Friday, March 27, 2015

Share when you care :)

THE MEMBERS ARE starting to become strong, hard core workers in the vineyard of the Lord!  I LOVE to see that!!!
There is a phrase in pmg (Preach My Gospel)!
“What does the Atonement have to do with missionary work?  Any time we experience the blessings of theAtonement in our lives, we cannot help but have concern for the welfare of others. … great indicator of one’s personal conversion is the desire to share the gospel with others.”  Howard W. Hunter
And that is what the people are doing here.  As they "rekindle" that fire,  as they realize the joy that the gospel brings, THEY NATURALLY WANT TO SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. Welcome to missionary work!  How AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL it is!
O... is a recent convert.  She has changed so much since she listened to the missionaries, and has changed here whole life.  Of course, she has wanted to share it with others.  This last week, she sent the missionaries to some houses of family members and friends, and they rejected the chance.  She was a little sad but decided to pray, and thought that her Aunt needed the Gospel, RIGHT NOW!  So we have been to visit her.  It has been a great experience.  Her aunt is named A.... but more importantly, is the joy O... feels!  She is always so excited to hear how her aunt is and if she is progressing, and she feels that wonderful blessing from the Lord!
The second, was I.... Nacho Libre... uh huh.  He was converted a while ago but he is helping us out in the work, and his brother has decided he wants to be like him.  For I..., it was a little hard.  He is the youngest of his family and he is the only member.  But, he has stayed strong and shared his testimony every chance he gets.  Now...his brother will be getting baptized next week, and his dad also wants to follow his example.  Little by little, prayer by prayer, things have changed:)  As he went with us, he got MORE excited... as we passed the streets, he told us,"There are my friends, lets talk to them."  It was wonderful, and his friends want to listen more.  Classic refferals but wonderful examples and people that see everything I... does!
And the Last, was President T.... We came, and we have a 'Preach My Gospel' class every first and last week of the month.  The members, (about 40 that go) decided to each share "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" with somebody.  Well, he and his wife got excited and decided to give it to a family.  Their names are J..., F..., and D.....  As they are learning more, and listened, they decided to go to church!  This week, they were able to go.  Although they weren't able to go the whole time, they were able to feel the spirit and they loved it.  D... ended saying, "Mom! We have to come back next week!"  It was a wonderful experience. The members aren't worried.  They know that this is the work of the Lord, and they are sharing. They want the whole world to know!  Their fire, and our fire, creates a wonderful heat of love and joy that nobody would want to miss. 
This week, we focused on that, and it was wonderful to see.  Although we as missionaries are important, the members are the key.  They are working in every way they can to share the message they have.  The message of the Restoration of God's church, of the plan that God has for us, and how we can be clean!  And many people need to hear about it:)
 I love this work.  I think you guys already know that.  But I love it because I see changes. Because I see the Joy and things people can't feel in ANY OTHER PLACE, and I enjoy it. Hope you have a great week!  I love you guys so much. 
Have a great week!!

Elder Goodman!
Zone Conference!

Work of faith...

THIS WEEK, WAS A WEEK OF FAITH. The first principle of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!!!!!
"And the Lord said, If ye had faith as grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamore tree, Be thouplucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you."
I just want to let you know, it is so true!!!
L..., is a wonderful lady. She is a widow, she is about 80 years old, and LOVES the church. 
But a few years ago, her husband got sick and she had to try and care for him.  After that
she got sick.  She had an operation where they took out her eye completley because of a 
great infection. Well, it has been hard for her, after all that time, to go to church. She can't
walk much.  She lives in a part very far from the church, but she has had the desire to go. 
We have been trying to help her since I got here!  Well this week, we visited L..., and we found her family...they aren't members, and hadn't heard the missionaries ever, so we started to teach them.  As they listened, their faces changed, and that familiar peace and happiness came into a home of sadness and stress.  The family noticed it.  As the wonderful Hermana P...bore her testimony of how much the church has helped her, they changed their hearts.  They decided to take their mom to church. THIS week, Hermana P... was able to partake of the sacrament, because of her faith for 3 years!
Also, there was a teenager named B.... We had been trying to look for someone who could 
help us, (visit with us) and we decided to visit him.  When we got to his house, no one was 
there.  But as we decided what to do, he showed up.  He said, "Elders! what are you doing here?"  We told him we were going to train him to be a missionary:)  So he said ok, and decided to go with us, even though he had just gotten home from work and was tired.  As we taught the lessons (it was the first time he had gone with the missionaries)... he listened...bore testimony...but most of all...he was thinking.  We could see it, but didn't know what about. 
After the lessons, we had to go.  He said, "Elders, thank you so much for letting me visit with
you, I needed it.  I want to go on a mission and change lives, like you guys change lives. 
It was a shocker.  That boy had felt something different, and he had the FAITH, that we 
could help him.  He was an example to us, and a great missionary. 
And lastly, was with P.... We had had quite a few visits fall all days are perfect:)
We were trying to figure out where to go.  We knew that it had happened for a reason...but we weren't sure what.  Well, lo and behold, there comes a sister... (I had no clue who she was, so I waved and said 'hi') turns out, she is a less active member!   She wanted us to visit. She had been looking for a long time, but could never find us.  Now, we had the chance to visit with her.  She had questions, and it was a great to help her, Sister P... And she also, has decided to change her life.
I learned so much:) But, I loved that when we find people, and we change, it is all by faith. 
I loved this week, and I am thankful for YOUR example to me of working by faith. (especially
you D, with Harmony. It is all by faith)  I love you guys tons! Have a great week!!!
Elder Goodman!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

A formula

1. How are you?  Great...everything is AWESOME.  Is that better?!  Getting to know the people here is great, an experience I love, and I love being able to help them.  Our area is progressing...little by little...we are working on being an example.  I love it!!!!!!!  Guzman is great, and the people are wonderful!
 2. How is your back?  It has been alright.  Thanks for asking.  Not super great, but when I need help, I will ask for a blessing, no worries!  I feel like everything is ok...just a little tight after a year without therapy(thanks Candice!)...but stop worrying:)  The Lord is taking care, and I know...I have to be logical.  I am, and I am praying.  I have asked. hahahahaha:)
 3. How is your new area?  Well....I just said it was awesome...we are in a branch, there are faithful members, and they have a lot of potential!!!  Seriously!!! It is awesome!!!
4. How is the work?  MY FAVORITE QUESTION!
Well, this week, we have been working hard to find and help the investigators progress.  Lots of times, they get in a little slump...but right now, we are working on helping them understand and CHANGE the way they are doing things.  Science fact... If you want different results, change the formula. (math too...but whatevs)  So, that is what we are trying to help them to do. 
Sister B... is a less active, who has had problems going to church because she visits her brother only on Sundays.  When I got there...she wasn't sure what to think...(I don't think any one is when E. Goodman comes)
But as we have visited, she has been more open and she shared the desire to go to church.  We showed her Matt.10:37..." He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." She got a little mad at first. She didn't say anything...but after a few seconds (the spirit teaching of course) she started to explain.  As she did, she realized she HAD to love the Lord first.  So, she is making changes so that she can show that...BUT the best is yet to come! After that...she got excited!  She invited her sister, WHO HAD NEVER WANTED TO LISTEN TO THE MISSIONARIES for like 5 years.  When she invited her this time,  HER SISTER ACCEPTED.  It was awesome! And she is listening, and wants to have the same blessings her sister is we will be working with both of them!  But it was amazing to see those changes they have and are making every day!
The L... family is also a family that is working hard.  Mom is a doctor..and has to go to other parts of the area on sometimes it is hard...but..after a time...they are listening. And they are working hard because they want DIFFERENT RESULTS.  So...that is what they are doing.  As they change one part, and another, and yet another part of the formula, little by little, they see changes...little by little:)  This week, they were able to go to church and they were so happy to be there.  They are happy to be able to recieve the same blessings this next week! 
And lastly, Sister P...-- She is a little older and only has one eye.   For that, it is hard for her to go outside because if dust gets in her one eye, she gets really bad. So, we have been working with her.  Her family isn't how she wanted it.  It is a little different and so she has decided to sacrifice and start going to church.  It has been awesome.  This last week her granddaughter went and listened because of the example of her grandmother.  It was great. She is doing awesome and seeing the blessings...she reminds me a little of sis. G...if you wanted to tell her:)
That is about it.  It is the same for all of us.  As I change, I see the differences, and I love it. We are working hard and everyone is doing great here in Guzman.  Seriously, it has been great!  Thanks for everything!  Hope you have a great week!
Elder Goodman!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

A great power for us all

OK OK OK OK OK. READY.  Hope the following answers all and any questions you have.
1.  How is your new zone?  AWESOME.  How could it not be?  We are in GUZMAN.  State of Jalisco.  It is cold for the first time on the mission...there is a lot of ash from the volcano...(the same volcano that is in Colima....I am only like 1 hour or 2 hours from there, and closer to the volcano)  The members are awesome.  We are in a branch and the people are on fire.  I love it.  You can just see the love that they have for what they do and for the work.  Not just for missionary work, but work of Salvation:)
2.  New area?  My area is great.  We have hills....and members...and WORK.  What more could you ask for?
3.  New companion?  Elder C.-- He is amazing... Hard worker... Simple (I need that) He is a great companion..I will be sending pics of him next week!

4.  How was your week?  This week was great.  I have been able to see the blessings of something that has been so important to me, and that is the priesthood.  It is something so powerful and  one of the first things we teach.  About the authority to do things, that is the point of the Restoration, to be able to have the blessings of the priesthood! 
Now...I am going to try and explain...I don't know how it will go,  but bear with me.
Last week, in Colima, I had been asked to give a blessing in the hospital.  They wanted the missionaries to go...well...we went.   The family that was there wasn't really well we asked them if they were members...they said no.  They had a friend who was a member, who explained a little bit about what we do, and the message we bring.  The man who was ill wanted to see us before he passed on (he had water in his cranium, and tumors...and they didn't know how to fix it).  Well, when he saw us...he said to his wife, "They have power...I need a blessing from them."  And we gave him a blessing.  As we did, the words flowed, and then we ended.  The Spirit indicates exactly what you have to say when you give a priesthood blessing.  When we ended, all the worry lines, the problems, the fear in his eyes, had gone away.  He said, "Thank you, it is what I needed.  If I live, I want to visit your church.  I want to visit the Lord's church." 
After that, we had a sister here in Guzman, who is less active...we had some plans, but they had all fallen through...(I don't know the area very well that didn't help.) But we decided to go to visit this less active member.  When we found her, she told us, "I am sick...I prayed that someone would give me a blessing."  And as we gave her that blessing, she said, "Ok, now I know what I have to do.  Thanks for being worthy holders of the priesthood."
And just for last!(I am running out of time)...
We had a missionary that was working hard, but had gotten sick.  As we gave THAT blessing and ended the week, is when I felt so grateful for the power of the priesthood.  I loved it. 
This week, there were many other times we were blessed, but the thing I loved is this...Sometimes, we aren't sure what to do.  Sometimes, we don't understand everything, or don't have power to control the things around us.  But something we do have, a gift, the Lord lets all his children have, is the possibility to recive the blessings of the preisthood.  I loved it.  I love the restoration!  It has changed my life.   I am happy to be able to have that blessing in my life.  It is something we preach, live, and love, and I have enjoyed it this week!
5.  What is the best part of being in a new area?  The members......they are amazing.   
6.  Are you well?  of course:) 

I love you guys tons. Really. And you don't leave my prayers. Love you!
Elder Goodman