Thursday, December 12, 2013

"Anxiously Engaged"

I thought I would include this personal letter to Lincoln's Little sister Lizzie…to cute to pass up!  I can tell how excited this Elder is about his mission and ALL the experiences he is having, just by all the exclamation marks!  Love 'reading' his enthusiasm for sharing and teaching the gospel…AMAZING!

This letter is JUST FOR YOU. I wanted to say Happy Birthday! I hope it was soooooooo wonderful:) I heard you ate chicken at Chick-fil-a and played tons! Is that true?! You are 5! Oh my goodness! Basically a woman, like Faye and Ashley! I want you to know I showed everyone my picture of you on your birthday and like 100 people in Mexico say happy birthday to you! I hope you are so awesome! We will go on a date when I get home ok?:) I love you! I miss you Beautiful! And hope you are safe:) 
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman:)

Mama! I love you! Hahahahahahaha! Thanks for the letter! And Dad! And Faye! And Ash! D! I miss you bud! I hope you are doing well and kicking butt! How is your friend with the Book of Mormon?! How are your Girlfriends?! I hope you are killing it stud:)

This week was sick…. in both ways!!!!!! The bummer stuff first. hahahahahahaha:) Just that we haven't been able to teach Jesus and his wife in a while. That is why I haven't talked about them. They are a little busy and have been in Guadalajara. But we will teach them soon:) Yeah....that is it for the bummer stuff!
The Romero FAmily has a date to go to the Temple! We helped them figure out their budget and they will be sealed in February! If I am still in this area I will be able to go with them! I AM SO STOKED. They are amazing!!!!!!!!!  We have also, a investigator named Rebecca. SHE IS SOOOOOO SICK. She works nights:) Just like Mom!  She has gone to church 3 times and has a baptismal date for the 4th of January! So sick!  She is so cool. We recieved a reference from a member and just asked her what she had heard. She said, "Oh....well my friend gave me this book (Libro de Mormon) and said I should read it.... I am in the book of Alma!  I feel like this Book is true." WE FLIPPED BISCUITS MAN!  It was so cool! She testified how it always brought peace and helped her relax before she went to sleep. I wanted to freaking cry! It was so awesome! We also have a sister named Ramona, who is straight up separating with her husband so she can get baptized. (Talk about conversion) And we are excited for her too!!!!! Anyway, That is what is up with our investigators. 
We have lots of fun here. Today, we went to the main town. We are about an hour away so the pics are a little different, but super cool! I ate a McDickens. It was like 70 pesos but so worth it. Also, I have letters for the fam! And I am sending them! We only have a UPS, and it is crazy expensive, so I have been saving up for the last couple months!  It should be coming... like a package of a bunch of letters! Haha! 
Also, the Christmas Devotional was amazing! I hope you guys watched it! It was so awesome. I realized I've gone real soft when I start crying at just that. hahahahahahaha! But it is all good! I love the Gospel so much and really, I love being a missionary. -storyofmylife-. 
I hope all is well with all of the family! How is the Christmas tree?! And I hope Christmas music is playing all day every day!
I believe Ashley jinxed me this week. I did get attacked by a dog. 6. But one in particular was a little nasty. We were in a part of my area that is a little bit rougher than the other parts...and two dogs watched as we passed to a house at a dead end.  After we contacted the house, the man shut the door. Then the dogs booked it towards us! My comp straight up shoved me forward and flipped out! Hilarious!!  I kicked the one of the dogs in the face (sorry dog) and the other just kept barking. My comp is freaking! I just stood there, and the other dog did too. Then it just walked away. It was hilarious! And wonderful... and straight mexico. I loved it! Reminded me of the German sheppard I used to walk by every day on Dolphin Ave. and ran away the first 3 days.  Then just got mad and yelled at it the 4th day and never had problems after that. The things you learn as a kid:) That is it! Hope that is ok! Sorry if things are a little short, but it was wonderful! Love you!!!! Tell Sister G. I hope she is ok!!:)
Love you tons.
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman.)
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