Friday, December 20, 2013

I love email!!

(A Little Q&A from Elder Goodman… I absolutely LOVE seeing pictures and his amazing smile!!)

Are you going to 'skype' us on Christmas Day? YES! I WANT TO WE ARE FIGURING OUT DETAILS.  When do you think you will be able to call/skype? I think I can at like 5 or 6 here...depending...hope that works?:/   How long will you get to talk/skype? 1 hour!  What do you need us to do to be ready? Just need your skype address!  Also, did you get the Christmas package I sent about a month ago?No.  (So sad!) But I am sending one to you guys. I am saying sorry in advance that it doesn't have presents...I couldn't save enough money to send one with should get it this week!  
How are your families this week? Families are soooooooo good! We have a new Family, the Family Valdez, who are listening and interested. They were the ones who we found hitch-hiking! They are wonderful, and really fun! Also, Rebecca, has gone to church 4 Sundays and is close to baptism. She loves the gospel and she has recieved so many blessings.  Are they feeding you well? They feed me well! In Mexico, you eat only a little in the morning, huge meal at like 2pm, and then a little at night....I eat! No worries! Have you stopped losing weight? It isn't bad! I just can't work out long enough to keep up with everything. I do like 200 push ups and 300 situps and what not (dad) but I dont have enought protein to I lose...haha! Also, My claves are tiny because I can't run, but my thighs are big because we are speed walking all day...hahahaha! That is why I needed pants! 
Thank you so much for everything!  This week has been wonderful. The biggest blessing was people coming to Church. We were able to focus on the people more this week, and it helped! We had like 12 people! Not as much as before, but we are out of the slump! We are going to be killing it  this next week. We are really excited for the baptisms coming up. Saul and the family Valdez and Rebecca….so yeah! 
So awesome story... before church, we went to go talk to Saul to remind him.  After we entered, there was a knock at the door. This man was there.  Saul said, "What's up?" And the man said, "Is it ok if I talk with them?" We went outside and he talked to us about all kinds of things.  He said how when we had passed, he knew he had to talk to us. He had been praying and when he looked up we were crossing the street. He followed us for like 2 blocks and saw us enter the house..haha! But he then talked about how he needed to talk to us. My comp was speechless, and so was I! We were like...uh....sure! As I and my comp testified of the atonement and how he could be clean, we all felt really good. It was soooooooo sick! To know that the Lord trust us with his children is a really wonderful feeling. It is something special to know that He trusts us even when we are not missionaries. So maybe that is a challenge I have for you... Somebody is in your life who needs the Gospel. Be bold. Find them. Pray for help and go for it! I love the Gospel. I love it out here:)
Love you allll!So excited to see you on Christmas!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman:)
"And this is my friend the iguana named Kid Cudi. I caught it when walking to a members house. It wasn't really happy...but it is all good!:)"

"And sometimes, we ride in the back of fruit trucks for fun. So I took pics with the avocados. hahahaha! Love you!!"

 "I found a McDonalds. -worthit-"

 "This is Betty. The Cocodrilo. She is a beautiful Crocodile that I tried to touch and almost bit my arm off. That is a duck. in the picture for comparison. She is quite large. about 10 ft long. And she likes to eat people. She lives behind walmart, in a place that is like the scout park. hahahahahahaha"

 "This is me killing it beach style."

"Merry Christmas!!!!! from Mexico! (This is a different area...really rich and has a mall):)"

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