Friday, January 17, 2014

Lost in the work!

 OK.... THIS week I am afraid will be short. But new years resolution: write more. hahahahahahaa! First, we had the baptism of our dear investigator Rebecca and it was FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. I love love love the Gospel and I want you to know that! Rebecca was very ready when we first met her. She was a reference from our stake mission leader (sml) . When we contacted her, she shared her story... our sml had told her she was living a bad life, and she needed to repent. Let me explain... they aren't even good friends, our sml is a bread seller who just passes buy every once in a while by her work - hahahahahahaa! So, he says that, (you need to repent) and she thinks "who is this guy? he doesn't know me!" And when she said this to him, he said she was the Grinch. hahahahaha:) He then told her, "I have a way to change your life. Try it out. It starts with this book (Book of Mormon.)" She started reading and one day, she went to church. We found her, and she explained her story, and we passed by her house later that week. She had read to ALMA and was reading every day! IT WAS SO AMAZING. We were able to teach and explain how the gospel can bless her life. She had a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon, and so many amazing expeiriences in the middle. It was wonderful. But that is the basic story. She got baptized January 4th and I will send pics. I did a musical number that she wanted, playing cuando me bautice on the guitar and singing! (she asked me to) and she loved the whole thing. I loved it and I have a stronger and perfectly sure testimony of how the Gospel can bless lives. If you thought I had fire to teach before, you should see me now:) Those blessings, of seeing a sister of mine entering the waters of baptism was a wonderful blessing in my life. I know that we really are forgiven of all of our sins. That really, we are blessed, and that through Jesus Christ and the Gospel, we can return to live with Him again.:) My area is great. We have many more for the future and I love seeing the changes every week. All the days of contacting, knocking doors, or getting shut down, are worth one baptism. I hope you understand my testimony of this Church. I know that it is true and it is the only place we can recieve all the happiness and blessings we need. I know, as a missionary, that I have a message, that I want to share with every person. No matter how bad my Spanish is, no matter how bad of a teacher I am, no matter my lack of experience, the Lord blesses. And I love being able to be his servant every day. I love all you. And I am thankful for all!!!!! Hope everything is well. And sorry again this is a little short. More next week. The family is planning to go to the temple in February, and oh boy am I so happy. My heart is filled with Joy for the work. Continue missionary work there! Kill it! It can start with just a book:)
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman:)

The Streets... 

 This Jesus and this Monica! 

This is us.... Rebecca is the super short :) Her brother is the baldy in regular clothes and her friend (missionary work by her!)  The Stake Mission Leader (sml) at the end:)

  Less active famiily we got to come finally!!!!!

RAIN.  FOUND NARNIA. (it leads to a different part of our area)
He thinks he is funny!!

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