Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Holidays!!

Although the holidays were different without our Elder here to keep us smiling...we love where he is at and love all the experiences he is having in Mexico!!

First of all, I sent the package. Should get to you. But I sent stamps with it for all of the other letters for friends and things. It was cheaper to send one package...hope it isn't too much trouble! Also, next time we talk...lets have some organization. Sorry if I talked forever! I felt like I didn't get to hear about your lives!!!!
Anyway, this week was amazing! I loved it! From talking to you guys, to finding new people, we had a lot of fun and the Spirit of Christmas was amazing this week!!!!!!  First, we found a man named Oscar. He is chill! He is like 50 years old, and teaches Montessori School (it is big here) to kids that the government doesn't let attend regular school...hope that makes sense. He teaches kids with problems in speaking and things. Anyway, we talked to him in the park and later passed by his house. The next time we passed by, he said that he had read the Book of Mormon... liked the last chapter of Jacob. He had read the whole pamphlet, but wanted us to explain a little bit more. After talking for awhile, he said, "This is what I have been looking for. The Light." WOW!  IT WAS AMAZING! He is awesome and he has a baptismal date! We also got to teach Saul, our teenager, about Enos and receiving  answers. Saul decided to do the same thing. After praying for hours, he says he finally received an answer from God. And our prayers (my comp and I) were answered! We were so relieved. He found us walking in the street and says " Hermanos! I received an answer. God exists." It was a powerful testimony to me.
These are just some of the amazing things that happen every week. I love it out here, and I want you to know that. The crazy stories are really cool, but the others things that happen every day, I can't explain... It is amazing!
Well, this part, I wanted to respond to the package. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING. The photos were wonderful. The tree so cute! The hug from Lizzie I straight almost cried. From her growing so much, from missing hugs, or from me being so much skinnier, I'm not sure. But the best was your testimonies! I loved them. And so I wanted to share my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ with you! (I will include Lincoln's testimony in a separate post to follow!)
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

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