Thursday, March 12, 2015

A formula

1. How are you?  Great...everything is AWESOME.  Is that better?!  Getting to know the people here is great, an experience I love, and I love being able to help them.  Our area is progressing...little by little...we are working on being an example.  I love it!!!!!!!  Guzman is great, and the people are wonderful!
 2. How is your back?  It has been alright.  Thanks for asking.  Not super great, but when I need help, I will ask for a blessing, no worries!  I feel like everything is ok...just a little tight after a year without therapy(thanks Candice!)...but stop worrying:)  The Lord is taking care, and I know...I have to be logical.  I am, and I am praying.  I have asked. hahahahaha:)
 3. How is your new area?  Well....I just said it was awesome...we are in a branch, there are faithful members, and they have a lot of potential!!!  Seriously!!! It is awesome!!!
4. How is the work?  MY FAVORITE QUESTION!
Well, this week, we have been working hard to find and help the investigators progress.  Lots of times, they get in a little slump...but right now, we are working on helping them understand and CHANGE the way they are doing things.  Science fact... If you want different results, change the formula. (math too...but whatevs)  So, that is what we are trying to help them to do. 
Sister B... is a less active, who has had problems going to church because she visits her brother only on Sundays.  When I got there...she wasn't sure what to think...(I don't think any one is when E. Goodman comes)
But as we have visited, she has been more open and she shared the desire to go to church.  We showed her Matt.10:37..." He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me." She got a little mad at first. She didn't say anything...but after a few seconds (the spirit teaching of course) she started to explain.  As she did, she realized she HAD to love the Lord first.  So, she is making changes so that she can show that...BUT the best is yet to come! After that...she got excited!  She invited her sister, WHO HAD NEVER WANTED TO LISTEN TO THE MISSIONARIES for like 5 years.  When she invited her this time,  HER SISTER ACCEPTED.  It was awesome! And she is listening, and wants to have the same blessings her sister is we will be working with both of them!  But it was amazing to see those changes they have and are making every day!
The L... family is also a family that is working hard.  Mom is a doctor..and has to go to other parts of the area on sometimes it is hard...but..after a time...they are listening. And they are working hard because they want DIFFERENT RESULTS.  So...that is what they are doing.  As they change one part, and another, and yet another part of the formula, little by little, they see changes...little by little:)  This week, they were able to go to church and they were so happy to be there.  They are happy to be able to recieve the same blessings this next week! 
And lastly, Sister P...-- She is a little older and only has one eye.   For that, it is hard for her to go outside because if dust gets in her one eye, she gets really bad. So, we have been working with her.  Her family isn't how she wanted it.  It is a little different and so she has decided to sacrifice and start going to church.  It has been awesome.  This last week her granddaughter went and listened because of the example of her grandmother.  It was great. She is doing awesome and seeing the blessings...she reminds me a little of sis. G...if you wanted to tell her:)
That is about it.  It is the same for all of us.  As I change, I see the differences, and I love it. We are working hard and everyone is doing great here in Guzman.  Seriously, it has been great!  Thanks for everything!  Hope you have a great week!
Elder Goodman!

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