Tuesday, February 4, 2014


 This is Joshua Roberts.  Although his life was not very long, he managed to teach us all how to love.   Josh loved everyone and always wanted to hug you or hold your hand.  We will miss his hugs, but his presence will be felt every time we remember the love of our Savior.  Thank you Josh-man, for loving us and teaching us how we should love one another.  When Elder Goodman found out about his beloved cousin, Josh, he wrote this poem....

Remember the Plan.

Do not stand by my grave and weep,
I am not there, I do not sleep,
My body is gone, there is no life left,
It will move no more, it is there to rest.
But my Spirit is living, it won't die.
I wouldn't just leave you there to cry. 
I'm in the green grass, the feelings you get when you pray,
I'm there for you every single day.

You know the plan, I'm better with my body there.
No restrictions, no heavy burdens to bear.
I'm free, I can do so much more here,
Remember that, when you want to shed a tear.
I know that is what everyone says, but the key is to TRUST.
To say to the all-knowing "Ok. Comply to thy will I must."
Maybe it isn't specifically easier that way,
But know that you will always make it to the next day.

Look for those signs that the Lord will send,
With him as your light, your life will begin to mend,
And I will never leave, I'll be by your side,
When you fall down, or get dominated by the tide.
We will fight as a team, and then in the end,
We will meet, and be together once again
I will tell you I love you, I will give you the biggest hug I can give,
But for right now, enjoy that you live!

The Lord has promised you and I something great,
We can be together forever, no terminating date.
All you have to do is endure to the end,
No matter the trial, no matter the bend.
One step at a time, steady and sure,
Look to the future, the time will go by like a blur.
But please, don't stand by my grave and cry.
Because I am not there. I did not die.

Like I said, not sure if it is good. But if you think it will help somebody, that is great. Love you all! And if I was there I would have given you all big hugs!!
Elder Goodman!

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