Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Doing Great! Little Crazy, but great!!

Love reading this kids e-mails!  Although very challenging, I know his faith is strong and that he is in the Lord's care- especially with his last little revelation!  We just pray MORE!! :)

To Who it May Concern:
   I needed to practice my buisness letters for when I get back! Hence the intro. Well, what a week.  Also, hope life is so good for everyone! This week has been awesome! At the beginning, which is like Tuesday, you wake up dead tired. And I think...HOW?! But it is all good. I think it is just because first thing in the morning I'm translating the words my companion is saying. haha! But yeah! So we have been teaching this wonderful family with a boy who has 16 years, name Saul and his mom! They are awesome! It has been so cool, and I think they are really fun! We got chased by dogs this week. I now carry around a sling shot and a packet of dog food. Both have helped me in more than one situation. haha! I love it here!
  Also, Mom and Dad, I have to warn you about virtual kidnapping and regular kidnapping. It has been happing to quite a few missionaries, and both are likely happen to me in the next two years....but don't be scared! Virtual kidnapping, they usually use just the first name on my tag, and they try and get information. They might call or something, and say they have me. But they don't! It is just a scam! So don't answer or worry! Or just hang up. And real kidnapping, you will hear from the President! They haven't had a problem yet...They always end up finding the person! So don't freak! I'm a messanger of the Lord, all is well!
   So, the coolest things! I don't know....Well, this Sunday was amazing. It was testimony meeting, and with many new converts, they were simple and sweet. It was wonderful, seeing how proud they were about what they knew. It was really cool! After, I had to teach a lesson to the Principles of the Gospel class, because the Ward Mission Leader liked that I was actually listening during one of our meetings....haha! This class is for the investigators and recent converts, or less actives! So, I'm teaching about obedience, really fun, and this man had many questions and doubts, and kind of went way off subject.  He then got mad when I answered one of his questions with the scrip from the bible.....Anyway, class was great! Then priesthood, he shows up again, and starts sharing all of these problems he has with the church. Me and my comp had left and we saw him outside, he said he was angry his questions weren't answered. So we started talking, and he actually preferred english, so I spoke to him that way. It was amazing as the Spirit became stronger and stronger.  As we talked, his face changed from angry, to thinking, to listening, to pondering and wanting more. It was wonderful! After, he said he wanted to hear more, and that he understood a lot of his doubts! It was awesome! After, my comp says "Wow, you teach español good, but you teach english really good. I be impressed" (he was speaking english) haha! It was so funny! The kid is a dork, it is so funny! Well, after that, we went to a house where the sisters had contacted about 5 months previous. We got to talk to him, and he had read the pamphlet, and understood. As we taught, he understood, and I loved answering all the questions. It was awesome! I think it was a little different for my comp because it wasn't rehearsed, and I think he has realized how much I like talking to people just because! But yeah, so in the end, we asked him to be baptized, and he said of course! IT was bomb! The Spirit is freaking amazing. And through God, all things are possible. I loved it! Well, those are just a couple things! Thanks for all you do!! You guys are amazing! I pray for you! If you want me to write anything specific, please let me know!
Elder Goodman!

 "First cute dogs I saw!" 

 "My companion falls asleep during weekly study" (At least he is smiling!)

The Beach!

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