Tuesday, November 12, 2013

One Busy Elder :D

I just have to say what a blessing it is to have a missionary and to hear the experiences of these young men (in my case) bear their genuine testimonies with the love of the Savior.  I know they influence many with their words as well as their actions, both in Mexico and hear at home.  I am feeling so much gratitude for this great 'Plan of Happiness' which continues to bless my life!  Ok, enough from this missionary mom who is probably too emotional! haha……..

Christmas! You don't have to send anything.  I am ok thanks:) Plus don't want you to pay a bum load for it! No worries!!!! But thanks!!!!! I actually do have one thing...a pair of pants...like dress pants! Ok, 2 things- A pair of pants...same size and things...but regular fit if possible.   Also bottle caps and that is about it! And pics if you want! But the pants were something that if possible would be awesome! Thanks for everything! Also, I don't neeeeeeed anything! But like...in the next year that would be sick! Thanks!!! I love you!!!! Sounds really busy! I hope all is well!!! Hope you guys still do a bunch of stuff as a fam....because those are the things I miss most!!!! The most important:) Like watching family home videos or playing games. haha! Anyway, hope all is well! I love the weekly updates! And I hope I respond to questions! If I need to make the letters shorter, longer, more in depth, about other things, I don't know! Let me know! I will share whatever!!! 

Sooooooo... This week! It has been a party. The goal was to get my companion so tired that he couldn't excercise the next day, and mission was accomplished. We have been teaching a bum load, and finding more people!!!! It has been great! Just talking to everyone, lots of funny experiences that way. One part, we were asking for rides and I asked the man politley in Spanish. His reply was, "I don't speak English." My response was, "I know! That is why I am speaking Spanish right now." He said.." I also don't speak Spanish." hahaha! We went on to explain the Gospel to him. Another experience was some fun men who had gotten off of work and decided to party! They were in the street, and one of them needed the Gospel. Don't know which one, but I went and contacted them. They all got really quiet and listened,  and a couple wanted to hear more! So it was all good! But there was like 20 men....so we gave out a bunch of pass a long cards and pamphlets also. They were loving it! And my companion decided I'm a freak. hahaahahaha! 
Also, on the less actives, it has been awesome! We have finally gotten families to understand the Temple, and a lot of them have that goal. When they remember what they believe and why, it is so wonderful! We have helped them come to church with rides, and setting budgets and things. It has really helped! And we always love family home evening!
Investigators have been wonderful! We have a lot of work, and are always teaching. Sometimes they have a problem thinking it isn't just a religion that they want, but that it is the true church and why that is important! It is so cool when the investigators finally gain testimonies and realize how awesome the Gospel really is... or recieve help from God. It is so cool! And I really really love these people. Each is so amazing and sometimes during a lesson it clicks, and I feel like I am teaching a brother or sister of mine, and I just want to go crazy and say "Do you understand who you are?!" haha! But I love it. I love it so much and I am so glad! Jesus is the one with a baby on the way. He is one of my favorites and he is so crazy awesome. He loves his family and has been prepared so well. He is in our gospel priciples class, which is taught by a man who is really enthusiastic but explains things in a difficult way.  Anyway, after the class Jesus asks, " So....we can't have tattoos or donate blood right? I never want to violate my body if it is a temple of God." And we had to explain is was perfectly fine. ahahaha! 
Anyway, this was a testimony to me. That yeah, the Lord wants us to preach the Gospel but it isn't all on us. He has prepared those people, so it is ok if sometimes we mess up! It has been a great week, and really busy! I love the work. If you want to know how it is going, it is always wonderful. The things that bug me or are hard don't matter by now because at the end of the day I take a step back and understand that it is ok! I love this work! I love you guys! And hope all is well!!!! Thanks for all you always do!!!!!! Also....I have baptized a couple people! Didn't know if you wanted pics! But the newest one was just  8 years old...his dad is our other investigator but he wanted to be baptized...so yeah! It was really cool! The other baptisms have been wonderful! Hope all is well!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman!

Oh, and changes...transfers happened. I'm new senior comp....SHOOT DOG. OUR AREA IS SCREWED. haha

Elder Goodman at the last of interviews by President Wagner
(Yes, Lincoln…we want more pictures!!!) :)
Can't get enough of his smile :)

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