Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Teaching God's children!

Hola Familia!:)
I hope this week has been amazing and that you are well.  Are you still losing weight? No.  
Are you sick?
Are the members feeding you good food?
No worries Mom! Thanks for your love and care:)
I am determinded to make this a good letter. Ready? SICK.
So, we have been focused a lot on finding a hundred different investigators. We have been working hard core, and my comp has more or less liked every minute of it:) hahahahahaha! One of those, my favorite, is Saul's dad:) As a recent convert, Saul is literally on fire... going every day to early morning seminary, going to church, and trying to share the Gospel. He has been coming with us on lessons and is really growing in his testimony. Part of that is changing who he is, and as he has changed, his parents have seen it. So Saul's parents are listening. Amelia (his mom) was listening before, but didn't like the Word of Wisdom.  Now, she understands a little more, and is working on knowing if the Church is true. Saul's dad is willing to listen. That is a big step! The first time we knocked on his door, he slammed it in our face. So it is a real blessing! 
Also, we have seen a lot of progress with other investigators! Oscar is one! He is doing so good! He has been reading every day the Book of Mormon and he shares with us all the things he learned. The man really knows how to apply the teachings to his life and he is progressing so well!!!! Also, he got engaged! hahahahahaha! Oscar is engaged to an american in our ward. IT IS PSYCHO. But, she made him promise they would be sealed in the temple, that he would be a worthy priesthood holder, and that they would keep going to the temple consistently. He of course, loved the idea, and it has been pretty crazy! The Lord blesses people, and families... Straight up!  Jesus and Monica had their baby and they want us to give her a blessing! She was born January 8th and they are talking about how wonderful it will be to raise her in the church -  AMAZING!! The Lord is helping the work progress in so many ways! It is crazy! 
Anyway... only some of the stories.  An interesting story -  We had a man we met....he thought he was Jesus Christ....that was a little difficult. Really....I think me and my comp were both a little silent...not sure what to say. But then, we just went on and just talked to him like we normally do.  As I testified to him, that he had a Savior, who he could get to know better through a book (Book of Mormon), the Spirit testified to me that it never matters who the people are -  they are all children of God. It isn't something I can explain. But it was awesome! 
We also got to go to a botanical garden. I will send pictures. But yeah. feels wierd to walk around in regular clothes. hahahahahahahaha! 
Love you tons:)  Hope everyone is awesome! I love hearing from you! Thanks for all you do:) Every day I pray for you guys! I love you soooooooo much! 
Elder Goodman:)
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