Friday, January 17, 2014

Progress at any level is amazing in and of itself!

Ma! Pa! Children!
   Hey! I am soooooo happy you got the package! whoooooooohoooooo!  But I love you all so much, and that is what I wanted to express most with those! Hope it worked.  And THANK YOU FOR THE PANTS. They both fit, but the 34 black pleated are SICK. I CAN DO WHATEVER I WANT WITH THEM. It is so great! hahahahaha! I loved them really. Thank you soooooooo much. I was in need! It was the most wonderful present! Thank you for all you do!!!!! Really. I love you guys! 
   So, this week, it was pretty sick. First, SAUL WAS BAPTIZED! It was sooooooo wonderful. After 4 months of praying and fasting, the boy recieved a sure answer from the Lord! AND WHAT A WONDERFUL BLESSING IT WAS. He was so happy when he got baptized and he bore testimony of what he did to get there. The next day he was confirmed a member of the church, and afterwards he accompanied us to our other lessons.  He testified and told some of our investigators, "What you guys need is faith. I didn't have faith, so I didn't recieve an answer.  But these elders had faith, and then I experimented on my own, and now I know that God exists and loves me." To hear that was one of the coolest things in my life! It was great. Really, if you wanted to was super cool! it was SICK.;) I will try not to use that word any more!
    Also, we have been talking with Oscar. He is a teacher... I think I told you, and he has like 3 Alumni that are members of the church. He is great and we found him in the street. He has gone to a baptism and church and he is reading the Book of Mormon! The man is on fire! He is super awesome and has a really noble spirit!  We hope that he keeps progressing.
    Also, the mom of Saul, went to church to see him confirmed. Afterward, she said, " I love it here. I plan to come every sunday. This changed who my son is. I know it can help my family." She is wonderful! And the words were perfect. Me and my companion just smiled and when she left we started going crazy. hahahahahaha! My companion has finally gotten used to me being a little energetic :)
   We also found new people! A couple, who were studying with the Jehovah Witnesses, but wanted to hear more. So we talked to them and they are really excited and love the message! The Lord prepares people. I testify that is true! I get to see it every day.
   So basically, this week was a week of growth, learning, and becoming closer to my Heavenly Father. Was it the same for you guys?! :) hahahahaha! I know that maybe it is difficult for me to say that, as a missionary, but I really mean it! I want the same things for you guys that I have and that is what I hope to show you through these letters! 
  I have learned a lot more about who is my Savior is this week. How the process of the Atonement works. I like  the explanation of  the purifying power of the Atonement. The Lord says "no unclean thing can enter into the kingdom of God."  Not... "no unperfect thing!" We can be pure through the atonement of Jesus Christ and work to become more like him. I love that! I love being able, every week, to take the sacrament and pick something I am going to purify..a habit. And I want that for you guys! It is an offering to the Lord. Like fast offerings, but every week. Give up a bad habit, or start a new  good one. I have been doing that for the past few weeks and I love it. I just wanted to share that with you!
  I hope this is a letter worth reading...haha! Sorry if it is random or not really interesting, but just know I love it out here. I love you guys too!!!!! I pray for you, and hope all is well, with ALL the family:) I am thankful we can be together for eternity. I am excited for that:) I love you so much!!!!!!! Hope all is well!!!!!  Have a great week!
Elder Goodman:)

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