Monday, August 26, 2013

At the airport!

Probably the hardest thing we have ever least on our hearts!  Never knew the meaning of 'bittersweet' until this moment.  Lincoln will be an amazing missionary to say the least and there is no other place we would want him to be, teaching others about his faith and beliefs...but oh, how we will miss this kid!  Lots of tears shed, lots of hugs, but never enough!!  So grateful for our amazing little family.
 Best big brother for 'D' and Liz
 ...with Faye
...with Ash

 Liz won't let go...
 Dailynd can't hold the tears back.

 Pride of joy of this happy dad!!

 Always a mom's little boy...hard to let him go.

 Last good-bye...maybe?

Elder Goodman was almost to the check-point, turned back  and walked toward us with his arms open for one last 'group hug'...he is most definitely loved by the entire family.  Excited for this next great adventure- you will do great things, Elder Goodman!!

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  1. I love that he turned back around!! How sweet! You have almost made it through your first week! :)