Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I am thankful for missionaries!!

Another Q&A with me…I think Lincoln wants to make sure he answers my questions- or think of something to write!! haha  Love that some of his answers are so descriptive! (Totally being sarcastic here!)

So questions for this week…How was your week?(mom)
Really good! This week, we had Zone Confrence and it was SOOOOOOO sick. I love it and I wanted to go share the Gospel with everyone and their dog after!! hahahahahaha! We have a new investigator named Silvia, and she is so awesome! Also Rebecca is new and Saul will probably be baptized next week!!!!!! It is awesome!!!!  How is your companion?(mom) My comp without fail always comes home tired:) It is all good!!!!!!  How are you losing weight, yet need pants that are bigger in the leg?(mom) I have no idea.   Do you have a bug of some sort…not surprising if you are eating raw chicken!(mom)   Let's hope not. How is the work?(mom) So good!   So Rebecca is a reference. A member called her a 'sinner', and she wanted to know why. hahahahahaha! That member actually helped out and gave her a Book of Mormon. We have only known her a week but she has already read to Alma... SOOOOOO AMAZING!! And Silvia hated the church. She had some problems with people in it, but wanted to hear about how that applied to the actual teachings of the chruch. After the first lessons, she commited to baptism. THE SPIRIT IS MY FAVORITE.  How did the in-actives do this week?(mom) They were a little harder. The family Romero has a date to go to the Temple in February... SO STOKED. But the other families are having problems understanding why it is important. We are going to be teaching and working with them, because they are having a hard time! Did more people come to church?(mom) No.. less- it was really sad.  What was your favorite moment of the week?(mom) Contacting a whole soccer game. hahahaha! Or... being able to talk with a new family!!!!! It is a really cool story. 
So it was close to us needing to be in the house, but we needed one more contact. Me and my companion decided to pray. We prayed, and right after, I felt like we needed another Book of Mormon...  I had given them all away. So we ran to the house. After, we walked out of our house, turned the corner and there was family. Literally they were just standing there and looking around, like they weren't sure what to do. WELL THAT WAS A SIGN! We contacted them and they were really accepting, and we will be teaching them this next week. It was sooooooo awesome. If we hadn't gone to get a Book of Mormon, they wouldn't have been there. They would have been walking, and way far away. The Spirit works in so many ways. It was so awesome!!!!  What was the hardest or most challenging?(mom) I wanted to give Faye a hug this week. It was what I missed. And also the less actives. They sometimes don't understand how important church is... or getting our members to understand how important member missionary work is. They have a way of getting in a rut and thinking that the missionaries should just have baptisms every week. And they think we aren't working if we don't. It is hard to help them realize it is up to them! How are the missionaries in our stake?! How is the missionary work?! I hope all is well. I love you all! And was really thankful for a lot of things this Thanksgiving (I remembered that night at like 6pm) hahahahaha! I love you all and miss you tons! And when I get back, I'll hug you all 100 times:)
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

Zone Conference!!  At least he got some pumpkin pie!!

Elder Goodman's Zone…he is on the far left :)
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