Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Week of Thanksgiving…a little late :)

So at the beginning of the letter, Lincoln is simply answering the questions I asked in my letter. A little Q&A if you will :)

How was your week?(mom)
Week was sooooooooooooooooo good! So,  I have lost about 24 lbs! Whoooooooo Hooooooo! My legs are becoming that of a chicken and it is sad. But I can only work out 30 min every day….and my companion hates running. hahahaaha-- but yeah!   How is Jesus and his family?(mom) Jesus and his wife are wonderful. She was sick with her baby, which is due in January (for you mom) and he worked all week, but he is reading and really wants a lesson... tonight I think!  How are the Romero's?(mom) They are doing well, they are going to everything, and they are one of the best family missionaries in our ward! And they love calling me bad man instead of 'goodman.'   How is the couple with the husband that prefers English and wife that speaks Spanish?(mom) The hermana doesn't like it much… In the beginning, I was on changes when my comp taught her. He kind of taught her about babies and baptism...don't know how well that went...hahahahahaaha!  How is your newest little convert and his family?(mom) He is so good! Primary Program was this week....so awesome!  Ok…now for a different type of question…what was your favorite moment/moments of the past week?(mom) Favorite moment was finding a family after these people called me the bad word....and teaching Saul!  What has been your favorite thing to eat? I love everything here. But the wierdest is raw chicken legs, or raw pig skin, or cow eyeballs....whatever you think!    Next week I go to Guadalajara, so don't know if I can write. 
This week...the interesting stories, I went on Divisions and I decided to really try and be like Jesus Christ (picture), I almost got in a fight with one of our contacts. And then the Jehovah Witnesses decided to go into all out war against us. I will explain...  First, the man I contacted was looking for something and well I asked if he needed help. He said "No," so we went to talk to his friend. But during that he yelled, "Do you have my phone?!" I said..."uhh....no, you need help finding it?"  Then he came really nice and close grabbed my tie and said "If you don't have my phone, you need to leave." Well....that wasn't very nice. So I kicked him where it hurts and ran… NOT! No, I said, "We just wanted to share a message of joy and happiness....seems like you need something like that in your life!" (No, I wasn't sarcastic, they don't get that here) And he said, "Would you like to fight?" Then I said, "If you really want, but that probably wouldn't be a good idea. We are representatives of Jesus Christ and we don't want to hurt people. We want to help with peace." Well....he just let go. I gave him our number....but I don't think he will call.....haha! The Jehovah witnesses...so during personal study, they knocked on our door...There was about 20 of them with one leader.  In the end, I gave him a pamphlet....therefore we have been called many names by the congregation as they drive by in cars...haha! One of these times was with a contact. Some of the Jehovah Witnesses (just a guess) drove by calling us choice names, while I was hitchhiking...but then the car after gave us a ride. It was a family, and when we talked to them, they wanted to hear more! They were so awesome and we are so excited to teach them! The Lord blesses us a ton:) Primary program this week was so cool! I loved it, and it was so simple and sweet. I loved hearing everything! And lesson with Saul....Well with him he has been having a problem with knowing if God really exists. We started unsure and not having a plan. (We had been trying to have one all day) Well...I just turned to 2 Nephi 31 and we started reading... then he asked, "Well...how do I know?" We were like... BRO. YOU PRAY. THAT IS HOW YOU KNOW! hahahaha! We had told him this before but it finally clicked as we shared Alma 32 about the seed of faith, and working with an experiment. It was wonderful! And then he prayed. He prayed perfectly really wanting to know, and I felt so good. That is why I am here! It really doesn't matter about the Jehovah Witnesses, or fights, or contacts that reject. People like Saul, who are humble enough to pray and figure it out. It was worth it. Valle le pena. I loved every minute. I love it out here. Although I miss you guys, I really love it. I know that God does love everyone. No matter how hippie that sounds. I love that so much. I know the Gospel is true, and that we have a companion, the Spirit, who is there every step of the way. It is beautiful! Well, I will try to send pics. Love ya!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

Best picture so far!  This Elder knows why he is there and is willing to make his stand as a witness of Jesus Christ! Something for us all to remember…to share the gospel with our other brothers and sisters, showing them the way home.

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