Thursday, March 5, 2015

A great power for us all

OK OK OK OK OK. READY.  Hope the following answers all and any questions you have.
1.  How is your new zone?  AWESOME.  How could it not be?  We are in GUZMAN.  State of Jalisco.  It is cold for the first time on the mission...there is a lot of ash from the volcano...(the same volcano that is in Colima....I am only like 1 hour or 2 hours from there, and closer to the volcano)  The members are awesome.  We are in a branch and the people are on fire.  I love it.  You can just see the love that they have for what they do and for the work.  Not just for missionary work, but work of Salvation:)
2.  New area?  My area is great.  We have hills....and members...and WORK.  What more could you ask for?
3.  New companion?  Elder C.-- He is amazing... Hard worker... Simple (I need that) He is a great companion..I will be sending pics of him next week!

4.  How was your week?  This week was great.  I have been able to see the blessings of something that has been so important to me, and that is the priesthood.  It is something so powerful and  one of the first things we teach.  About the authority to do things, that is the point of the Restoration, to be able to have the blessings of the priesthood! 
Now...I am going to try and explain...I don't know how it will go,  but bear with me.
Last week, in Colima, I had been asked to give a blessing in the hospital.  They wanted the missionaries to go...well...we went.   The family that was there wasn't really well we asked them if they were members...they said no.  They had a friend who was a member, who explained a little bit about what we do, and the message we bring.  The man who was ill wanted to see us before he passed on (he had water in his cranium, and tumors...and they didn't know how to fix it).  Well, when he saw us...he said to his wife, "They have power...I need a blessing from them."  And we gave him a blessing.  As we did, the words flowed, and then we ended.  The Spirit indicates exactly what you have to say when you give a priesthood blessing.  When we ended, all the worry lines, the problems, the fear in his eyes, had gone away.  He said, "Thank you, it is what I needed.  If I live, I want to visit your church.  I want to visit the Lord's church." 
After that, we had a sister here in Guzman, who is less active...we had some plans, but they had all fallen through...(I don't know the area very well that didn't help.) But we decided to go to visit this less active member.  When we found her, she told us, "I am sick...I prayed that someone would give me a blessing."  And as we gave her that blessing, she said, "Ok, now I know what I have to do.  Thanks for being worthy holders of the priesthood."
And just for last!(I am running out of time)...
We had a missionary that was working hard, but had gotten sick.  As we gave THAT blessing and ended the week, is when I felt so grateful for the power of the priesthood.  I loved it. 
This week, there were many other times we were blessed, but the thing I loved is this...Sometimes, we aren't sure what to do.  Sometimes, we don't understand everything, or don't have power to control the things around us.  But something we do have, a gift, the Lord lets all his children have, is the possibility to recive the blessings of the preisthood.  I loved it.  I love the restoration!  It has changed my life.   I am happy to be able to have that blessing in my life.  It is something we preach, live, and love, and I have enjoyed it this week!
5.  What is the best part of being in a new area?  The members......they are amazing.   
6.  Are you well?  of course:) 

I love you guys tons. Really. And you don't leave my prayers. Love you!
Elder Goodman

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