Friday, January 31, 2014


Of course, Lincoln's favorite way to answer my questions is to cut and paste like a Q&A!!

1. How is Saul like helping you with the lessons?(me) He testifies hard core! He has been doing really well and it has been great to see him share his testimony. The other day, we were talking with a girl, and she was explaining all the problems she had in her life. He then basically punched her with the Spirit when he said, "I don't think you are understanding the words of the missionaries. You are lacking the first step in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith." He went on to share how if he didn't have faith, he never would have recieved an answer.  It was great!  He then went on to say, "Elder Goodman, share that scripture you shared with me about faith and how we need to experiment" (Alma 32). It was crazy how he remembered random things like that and testified so strongly of what he knows! So...yeah,  hope that explains about Saul.  2. Are his mom and dad listening, are they interested?(me) His mom yes! She is going to church every Sunday but doesn't want to give up coffee.  She thinks we are her lost sons. She heard something that me and Elder Monsalve might change and started straight up crying. For such a rough lady (she is like a tough mexican cowgirl) it was tender to see her love for us and how much we have helped that family. They are really important to me and it will be hard if we change!!! Also, Saul's dad is starting to listen more too.  He thinks we are counselors for life or something, and we have had to go a little bit slower so he can understand what we want to teach. But the home of Saul is changing, and you can see it, in everybody there. It is wonderful how the gospel is blessing their family!!!!
3. Is Oscar reading an praying for an answer?(me)  He recieved and answer and is always saying, "I am a soon to be mormon."  He also has given us refrences! He keeps reading the Book of Mormon, we just have to wait the 5 sundays in a row to baptize somebody!  
4. How is your Romero Family, are they still planning on the temple next month?(me) Yes! They hit a wall at one point and were thinking about changing. We shared with all the power of our hearts why they should go NOW, and that if they had faith, they would have the power to do it. So as of now, yes, they are planning on going! They are going in February!  
5. Is your companion keeping up with you, does he participate in the lessons as much as you/equal share?(me)  Yes! We participate equal... more or less:) He is getting a little exhausted with the sun, but it is all good:) We are going to help him get more energy...somehow...  
 6. How are the other companionships in your area?(me)  They are doing good! We are helping them to contact and plan like champs. The missionary work is moving forward really well. 
7. I never see pics of you on the mission blog, guessing that you are too far out :(  (me) you are right. we are one of the farthest away.
 8. By the way, where are all these pictures you keep promising?(me)I'm sending them!
Also we found 2 new people! Jose and Roberto (I know that narrows it down to 75/100 of my friends here) But they are really cool! Father and son, and Jose is like 75yrs. old! We are teaching them, and they are progressing really well!!!!!!! And Alejandra, who is a singer, is also amazing! She is the one that Saul talked to about faith.  She has decided to get baptized and is preparing for that day!!! 
We have been having some great work here, and all is well. Love missionary work and I love being here, every minute of it.
Fun stories: We were a sketchy part of town, and were looking for one of our contacts. There was a wall that divided to houses and I was walking with my companion a couple feet behind. We passed the wall and there was three huge dogs... a Rottweiler, a boxer, and a lab/doberman pincher mix. Yeah.... My first reaction was "Oh freak."  And they started to charge!  I turned around and pushed my companion saying, " it isn't this house!" Then a thought came in to my mind "Man, turn around.  You have to find Fernando(the contact).   So I turned around again for some reason, and charged the dogs. That was crazy! They just about killed me, but then ran away to the wall and we passed by, and we contacted the man! He was chill. hahahahaha! 
Also,one night we were tired, and we hadn't had many visits. I wanted to drink something cold so we went to the mini store! I was looking for something called "Big Cola" there. I asked the man at the counter "Sir, do you have cola?" My companion started cracking up and I realized my mistake. You can't say cola here because it means 'tail'.  I was so tired and I hadn't realized.  I had asked the man, "Sir, do you have a tail?" He looked at me extremely confused and I just about died laughing afterwards. He has never looked at me the same since.
That is the fun stuff. I love you so much!
Well...hope everything made sense! I love you guys so much and pray for you always! Thank you for all that you do! Love you!!!!!! And if I can do better, let me know!!!
Elder Goodman:)
Sad that I cannot upload the pics to this blog due to how Elder Goodman sent them...maybe from a different place, have no clue- enjoy them on fb!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Teaching God's children!

Hola Familia!:)
I hope this week has been amazing and that you are well.  Are you still losing weight? No.  
Are you sick?
Are the members feeding you good food?
No worries Mom! Thanks for your love and care:)
I am determinded to make this a good letter. Ready? SICK.
So, we have been focused a lot on finding a hundred different investigators. We have been working hard core, and my comp has more or less liked every minute of it:) hahahahahaha! One of those, my favorite, is Saul's dad:) As a recent convert, Saul is literally on fire... going every day to early morning seminary, going to church, and trying to share the Gospel. He has been coming with us on lessons and is really growing in his testimony. Part of that is changing who he is, and as he has changed, his parents have seen it. So Saul's parents are listening. Amelia (his mom) was listening before, but didn't like the Word of Wisdom.  Now, she understands a little more, and is working on knowing if the Church is true. Saul's dad is willing to listen. That is a big step! The first time we knocked on his door, he slammed it in our face. So it is a real blessing! 
Also, we have seen a lot of progress with other investigators! Oscar is one! He is doing so good! He has been reading every day the Book of Mormon and he shares with us all the things he learned. The man really knows how to apply the teachings to his life and he is progressing so well!!!! Also, he got engaged! hahahahahaha! Oscar is engaged to an american in our ward. IT IS PSYCHO. But, she made him promise they would be sealed in the temple, that he would be a worthy priesthood holder, and that they would keep going to the temple consistently. He of course, loved the idea, and it has been pretty crazy! The Lord blesses people, and families... Straight up!  Jesus and Monica had their baby and they want us to give her a blessing! She was born January 8th and they are talking about how wonderful it will be to raise her in the church -  AMAZING!! The Lord is helping the work progress in so many ways! It is crazy! 
Anyway... only some of the stories.  An interesting story -  We had a man we met....he thought he was Jesus Christ....that was a little difficult. Really....I think me and my comp were both a little silent...not sure what to say. But then, we just went on and just talked to him like we normally do.  As I testified to him, that he had a Savior, who he could get to know better through a book (Book of Mormon), the Spirit testified to me that it never matters who the people are -  they are all children of God. It isn't something I can explain. But it was awesome! 
We also got to go to a botanical garden. I will send pictures. But yeah. feels wierd to walk around in regular clothes. hahahahahahahaha! 
Love you tons:)  Hope everyone is awesome! I love hearing from you! Thanks for all you do:) Every day I pray for you guys! I love you soooooooo much! 
Elder Goodman:)
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Friday, January 17, 2014

Progress at any level is amazing in and of itself!

Ma! Pa! Children!
   Hey! I am soooooo happy you got the package! whoooooooohoooooo!  But I love you all so much, and that is what I wanted to express most with those! Hope it worked.  And THANK YOU FOR THE PANTS. They both fit, but the 34 black pleated are SICK. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH THEM. It is so great! hahahahaha! I loved them really. Thank you soooooooo much. I was in need! It was the most wonderful present! Thank you for all you do!!!!! Really. I love you guys! 
   So, this week, it was pretty sick. First, SAUL WAS BAPTIZED! It was sooooooo wonderful. After 4 months of praying and fasting, the boy recieved a sure answer from the Lord! AND WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING IT WAS. He was so happy when he got baptized and he bore testimony of what he did to get there. The next day he was confirmed a member of the church, and afterwards he accompanied us to our other lessons.  He testified and told some of our investigators, "What you guys need is faith. I didn't have faith, so I didn't recieve an answer.  But these elders had faith, and then I experimented on my own, and now I know that God exists and loves me." To hear that was one of the coolest things in my life! It was great. Really, if you wanted to was super cool! it was SICK.;) I will try not to use that word any more!
    Also, we have been talking with Oscar. He is a teacher... I think I told you, and he has like 3 Alumni that are members of the church. He is great and we found him in the street. He has gone to a baptism and church and he is reading the Book of Mormon! The man is on fire! He is super awesome and has a really noble spirit!  We hope that he keeps progressing.
    Also, the mom of Saul, went to church to see him confirmed. Afterward, she said, " I love it here. I plan to come every sunday. This changed who my son is. I know it can help my family." She is wonderful! And the words were perfect. Me and my companion just smiled and when she left we started going crazy. hahahahahaha! My companion has finally gotten used to me being a little energetic :)
   We also found new people! A couple, who were studying with the Jehovah Witnesses, but wanted to hear more. So we talked to them and they are really excited and love the message! The Lord prepares people. I testify that is true! I get to see it every day.
   So basically, this week was a week of growth, learning, and becoming closer to my Heavenly Father. Was it the same for you guys?! :) hahahahaha! I know that maybe it is difficult for me to say that, as a missionary, but I really mean it! I want the same things for you guys that I have and that is what I hope to show you through these letters! 
  I have learned a lot more about who is my Savior is this week. How the process of the Atonement works. I like  the explanation of  the purifying power of the Atonement. The Lord says "no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of God."  Not... "no unperfect thing!" We can be pure through the atonement of Jesus Christ and work to become more like him. I love that! I love being able, every week, to take the sacrament and pick something I am going to purify..a habit. And I want that for you guys! It is an offering to the Lord. Like fast offerings, but every week. Give up a bad habit, or start a new  good one. I have been doing that for the past few weeks and I love it. I just wanted to share that with you!
  I hope this is a letter worth reading...haha! Sorry if it is random or not really interesting, but just know I love it out here. I love you guys too!!!!! I pray for you, and hope all is well, with ALL the family:) I am thankful we can be together for eternity. I am excited for that:) I love you so much!!!!!!! Hope all is well!!!!!  Have a great week!
Elder Goodman:)

Lost in the work!

 OK.... THIS week I am afraid will be short. But new years resolution: write more. hahahahahahaa! First, we had the baptism of our dear investigator Rebecca and it was FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I love love love the Gospel and I want you to know that! Rebecca was very ready when we first met her. She was a reference from our stake mission leader (sml) . When we contacted her, she shared her story... our sml had told her she was living a bad life, and she needed to repent. Let me explain... they aren't even good friends, our sml is a bread seller who just passes buy every once in a while by her work - hahahahahahaa! So, he says that, (you need to repent) and she thinks "who is this guy? he doesn't know me!" And when she said this to him, he said she was the Grinch. hahahahaha:) He then told her, "I have a way to change your life. Try it out. It starts with this book (Book of Mormon.)" She started reading and one day, she went to church. We found her, and she explained her story, and we passed by her house later that week. She had read to ALMA and was reading every day! IT WAS SO AMAZING. We were able to teach and explain how the gospel can bless her life. She had a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, and so many amazing expeiriences in the middle. It was wonderful. But that is the basic story. She got baptized January 4th and I will send pics. I did a musical number that she wanted, playing cuando me bautice on the guitar and singing! (she asked me to) and she loved the whole thing. I loved it and I have a stronger and perfectly sure testimony of how the Gospel can bless lives. If you thought I had fire to teach before, you should see me now:) Those blessings, of seeing a sister of mine entering the waters of baptism was a wonderful blessing in my life. I know that we really are forgiven of all of our sins. That really, we are blessed, and that through Jesus Christ and the Gospel, we can return to live with Him again.:) My area is great. We have many more for the future and I love seeing the changes every week. All the days of contacting, knocking doors, or getting shut down, are worth one baptism. I hope you understand my testimony of this Church. I know that it is true and it is the only place we can recieve all the happiness and blessings we need. I know, as a missionary, that I have a message, that I want to share with every person. No matter how bad my Spanish is, no matter how bad of a teacher I am, no matter my lack of experience, the Lord blesses. And I love being able to be his servant every day. I love all you. And I am thankful for all!!!!! Hope everything is well. And sorry again this is a little short. More next week. The family is planning to go to the temple in February, and oh boy am I so happy. My heart is filled with Joy for the work. Continue missionary work there! Kill it! It can start with just a book:)
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman:)

The Streets... 

 This Jesus and this Monica! 

This is us.... Rebecca is the super short :) Her brother is the baldy in regular clothes and her friend (missionary work by her!)  The Stake Mission Leader (sml) at the end:)

  Less active famiily we got to come finally!!!!!

RAIN.  FOUND NARNIA. (it leads to a different part of our area)
He thinks he is funny!!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

A Missionary's Testimony....

(Same letter as the previous the sweet words of this missionary and his Faith in our Savior, Jesus Christ.)

....But the best was your testimonies! I loved them. And so I wanted to share my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ with you!

I want you to know, what I know about my Savior Jesus Christ. I know that He is my Savior. That He is my loving brother, and a person that is always there for me. I know that He knows every pain, sickness, and affliction we have gone through. That He cheers us on in the good times, and carries us through the bad times. That He is the Reedemer of the World, and He is the ONLY way we can return to live with our Father in Heaven. He was and is a prophet, a perfect example, and the Son of God. And that as the Son of God, He was the only person who could have satisfied the laws of justice and mercy in a perfect way. I testify that through Him, literally all of your sins can be washed away. That if you repent, and you are doing your best, He makes up the rest. Jesus Christ, is my friend. A person, that in the worst times, is literally there to help us every step of the way. He rejoices with us when we succeed. And He is there to take our burdens away. Through Jesus Christ, we can be cleansed. We can become white as snow. And we can become pure. I testify, that as a representative of Him, He loves every single one of us more than we could imagine. That He really would give everything so that just one of us could be saved. He showed us that! He suffered every sin, every dirty thing of the world, so that we could have the CHANCE to repent. Can you imagine that? That a perfect person who had been clean, perfect, and never deserved to go through any of that, did so for you? I testify of the purifying power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, and that He is my example, my friend, and my counselor, every day of my life. I love Him with all my heart. I want  to be the best example of Him I can here on a mission. I owe Him my life, and I would give it willingingly. I have a testimony of repentance and the atonement, and I know that He will continue to help me. I'm not close to perfect right now. But I hope to get closer every day. It is my goal as a human being! To get to know Christ and become more like Him! I love this gospel. I know that it is true. That Jesus Christ is my Savior, Reedemer, and big brother. I love Him,  and I hope to show that every day here in Mexico! I love you! 
Love, Elder Lincoln Goodman:)

What do we stand for??

Happy Holidays!!

Although the holidays were different without our Elder here to keep us smiling...we love where he is at and love all the experiences he is having in Mexico!!

First of all, I sent the package. Should get to you. But I sent stamps with it for all of the other letters for friends and things. It was cheaper to send one package...hope it isn't too much trouble! Also, next time we talk...lets have some organization. Sorry if I talked forever! I felt like I didn't get to hear about your lives!!!!
Anyway, this week was amazing! I loved it! From talking to you guys, to finding new people, we had a lot of fun and the Spirit of Christmas was amazing this week!!!!!!  First, we found a man named Oscar. He is chill! He is like 50 years old, and teaches Montessori School (it is big here) to kids that the government doesn't let attend regular school...hope that makes sense. He teaches kids with problems in speaking and things. Anyway, we talked to him in the park and later passed by his house. The next time we passed by, he said that he had read the Book of Mormon... liked the last chapter of Jacob. He had read the whole pamphlet, but wanted us to explain a little bit more. After talking for awhile, he said, "This is what I have been looking for. The Light." WOW!  IT WAS AMAZING! He is awesome and he has a baptismal date! We also got to teach Saul, our teenager, about Enos and receiving  answers. Saul decided to do the same thing. After praying for hours, he says he finally received an answer from God. And our prayers (my comp and I) were answered! We were so relieved. He found us walking in the street and says " Hermanos! I received an answer. God exists." It was a powerful testimony to me.
These are just some of the amazing things that happen every week. I love it out here, and I want you to know that. The crazy stories are really cool, but the others things that happen every day, I can't explain... It is amazing!
Well, this part, I wanted to respond to the package. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING. The photos were wonderful. The tree so cute! The hug from Lizzie I straight almost cried. From her growing so much, from missing hugs, or from me being so much skinnier, I'm not sure. But the best was your testimonies! I loved them. And so I wanted to share my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ with you! (I will include Lincoln's testimony in a separate post to follow!)
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman