Monday, February 10, 2014

Short but Sweet :)

Elder Lincoln wrote this the same time he wrote the poem for his cousin.  Short and sweet but we sure love hearing from him!!

Fam Bam!!!!

   Was that a pic of Saul with you and your companion? (me) yes!   How was the work this past week?(me)  Super AWESOME!  All of Saul's Family is now listening, and we are also progressing really well with Oscar.  He is getting married to a member the 14th of Feb, and baptized 15th.  It will be great!  We have many others, that we have recently found, who are working really well.  And of course, we are working with less actives every day!   What new things have you eaten?(me)  um.....pig ears...and I learned how to suck the marrow out of a bone. hahahahaha!   Do you need more recipes to make and experiment with?(me)  um...I don't think so.  Everything is well and I eat good! We don't have much time to cook! hahahaha! So maybe you get to go to the temple with Romero's this month?(me) That is a sad part... it was in January, and they couldn't go.  But they are planning for March except we can't go with them:/ But I hope we can activate somebody soon! I want to go to the Temple!!! 
Medicine (totally forgot that in the last package, but didn't know if you found some)- (me)  Medicine would be nice, but I can buy it here if need be. I can't find an inhaler... well, one that works.  I bought one for about 3 bucks (that was the most expensive) and it isn't actually is like air in a if you could send one or two that would be great! 
I am so happy mom with the Temple! And so jealous! How great! I am so happy that you were able to share that like a missionary :) 
 Also, youth confrence sounds SICK. I am so happy that all went well! I hope dad is well! And I am sure that ALL was super cool!  Also, thank you mom for sharing how it was and that lesson about self-worth vs. self-esteem. 
I hope all of the family is good, and that everyone is doing well! This week, we finally played futbol!!!!!!!! I was soooooo happy! And they said something like "dang, that white boy has got skill!" I think I always look a bit more on the heavy side and I think that they definitely weren't expecting me to run so fast. 
Our area is progressing really good. We have activated families, and taught many! Valle Dorado (one of our colonies) knows us by "the colombian" and "elder Buenhombre" hahahahahaha! I love you! sorry I can't share so much! But you guys are always first in my mind, and who I write! I love you!!!!!
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