Thursday, November 21, 2013

Lovin' this missionary!

Did not get the pics he was trying to send :(  Just have to imagine his smile this week!!

Hola Familia! Hey! So, I sent pics. This baptism was Benjamin....I don't remember if I explained him, but his mom is a convert and his dad is an investigator. Benjamin really wanted to be baptized, so we taught him the lessons! It was really special and sweet, and I felt so crazy! It was so cool just seeing his excitement, and being able to say the words for my first time, cheesy things like that! It was so cool for me to feel that, at that time, I was exactly where I needed to be! And I wanted to do so much more! My comp thought it was so funny that I almost said consecrate, not commissioned. because they are close in Spanish, but it was all good!!! No re dos:) 
The other thing, is Senior Comp! Yeah! So my comp is the same, but he is now district leader! So while he is taking care of stuff for district, I help with the plans for our area! Also, when we do divisions, my comp goes to check their area, and I take the menor (new/younger) companion and we work in our area! It is crazy! I'm not ready for that! But with the Lord, all is possible and just know it isn't that big! Don't worry... I'm still in training...haha!
Also, before I forget, I have the letters that I wrote. But the problems is finding a Fed Ex in this area. We haven't found anything, but we are trying and it does take about a month for a letter...I'm sorry! But we are searching!
Ok...well, this week was ok! We have a pilot program in the area, that an investigator has to go to church 5 times before being baptized (sorry for repeated info, please let me know what parts the next week, so I don't do it again),  and we have quite a few who have gone 4 times! It is so awesome! But also, we have been working on finding new investigators...this leads to interesting stories...haha!  One is Ron. Ron is a wonderful man, but he speaks English. This week I realized I don't know how to teach in English…haha!  But really, it has been ok! His wife is Mexican, and she prefers Spanish, but he is from the states. So we teach and translate the whole time! It is really fun! She (the spouse) flipped when I started speaking Spanish too. That is the best look! So they are new and we are helping them, but not much has started. We also found a man named Jose, who lives by chedaui, which is like a Walmart. He doesn't have a house, but as we were walking by, we felt like we should talk to him (the fact was we were in front of a catholic church). He asks, "Are you Jehovah Witnesses?!" And I said.. "! We are missionaries…yadayada."  Well he decided he really wanted to change, so we have been teaching him. My comp was blunt with him, and said something like,  "Jose, do you really want to change? Because if you don't we have places to be and things to do.  But if you do, we will stay and talk... your choice." I was impressed! I think my comp was a little upset about a visit that had fallen through...but it worked out. With tears in his eyes, Jose said, "Of course I want to change. But I don't know how." OHHHHHHHHHMAN! What a perfect question. I got to testify we have a perfect way, and that God loves him and is so ready to help. That is another start! 
Also, finally, we got one of our menos-activos (less actives) to church, named Juan Jose! The guy has had some problems in the past, and had been drinking with his buddies at work. But we met him and he said "Hey! You guys should visit." I don't know if he was serious at the time, but we did! And anyway, we have been teaching him, and he wanted to change, starting with church. He talked to his boss for Sundays off, and his boss didn't believe him. So us, being missionaries, had to prove it... and we also got to talk to them about the Gospel! But the best part- JUAN JOSE IS COMING TO CHURCH! 
Anyway, we have had a lot of work, we had supposedly 30 people coming to church, less actives and investigators on Sunday, but they didn't come. In fact, only 4 came. That was rough. But we are gonna fix that.:)
Anyway, that was the week! Really awesome, and full of all kinds of things! But also, I was almost kissed (as a greeting) and I just about peed my pants. That was so scary. And I've realized when I return...I really won't know how to talk to girls. It will be like I'm 12 years old.  And, I got a solo in this huge missionary activity. Whoopee! Shoot me now! Thanks for everything! Hope I answered some questions! The pics took forever! Love ya!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

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