Monday, October 21, 2013

Working hard, doing well!!

Loving the fact that he doesn't know if he is typing in Spanish or English!! haha

Today, we don't have any time. I had to go to Guadalajara, 6 hour bus drive, and do some stuff, and don't know if I will have the chance tomorrow! I have like 10 minutes, so get ready to get overloaded by a bunch of random stuff.  
Well, first..... I am really happy I know how to work, because I do it at our house, and in the field! It is getting to be better weather! We don't wake up sweating as much! I love it!   Also, I bought a soccer ball and the most expensive cologne they have....Axe.... I don't think it was much! But I'm just letting you know what I bought! 
Our investigators this week were amazing!!!!!!! We have been working hard.....or at least trying, and it is really paying off. We went from having 0 to 5 investigators and menos activos (less active) to 20! That is like a third of the ward....haha! So it might not sound like a lot, but it is really good! My comp always asks when I'm going to run out of energy......haha! It is really funny! The sun seems to wear out a lot of the missionaries! Also, we have some awesome baptisms coming up! Since it was a new area, they are all people we have taught from the beginning, which is so awesome. And they are amazing! Also, we have a rule in the mission, someone has to go to church 5 times before baptism, so it takes a while, but this week has been great! 
Also, all the people in the ward, know me as Elder HombreBueno ('Good Man'),  and it was funny... we received two referrals because the investigators said "I wish I knew a good young man." One of the people in the ward said "Yeah! I know one! That is his name! You should listen to them!" haha! The members just laugh and we have a great time when we eat with them, they are always surprised that I get all the jokes....not like I had a dad that did the same thing or something....:) They are happy I can hold my own and I think it helps when we are getting referrals! I love the mission field! It is so awesome!!!!!!!! The coolest thing is when people change their lives completely for something they start knowing as truth. 
One was, we are teaching a girl and she loves listening, but she speaks English....Btw, forgot how to pray out loud in English and teach, I suck at both languages. What a bomb skill! But as we bore testimony of how the evangelio (the gospel) helped us, and changed my life, it was so cool! She was so ready. And she wants to be baptized! The Lord helps us EVERYDAY. 
I know this week is short, but not much time. Love you! Know the Lord is always there. I was reading in D & C, where it is talking about all the people that went on missions, traveling all the way to England or Canada, or other states by foot. All they wanted to do was teach what they knew! The joy they had! That is what I get to feel everyday! A joy as others change their lives, and we try to be good Representatives of Jesus Christ. I love missionary work!   We have a lot of investigators! The time I told you it was all less actives was only the first week! So just know we do all kinds of work!  Sorry if it is short! Thanks for everything! Love you! Love hearing from you!
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman! 
Pictures next week!

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