Thursday, November 7, 2013

Another week :)

Parentheses added for interpretation by this missionary mom…trying to decipher what Lincoln is saying can be super fun! haha  I love this missionary kid of mine!

Hey! Of course I got a what do you call them.....those thinks that crush stuff up?? I make smoothies...yeah!  (Lincoln couldn't remember the name of a blender, haha) one of those! 
The costumes were really sick! D was awesome! And That is awesome about the whole week! Well, this week was a little different. We had to go to the church a lot, which is about a 30 minute ride if you have money for a bus...but if you use a crazy driver that gives you a ride, it can go a little faster! Anyway, we had interviews during the day, and I'm in a missionary choir,  so I decided that meant we would have to go crazy at night trying to contact people....we always got home dead tired! No worries! Well! This week we didn't get to teach Jesus, his wife is having her baby...stinking excuses for Salvation! hahahaaha! The English girl went to a different area this nothing on her also. But we have a bum load of others we worked with! Saul and Amelia, they are awesome! Amelia gave me a haircut and she is basically my mom here....she is always worried, and she makes sure my tie is straight....haha! They are accepting the lessons really well! Also, a menos activo se llama Juan Jose (less active member)...he got dengue (mesquite disease), so we went to go give him a blessing! We brought the Elders quorum President and it was really good! I gave another blessing...the words aren't perfect, and it is simple, but they help, and I think he was better after! Sometimes I think I get too worried about the language! 
Then we had this awesome new investigator! Her name is Aurora. And she is so stinking ready. We opened up with a prayer, and she just started talking about feelings of peace! Then how she was so glad we were there, and that we had something... and she basically taught that God is our Loving Heavenly Father and we need prophets.....she was so bomb! She also has a restaurante, and she cooked fish! It was super good! 
Well, I think I answered questions ma! Hopefully! My companion doesn't like contacting, and we have to do 10 a day, where we talk, and teach parts of lessons. It is a little different. Or sometimes, I just stand up in a bus and we start teaching everyone! Anyway, one time, we hadn't done much contacting throughout the day, and we had about 30 minutes. I decided to pray about it, because I didn't want to just rush and contact 10 random people.  I wanted 10 people who were ready for the Gospel. So I sat there, and prayed, and my comp thought I was a freak. But after that, we went out and almost every single person we talked to gave us an opprotunity to meet with them again and gave us phone numbers! It was pretty cool! When the Lord helps with things like that, you know you are doing his work! 
Also, I don't know what  people have heard about my comp…the kid is a doof! But he is a good kid! I just wanted you to know he isn't horrible! haha! He works hard.....yeah....ok...and he is really good kid! He is way into technology and is from Columbia! But I just wanted you to know he is a good kid! He has a lot of patience with this 18 year old who is always going at it and being a psycho about the Gospel...haha! I love you! Hope all is well!
Elder Goodman!
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