been working hard.  I don't know everything about this area very well because I have only had a little bit of time here, but I am working hard and learning the fastest possible way so that my Companion won't have to worry:)
We have some wonderful people.  First, is M... and her daughter.  They have been listening to the missionaries for awhile, but have not been able to go to church.  As we taught THIS week, we decided to try and figure out how to help in the best way.  As we expained the Gospel of Jesus Christ, she was touched by the Spirit and started to cry.  She said she wanted to change things, that she felt wonderful and she wanted to feel it more often.  She wanted to show her Heavenly Father how much she loved Him.  The way she wanted to do that was by going to church and it didn't matter what sacrifices she had to make! And...she was able to go!
Another experience, we had M..., who works every Sunday.  But, she decided also that she wanted to sacrifice a little more.  She worked 5 hours extra Saturday so that she could go to church, and go to work a little bit later on Sunday.   She did it and she loved it!! :)
And finally, R... She also has been working on things, and is doing wonderfully.  Sadly, she fell and broke her arm on Saturday.  Even though that happened, and she was really tired on Sunday, she decided to show her love for the Savior and go to church!
I was thinking about these families.  These people who decided to sacrifice and change, when they understood the love God has for them, and WHY it is so important.  That is what happened and I am working on exactly that... Jesus Christ showed me His love through His sacrifice, and I want to do the same.  With the video 'Because He Lives', I have loved what it teaches.  Jesus Christ changes everything and we just have to accept and sacrifice a little in order to show Him our love.  So that is what I am doing:)  Just wanted to share a little of what is going on here.  It is REAL, it is AMAZING!  It is something I love.  
Hope you guys have a great week:)

Love you tons!
Elder Goodman!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

He Changed Everything

Sorry, there isn't much time...we played soccer...and it went a little overtime.  I am sorry:( But... you gotta get ready for this.....
THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!  Seriously, we were in mission heaven.  It was wonderful. 
Let me explain why.
1. We got to share 'Because He Lives' every day!  Here, they celebrate Easter but it isn't Easter, it is the holy week, and they celebrate the WHOLE week!  As they did it, it was a wonderful time to share experiences about Jesus Christ, His sacrifice and ressurection.  It is something MANY BELIEVE in, but don't UNDERSTAND.  It was wonderful to share it with them:)  First, was E..., a contact.  We were talking with a group of like 6 people and we explained to them what was going on,  the joy our message brings.  Well, E... seemed a little more interested than just "sure, pass by another day" we showed him the video, right there and then!  As we did, his face changed.  He started to see a difference, paying attention to what was happening in the video.  When it ended, he whispered...."it's true."  The spirit bore powerful testimony of WHO IS CHRIST.  The feelings changed to reverence and respect.  It was wonderful for him and of course, he wanted to learn more after:)
After, we were with the family of S..., she has 2 children and her husband.  When we entered their house, they were doing a bunch of different stuff and they all decided to sit down and listen.  As we taught and watched the video, many things changed.  The teenager named J..., changed from bored to very very interested, hanging on to every word of the video, or what we said. The man of the house, also J..., payed a LOT of attention.  At the end, he said, "You have brought something different here. You should pass by more often..."
And the wife just looked in shock at her baby,  teenager, and husband, as they calmed down and the spirit was felt:) 
As we were able to bear testimony of what He meant for us, the spirit bore a wonderful testimony of what we had said.
AND MANY OTHER EXPERIENCES.  But the point is this, like it says in the video... when He came, He CHANGED everything... and then  EVERYTHING changed.  That is what happened.  He changed everything many times this week, and THEN the people decided to change.
And that is when we come to the second part....
2. GENERAL CONFERENCE! As I am sure  you guys know, I enjoy the conference more than anything else for Easter and I loved being able to invite ANYBODY, AND EVERYBODY we could. It was crazy!  After the video, or explaining a lesson, we explained the importance of the servants of the Lord.  The people had a great desire to see what the Prophet was going to say this past Saturday and Sunday.
That is when THEY changed and I loved it!  Just because of time, only one example.  There is a couple, named M... and J.... They haven't been able to go to church for a long time and J... is an investigator.  But as we shared with them the opprotunity they would have, their eyes lit up!  They WANTED to CHANGE something.  On SATURDAY, they came:)  It was wonderful to see that the Spirit, and the Lord are the people who are ALWAYS working in this work.  It was great and we had a great week!
All in all, I loved the week!  I hope you guys did too!  I will write more next time! I promise!
Elder Goodman!

Monday, April 6, 2015


Well, we are SO SUPER EXCITED TO SHARE THE VIDEO, AND I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE TOO!  We have been working in the branch and in the district in Guzman in many ways, but I think the thing I love SO much about missionary work, is the fact that what I share is something everyone needs. 
We are talking about the Atonement!  About a sacrifice that has changed my life.  That has helped me become the person I am, and become more than I ever could become by myself. Now...I am not great, I know!  But I know I am much better off for my knowledge of Jesus Christ and the way we have been able to share it with others.  The joy I feel, the miracles  I see, are ALL because of the Atonement and are from my Savior, and THAT is what I have been excited to share!!!! 
So, this week we started....We have been talking to everyone, and the buzz is all around...."Elder Goodman is going crazy because another beautiful video came out and he wants to share it with everyone." But, it isn't crazy, it is joy.  That is what we have been doing.
We have an investigator, J.... His son died about a month ago from an accident, and him and his wife have had quite a hard time dealing with it....but, with this video, and with the message of the atonement, EVERYTHING CHANGED... (like the video says) everything. They are going to church,. They feel peace.  They are HAPPY.  It isn't something of this world, it is from our Heavenly Father!
Another example, B..., a less active member we have been visiting.  She has so many trials right now, I figure the ONLY way she wakes up in the morning is for the love of her little daughter.  But to realize that there is someone there, that there is HOPE ALWAYS, has helped her.  She has gone to church and has been able to partake of the sacrament, and to receive the strength, the boost, she needs to get through another week.
And lastly, the branch!  We have classes every last week of the month about preach my gospel.  The members came and we talked about how they understood the atonement, how they could share it with others.   Let me tell you, they left ON FIRE!  We are so excited, and the thing is, it can't just be me and my companion that are so excited:)  I believe, that as the people watch they feel that same wave of love, excitement, and readiness.  So, I will let you know more next week, but that is basically what is happening.  All of the mission Guadalajara is having spiritual experiences with this video, and they are HAPPY! 
I love you, but The Lord loves you more.  I can't compare with Him, and I am SO GRATEFUL for the knowledge I have that He loves me.  He has suffered what I have suffered and that there is always, ALWAYS a way to change through Him!  I love you! 
Have a great week!
hugs and kisses!
Elder Goodman!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

For all walks of life!

thank you SO SO SO MUCH for always writing.  I love it.  And I love hearing from you. 
LIFE HERE IS GREAT.  We are working hard here in Guzman.  Seriously, it has been wonderful.  The people, like I told you last week, are still on fire!  They are awesome!  I love it!
Mom, just to let you know, I have not had even 1 day in my mission when I didn't have an amazing experience.  It is a 100% true that statement.  I know that although I can't tell you ALL of it, I will one day and I will let you all know the things that happened. For right now, you gotta just have patience with me and my 2 or three stories!
This week, we taught the Gospel to all ages, classes, and walks of life.  It has been AMAZING.
We will start out with Hermano J.... I know...a little generic, but think of him as the grandpa. He is about 90 years old.  He can't walk much.  He can't hear.  He can't see.  BUT, he wanted to listen to the missionaries.  His daughter, R..., is a convert of a few years and he hadn't wanted to listen until he had gotten sick.  Right now, he needs help and he has decided to change.  So, we went and visited him.  Now, like I said, he can't hear very well and he has had the same traditions for 90 years.  BUT, as he listened to our little message, he decided that there was something he is missing.  That he hasn't done it all yet.  We felt the Spirit testify as he spoke, as we taught, and his daughter bore testimony of how the Church has helped her.  At the end, he decided he wants to get baptized.  Let me tell you, that wasn't two missionaries, it was the Lord, communicating with HIS children --HIS will!
After that, I was happy, beyond happy, I was estactic!  But I got to go to the opposite end of the age line.  I had an interview with a wonderful Sister Y... She is 10 years old, just starting. She had the desire to be baptized.  She has helped reactivate her family, she reads the scriptures, and is ALWAYS determinded to go to church EVERY Sunday.  As we talked, she bore testimony of how she wanted to make her Heavenly Father Happy.  She felt that by being baptized in THIS church, that would be the thing He would want her to do.  It was again, a humbling and wonderful experience to be with someone, who with only 2 months of listening and understnding the gospel, she has changed herself, her family, and her future family.  I loved it. 
And lastly, just for the middle age... I sent you a pic of a family home evening.  We are working with an investigator named J...C.... and he is awesome.  He decided to invite a family to the family home evening.  They were ages ranging from 2-50 and we planned an activity where ALMOST everyone could participate:)  But the most special, was that this other family, J..., A.., M.., and V..., said they wouldn't listen to missionaries.  As they gave us 10 minutes to talk and let the spirit teach them, they changed their minds.  At the end, A... said, "I have wanted to feel a hug from my Lord for a few months now...I didn't know how. Now, thanks to you Elders, I know how. THANK YOU."  It changed my life.  This week, we taught many people.  We always do:)  The thing is, we don't always know their backround, their stories, their challenges.  Even if we listened for 5 hours we wouldn't know! But the spirit does know, and the Lord does too.  This is HIS work.  We have seen it in so many ways.  EVERY DAY MOM. 
I love you guys.  I want you to know, it isn't important who it is, or how old they are, SOMEBODY needs the Gospel this week! Everyone needs it!  It is applicable to everybody:)
I love you guys!  Sorry I can't write more, but I loved this week, and every week!  Hope you have a great week!  Love you!
Prayers and love your way!
Elder Goodman!!!
 A little car...maybe they will let us use one of these for proselyting??

 A member of the ward!  Great helper in the work!

The Snow...

 Grape juice in a bottle...amazing!!

 BBQ...Mexico style


Friday, March 27, 2015

Share when you care :)

THE MEMBERS ARE starting to become strong, hard core workers in the vineyard of the Lord!  I LOVE to see that!!!
There is a phrase in pmg (Preach My Gospel)!
“What does the Atonement have to do with missionary work?  Any time we experience the blessings of theAtonement in our lives, we cannot help but have concern for the welfare of others. … great indicator of one’s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others.”  Howard W. Hunter
And that is what the people are doing here.  As they "rekindle" that fire,  as they realize the joy that the gospel brings, THEY NATURALLY WANT TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. Welcome to missionary work!  How AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL it is!
O... is a recent convert.  She has changed so much since she listened to the missionaries, and has changed here whole life.  Of course, she has wanted to share it with others.  This last week, she sent the missionaries to some houses of family members and friends, and they rejected the chance.  She was a little sad but decided to pray, and thought that her Aunt needed the Gospel, RIGHT NOW!  So we have been to visit her.  It has been a great experience.  Her aunt is named A.... but more importantly, is the joy O... feels!  She is always so excited to hear how her aunt is and if she is progressing, and she feels that wonderful blessing from the Lord!
The second, was I.... Nacho Libre... uh huh.  He was converted a while ago but he is helping us out in the work, and his brother has decided he wants to be like him.  For I..., it was a little hard.  He is the youngest of his family and he is the only member.  But, he has stayed strong and shared his testimony every chance he gets.  Now...his brother will be getting baptized next week, and his dad also wants to follow his example.  Little by little, prayer by prayer, things have changed:)  As he went with us, he got MORE excited... as we passed the streets, he told us,"There are my friends, lets talk to them."  It was wonderful, and his friends want to listen more.  Classic refferals but wonderful examples and people that see everything I... does!
And the Last, was President T.... We came, and we have a 'Preach My Gospel' class every first and last week of the month.  The members, (about 40 that go) decided to each share "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" with somebody.  Well, he and his wife got excited and decided to give it to a family.  Their names are J..., F..., and D.....  As they are learning more, and listened, they decided to go to church!  This week, they were able to go.  Although they weren't able to go the whole time, they were able to feel the spirit and they loved it.  D... ended saying, "Mom! We have to come back next week!"  It was a wonderful experience. The members aren't worried.  They know that this is the work of the Lord, and they are sharing. They want the whole world to know!  Their fire, and our fire, creates a wonderful heat of love and joy that nobody would want to miss. 
This week, we focused on that, and it was wonderful to see.  Although we as missionaries are important, the members are the key.  They are working in every way they can to share the message they have.  The message of the Restoration of God's church, of the plan that God has for us, and how we can be clean!  And many people need to hear about it:)
 I love this work.  I think you guys already know that.  But I love it because I see changes. Because I see the Joy and things people can't feel in ANY OTHER PLACE, and I enjoy it. Hope you have a great week!  I love you guys so much. 
Have a great week!!

Elder Goodman!
Zone Conference!