Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He has his VISA!!!

This is the e-mail, but a hand written letter should be coming this week that he sent off last week...Loving this missionary!!!

Madre and Fam!!!!! I WAS GETTING MY VISA LAST WEEK. ALL DAY TRIP.  I wasn't able to email basically at all! But I got my Visa! I love hearing from you guys! It is so awesome!  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PANTS. And for the food! Everything was so awesome! and the Dear Elder Package! It has all been so awesome! Thank you so much! I've loved it all!! I love you guys tons! Hope Faye's Bday was a blast! Maria agreed to get baptized, I'll be sending you pics soon! Also, I have two new investigators Raquel and Brenda! They are good people and love their families a ton! The Gospel is so awesome in the way if fixes all problems! I love teaching in Spanish! And when I pray, it is really cool to pray in Spanish! It is more intimate! I can say a ton, but I'm not all that good at English too much in High School or something! haha! Everything here is so awesome! I love life! But I miss you guys a lot too! Every day I look at the picture of us all! I sometimes wish I had a couple more...just of life and stuff..but I am SO grateful to have that one to look at and I'm so glad you put it in my bag! I miss you guys a ton! Lizzie's laugh and squeeling, or Dailynd's letters, or just being able to talk with Faye and Ash all the time! And sleeping over. Or you and me watching the newest Bones or CSI, and Dad talking about his seminary class....I love all the memories, and I think we are a lot closer that we think Mom! At least I am. I love you all! And I think about you everyday! Not to the point were it is distracting, but when I'm sitting in my bed, EARLIER THEN 11, and think about things like that! I know it has only been like 3 weeks, but days get really long, so it seems longer! I love hearing from you guys though! And I love getting chewed out for getting my visa and not being able to email:) Hope life is good for everyone! Sounds like you guys are having a blast! Ash and Faye are kicking butt! And Liz and D are being amazing as always! I hope work is good and things for you! And Dad is done with his rush time at the beginning of the school year! I love you guys! Thanks again for the packages and things! Our schedule is pretty awesome here. Work out. Study. Eat. Study. Teach. Plan. Study. Eat. Study. Play basketball for an hour. Teach more. Study more. and if it is Sunday or Tuesday, a Devotional! This last devotional was given about member missionaries, and using them to our benefit! I thought about how our family always shares the Gospel with our friends and things! I think it is good! I loved that. Also, so many kids here are way to sheltered, or don't know how to talk to people. It is ridiculous. But totally chill. Lately, I've been studying the life of Christ, and trying to know him as a person. It helps so much when you are talking to somebody, and realize, "God is giving me the responsiblity and opprotunity to teach one of his children of the hope and happiness life has to offer, and bring them closer to Christ." And when I see them as my brother or sister, and a person with so much potential, it is a wonderful experience. I might not be able to speak very well or explain everything perfectly, but that isn't my job. My job is to listen to the Spirit, follow promptings, and love those people. Easiest job of my life. Because people are amazing! I love it all so much! I know Christ lives. I know he is my Savior. And I know anyone, at anytime, can be comforted when praying to the Lord. My favorite time of the day is when I get to pour out my soul. And I do it so much! Before lessons, before meals, before study, after lessons, after meals, after study, and at night, in the morning. Basically, all day. And it is so wonderful how merciful the Lord is. I already knew that before the mission, but definitley in a different way now! Anyway, my letter says more too, so hopefully you get that! Is this letter long enough?! What do you want to know?! I love you all! And I'm grateful for all you have done!  Love you so much!  I am SO grateful for all you guys have done already! I miss you tons! And I hope you are all doing well! I love you so much, and am so happy we get to spend eternity together:) The Lord cares about you and is watching! Something I am sure of:) Because I pray for it multiple times a day! Love. Love. You think I kind of love you guys?:) Hope this next week is awesome!
Elder Goodman:)
At the Marriott Center!!

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