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Well, I loved all the experiences you guys shared! Seriously! I am so happy to share missionary work there in the States. That is what I like to hear!!!!!   War against Satan... kick some butt ALL OVER THE WORLD! hahahaha! Sorry, it is because I just got done playing soccer, and I am hyped!

This week has been super great.  Well...yeah....we will go with that-  Super great! I was in Guadalajara on Monday and got home at 11:00pm.  We worked on Tuesday and woke up at 3:00 in the morning Wednesday to go back to Gaudalajara and have the confrence with Elder Christensen, a president of the seventies. It was seriously great and we were on fire... Ready to teach and save the world.  Then we had to travel 6 more hours and we got home too late to preach,  so we had to wait for the next day. But seriously, I love it!  That many missionaries in one place?  It was super cool.  I think it is because everyone has a general understanding of how the mission is.  It is like veterans all meeting together to work and improve the missionary work.  I loved listening and understanding a little bit more of how I can share in such a better way!

But enough about my personal progress, we had a lot of progress in our area this week and lots of work. We are still progressing with Oscar, we should be waiting like 2-3 weeks for him to be baptized.  Amelia... we are teaching the lessons over again for her to remember! She is progressing so well, and she is super great.  She said the other day, "If I get baptized, I can get the Holy Ghost right?  I want that so I can help my family."  It was one of the best things to explain what and how the Holy Ghost works with people, and for her to understand and have that desire!  We have many others,  sorry if I don't tell about them every week but they are also progressing and also have goals for baptismal dates.  One of these is Alejandra. A different one that the singer.  She is pregnant and is also is progressing really well. She was having some problems (sickness and things with her pregnancy) and I was able to help her get better and fixed up good after a couple days...She was a little suprised I knew something about pregnancy, so thank you Mom!

We also found a new family this week.  One of our investigators, Ramona (is getting baptized soon also) has some neighbors.  Ramona is a little bit older and lives with her kids.  But at times she gets lonely.  One of her neighbors, Israel (sick name) is 10yrs old and wanted to be her friend so he gave her a chicken. (I wish I could just give someone a chicken to be there friend).  Later he wanted to go with her to church. Then we visited with Ramona and Israel, and then Israel's family.  Israel listened to 2 long lessons, taking it all in and smiling the whole time.  He and his parents are now planning for baptism, and are going to church!  I just wanted to share the story because it is super amazing.  The Lord works every week in ways we don't know. 

Those are the best things I have to share this week. I have been really happy about many things this week, just waking up every day to share the Gospel.  I know that is super cheesy, but I am serious! Also, to know that I have the Lord and the Holy Ghost as companions all the time! I know when it is offended and leaves, or when we can teach and everything works good.  I hope you guys remember that... you have a companion at your side 24 hours a day! He is on your team and he wants to help you. I just wanted to write the last quote that was in my folder before I left on my mission... "Be the person, that when you wake up in the morning and your knees hit the ground to pray, Satan says, "Oh crap! He is up."  Remember that... to keep fighting and to pray for the help of the Spirit.  The Lord is preparing people for you too! You just have to invite them to do something.  Keep everything up!  If you can't tell, I love hearing about the missionary work there in AZ!  I love you!  Stay safe!  Know I think about you all!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman!

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