Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The blessing of family!

This week was a short one…but also good to here from him as always!

Well..I'm gonna bookit. So sorry if you have to correct a lot! 
This week has been one of a kind. What week isn't on the mission? Well, I had to travel all day Monday. I had to drop off one of the Assistants in Tepic, and then went to ´Puerto Vallartas. That is where I am, Puerto Vallartas. They have colonies. I have an area of about 4 of the colonies. That is why I hitchhike all the time! We live in Valle Dorado and It is really fun! 
Well, one of the coolest things, we had an awesome week! One of our days, Wednesday, we walked around the whole of Valle Dorado, not teaching one lesson. We visited over 30 people and contacted like 20 people. It was hilarious,  my comp was dying in the sun. He kept saying "I have never worked this hard my whole mission." That was his motto for the week! haha! We have been having a great time. Anyway, that day, we set up like 20 appointments, and then we were booked the rest of the week. So the whole day we were pretty down, but then we figured it out. It was the day of 'set up.'-- haha! Also, we had a baptism! It was a family from Alaska. Pierce needed a testigo (witness).....what is that word in English? Anyway…. yeah- but they decided to feed us and kill us with kindness. They then left to go celebrate in a private room, while me and my comp stuffed ourselves. It was great! Couldn't figure out if it was a night of blessing or cursing, but it was all good! Also, the investigator who speaks English, is coming along great. She is going through some hard times with her family, so Heavenly Father is a blessing to her. 
But my favorite moments this week was Jesus. He is an investigator, with a wife who was baptized, but hasn't gone to church since she was 8 years old. They are seriously one of the sweetest couples. Jesus was traveling all week, so we couldn't teach him, but he came to church for the second time this week. So that was special. He was looking forward to it! He actually texted us....haha! And, he is like 40 btw....just in case. His wife is pregnant also. Anyway, so he comes to church and he just goes crazy! He loves using hermano and hermana siempre (always using 'brother' and 'sister'), and he enjoys everything about it! We got to teach him about the Plan of Salvation, and his face lit up when we talked about eternal marriage and the temple.  Another family, the Romeros, who are inactive, we also had a lesson with them. I got to teach about the temple and how special is was to neat! It was so cool for me! They had set a goal to go to the temple by December to get sealed. I'm so freakin excited. They are amazing.
 Well, not too much-- Sorry! But we have had some big news from president...don't know what it is, but i have to write him more this week! Hope you got the photos! Enjoy Halloween! If you want, send pics! Love you guys with all my heart!

Family... I just wanted to say I am SO happy we get to be together forever. i just wanted to let you know.

Love you!
Elder Goodman!:)

  it poured for days. the water was up to my knees in the streets! So yeah.

 This is one of our less active families! They are kicking butt. and we are cleaning their is a different kind of cleaning in Mexico..
Me and Elder Farmer....We were the demolition squad for many a pieces of furniture.

This is visiting Guadalajara! it was beautiful. hopefully these are right pics...I can't see 

These are my friends the cows...They are camera shy.

 This is the baptism.  I had to go in the water to witness...

So we had a the mar... the ocean. It was bomb! But before, the people payed for a beach front buffet.  So we stuff our faces and had a great time!

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