Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First from Mexico!!

I am LOVING this kid and his letters!!

I don't know what start we will go with first day. Also, sorry for any grammatical errors...different language on the computer keyboard and I'm in a shack....haha! day was sick, we went to eat at the Mission President's is like a 2.5 million dollar home....and it was sick! Then went and taught, which was really fun and I got to tell people about General Confrence and the good missionary stuff,  Books of Mormon, contacts, the whole jazz! And then ate these bomb tacos! Then went to the mission office! I forgot my camera this sorry no pics along with the stories!
 Second day, I met my companion, Elder Monsalve! He knew how to count to ten in English....and that is about it! We have been assigned to open a new area, so we have been killing it, but we didn't recieve a map, directions, an area book, or a ward directory. Nothing. We knew one family because they said "hi elders"....that is about it! But later, we recieved an area book, so that helped! An area book has info on who the missionaries teach, investigators, or less-actives, things like that. Oh, and our house is sick! So I made sure to clean it up first (just for Mom) and the next morning, I go to the room where the hose is, or the shower, and about 30 large sewer croaches had climbed up the drain and into the bathroom. That was really cute. But we have nothing, so I smashed every single one (again for Mom) and threw them outside...We have 2 rooms. One is the kitchen and our bedroom! And the shower is in the kitchen! and the toilet is a stinkin' hole in the ground. So, we continue on.
 We have to go shopping, and we have a great time!  I got cookie crisp....just to splurge....and we went to work! They are doing a new pilot here, were you can't knock doors, but you can contact and knock when you feel prompted. It is a lot more of relying on the Lord, and referrals! And we also try to reactivate the less actives- which there are TONS.
 Later in the week, I had been having troubles breathing, and had some problems with asthma...I won't go into detail becaus it isn't important....but my eyes were always swollen shut and I was killin, and I wasn't sure why, because I took my meds! But, we found the answer! A couple cats, had decided they wanted the house, and had kittens. These aren't even slightly cute cats. These things were big and evil. so my companion recorded me beating them out of the house with a they just sit outside our house every night...staring at us....haha! but my eyes are a little better!  Also, we bought some cheese....and it was bad....remember that hole in the ground? got a beating! hahahahahaha!:) but it is totally chill!
 Also, the weather! It is about 104 degrees at night, and pretty humid! Lucky enough we have a fan.That is chill, but I guess it never real winter!
Anyway, that was just the dorky stories.....share them if you want! also...I think pics are on the Guadalajara blog.
But the Spiritual part has been killer amazing. The tender mercies of the Lord are wonderful. As we have tried to contact people, we have been able to get little by little! We understand a lot more now, and it has been amazing! Everyday, you just feel the Spirit and it is always helping. We have a couple investigators. One is Benjamin, who is 8, who is just getting to understand the Gospel, with his less-active parents. The best part is, as we explain the Gospel, in a child's way, and with my crappy simple spanish, the parents I think remember why they were baptized, and want to come to church. Church is hard for people here. There is only one church in Puerto Vallarta and it costs about 200 pesos for a family one way, so it is a sacrifice. But to realize why it is important, and how wonderful it is, has been amazing. We have another, Nicole, who is 14. Her mom is the same. They listen, and they don't always give, I can't speak very good spanish. They just feel. And I think that is what the Gospel is all about! Also, because there are lots of mesquitoes here, there is a disease called Tenge, which is horrible for the people, and so we have had quite a bit of practice with blessings. But that sweet Spirit, not always stressing about what I'm saying, or if the people understand, is so amazing. I love it! We have quite a few other investigators, but I don't think I have time for all of them. But one other is awesome. That is George. We thought we were knocking on a less-active door, but he answered it. We had been a street off! But he says "You guys are missionaries? Well since you have a lesson prepared, you can teach me!" It was probably the sickest thing ever. So he is really a tender mercy for me, because that had been a rougher day. At times, it gets rough, just because people don't have time. And you say "Which is more important? Salvation or wanting to finish the soccer game?" Yeah.... i don't think that is what my companion or those people thought the gringo was going to say....and I felt rude...but they came to church I'm going to count that one as the Spirit.... haha! Things like that. When you know the Spirit is with you, is so crucial and helpful. I love being able to testify everyday about things I know and that bring so much hope to other peoples lives. I got to ask quite a few people to be baptized....we try to in the first lesson...and when they figure out they want to change life, and they look at you like they are is one of the coolest things ever! Living here might be crazy, but I love life. Thanks for teaching me how to companion was wigged I could clean the house in under and hour...AND IT LOOKED GOOD!  Thanks for everything! Love you, and thanks so much for the pictures! They are so bomb! Again! can send to the mission home....and they say everything makes it here....I had an idea not to put any Virgin Mary stickers on...and don't put elder! The people are smart! takes like a month....anyways, yeah! And one time in my mission, not right now...but sometime...if you could send bottlecaps....the candy...that would be sick....they don't have those here...haha! just like for Christmas of my second year or something...but I didn't want to forget to ask! Thanks! Love you!
Elder Goodman!

New Companion- Elder Monsalve! 

4 Elders arriving in Guadalajara from the U.S.

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