Monday, February 24, 2014

A Little late :(

This email was from 2/11/14 and Lincoln was traveling to and from Guadalajara for mission conference.  Sorry I am so late in posting, to much going on that week and not enough time...

Hey Fam! 
Sorry, I couldn't write yesterday, I was in Guadalajara for my temporary residence and was traveling all day! And, I don't have a lot of time but I did want to update you on my week! So here we go! 
First, I hope everything is well! Vacations in Utah sound super great!  I loved seeing pictures! I hope it was wonderful.  I am happy you guys were able to feel the Spirit and everything that week! Also, FAYE. YOUR HAIR IS SUPER LONG. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! Are you gonna cut it off or keep going?! I was super suprised. And D looks super smart. hahahahahahaha! Just had to say that. You all have super sick style:) 
 Also, yes, I am still with my trainer. We have been here a quarter of my mission, and I know basically everybody.  We are gonna be killing it in this area:) We found out something... we started visiting people the Monday and Tuesday after changes and we saw something...that I think woke me up a little bit.  As we passed by our recent converts, less actives and investigators, we saw tears in their eyes, more than once - them saying, " The Lord answered my prayers. I kept hoping he would. "  Two things I learned. 1. That people really love me the same I love them!  Maybe I can't always show it, but they can feel it and I am hoping I can transfer that Christ like love to them.  2. Elder Monsalve and I know how to teach faith really well that if those people keep praying like that, the Lord will never change me to a different area!  I might be here for a LONG time...hahaha!:)   
So, this week we have been here, in Mexico teaching people Salvation every day...the normal. But of course, it has been amazing! Many blessings, and many signs that I know this is the Lord's work. 
The Romero family wasn't able to go to the temple because of finances. And also, because they left in January not Feburary. So, we helped with the finances part. He recently got a new job, and one day we were talking and he said, "Elders, we aren't going to be able to go to the temple."  I don't think he expected my reaction of, " Brother Romero, you are going to go to the temple and getting sealed to your family if you have the faith. Don't you dare doubt God. Let's get to work." hahahahaha! That night we set up a budge, and they definitely will be ready by March, IF it is the Lord's will.  But we can't go with them, it is a new rule...but it is totally ok:)  
Also, we have been talking with Oscar, he has been having problems with his future wife, because he couldn't pay for his house.  So he moved in with her.  No, don't worry, they are in different rooms and they read the law of Chastity pamphlet every night!  hahaha! But he won't be able to get baptized if she can't get her birth certificate and they can get married - because it is also a rule...have to be married to the girl your living with :)  So we have been helping them figure that part out. They have been trying everything possible and we finally have a plan that will work. They will get the birth certificate the 13th, get married the 14th, and he will be baptized the 15th... IF the Lord wants.:)  That is something I have learned a lot about. Sometimes, we want to just do the things.. but I have figured out that in every facet of my life, I should ask God because it is important. So we have faith, and we will see how everything goes. Then we recieved fruits of our faith. 
One of the best things that happened this week was on Saturday.  Amelia (Saul's Mom) accepted a bautismal date and is preparing more for that day.  She testified that she knew the church was guided by Jesus Christ and that she wanted the gift of the Holy Ghost to help her and her family.  It was a great moment for Elder Monsalve (pronounced Monsalvay) and I, to be able to see that light in her eyes.  She is super super stoked and is preparing really well...  more blessing we get to see.  
And finally, we were able to teach the singer, Alejandra.  She is a singer and is now turning down all of her work on Sundays to go to church and obey that commandment.  It was a great week, when we were able to see the work the Lord does for us, always behind the scenes. Every day is a blessing, and I am always excited to put on that name tag and be a servant of the Lord!!!!
I hope that was an ok letter! I am trying to do better! I am doing so well, and I hope you guys are too! I love hearing from you. And I think about you each and every day. Thanks for all you do. Love Always!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

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