Friday, January 31, 2014


Of course, Lincoln's favorite way to answer my questions is to cut and paste like a Q&A!!

1. How is Saul like helping you with the lessons?(me) He testifies hard core! He has been doing really well and it has been great to see him share his testimony. The other day, we were talking with a girl, and she was explaining all the problems she had in her life. He then basically punched her with the Spirit when he said, "I don't think you are understanding the words of the missionaries. You are lacking the first step in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith." He went on to share how if he didn't have faith, he never would have recieved an answer.  It was great!  He then went on to say, "Elder Goodman, share that scripture you shared with me about faith and how we need to experiment" (Alma 32). It was crazy how he remembered random things like that and testified so strongly of what he knows! So...yeah,  hope that explains about Saul.  2. Are his mom and dad listening, are they interested?(me) His mom yes! She is going to church every Sunday but doesn't want to give up coffee.  She thinks we are her lost sons. She heard something that me and Elder Monsalve might change and started straight up crying. For such a rough lady (she is like a tough mexican cowgirl) it was tender to see her love for us and how much we have helped that family. They are really important to me and it will be hard if we change!!! Also, Saul's dad is starting to listen more too.  He thinks we are counselors for life or something, and we have had to go a little bit slower so he can understand what we want to teach. But the home of Saul is changing, and you can see it, in everybody there. It is wonderful how the gospel is blessing their family!!!!
3. Is Oscar reading an praying for an answer?(me)  He recieved and answer and is always saying, "I am a soon to be mormon."  He also has given us refrences! He keeps reading the Book of Mormon, we just have to wait the 5 sundays in a row to baptize somebody!  
4. How is your Romero Family, are they still planning on the temple next month?(me) Yes! They hit a wall at one point and were thinking about changing. We shared with all the power of our hearts why they should go NOW, and that if they had faith, they would have the power to do it. So as of now, yes, they are planning on going! They are going in February!  
5. Is your companion keeping up with you, does he participate in the lessons as much as you/equal share?(me)  Yes! We participate equal... more or less:) He is getting a little exhausted with the sun, but it is all good:) We are going to help him get more energy...somehow...  
 6. How are the other companionships in your area?(me)  They are doing good! We are helping them to contact and plan like champs. The missionary work is moving forward really well. 
7. I never see pics of you on the mission blog, guessing that you are too far out :(  (me) you are right. we are one of the farthest away.
 8. By the way, where are all these pictures you keep promising?(me)I'm sending them!
Also we found 2 new people! Jose and Roberto (I know that narrows it down to 75/100 of my friends here) But they are really cool! Father and son, and Jose is like 75yrs. old! We are teaching them, and they are progressing really well!!!!!!! And Alejandra, who is a singer, is also amazing! She is the one that Saul talked to about faith.  She has decided to get baptized and is preparing for that day!!! 
We have been having some great work here, and all is well. Love missionary work and I love being here, every minute of it.
Fun stories: We were a sketchy part of town, and were looking for one of our contacts. There was a wall that divided to houses and I was walking with my companion a couple feet behind. We passed the wall and there was three huge dogs... a Rottweiler, a boxer, and a lab/doberman pincher mix. Yeah.... My first reaction was "Oh freak."  And they started to charge!  I turned around and pushed my companion saying, " it isn't this house!" Then a thought came in to my mind "Man, turn around.  You have to find Fernando(the contact).   So I turned around again for some reason, and charged the dogs. That was crazy! They just about killed me, but then ran away to the wall and we passed by, and we contacted the man! He was chill. hahahahaha! 
Also,one night we were tired, and we hadn't had many visits. I wanted to drink something cold so we went to the mini store! I was looking for something called "Big Cola" there. I asked the man at the counter "Sir, do you have cola?" My companion started cracking up and I realized my mistake. You can't say cola here because it means 'tail'.  I was so tired and I hadn't realized.  I had asked the man, "Sir, do you have a tail?" He looked at me extremely confused and I just about died laughing afterwards. He has never looked at me the same since.
That is the fun stuff. I love you so much!
Well...hope everything made sense! I love you guys so much and pray for you always! Thank you for all that you do! Love you!!!!!! And if I can do better, let me know!!!
Elder Goodman:)
Sad that I cannot upload the pics to this blog due to how Elder Goodman sent them...maybe from a different place, have no clue- enjoy them on fb!
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