Thursday, December 18, 2014


LESSON OF THE WEEK: As you feel the joy that comes from understanding the gospel, you will want to apply what you learn.  Strive to live in harmony with your understanding.  Doing so will strengthen your faith, knowledge, and testimony.  Acting on what you have learned will bring added and enduring understanding (Preach My Gospel. Ch. 2)
This week, we have been working HARD CORE, helping the people understand the Gift. First, if you haven't seen the video, please watch it. Seriously.... "He is the Gift," it can change the way you look at Christmas.  Here on the mission, it has been a powerful tool to really let the people know WHO we really are.
First, for me, we got to see the video and get an official start to this week.  Seriously, just seeing it made me get excited.  IT IS CHRISTMAS SEASON.  THE BEST TIME TO SHARE THE GOSPEL FOR THE PEOPLE HERE AND WE ARE EXCITED TO SEE IT!
So this week, we went straight to work showing the video to anyone who would let us! Investigators, contacts, members,  EVERYONE, and it has been great. 
We had an investigator, C... he is A..'s brother and A... is a recient convert.  He had some questions about God, about if He really exists.   So we showed him the video.  At the end, he told us that he KNEW God loved him because He showed it by His actions.  C... changed, and he said, "Can I share this with someone else?"  We told him, "Of course!"  He posted it on facebook, and shared it with one of his friends, who then accepted the missionaries.
Then, we went to R.., other recent convert.  We showed him the video.  He said it was good, but he was thinking more beyond that.  The next day, he called us, "Elders! I showed it to my friend.  He is in my house right now!  Can you guys please come and teach him?!"  That was a little bit enthusiastic, so we went there after some visits and his friend was waiting.  He said he loved the feelings he got when he saw the video, and when we talked about Christ.  He decided to go to church this week!!!!! 
Last, was a sister in our ward, Sister M...  She had some problems trying to figure out how to share the Gospel with her friends and she was a little bit sad because of being rejected at times.  When we ate dinner with her, we showed her the video.  She  changed her attitude. "Everyone will like this!" she said, and she decided to share it with all her neighbors, friends, and family this last weekend. 
I know these are a bunch of experiences, not about me, sorry....the mission isn't about me. 
The thing is this....
These are people from all different backrounds with lots of history, but they can RELATE to this video.  They can remember WHY we have Christmas.  I love it!  Seriously, there are many more things I could share but I think the most important is the message of the video.  I have to understand and apply the Gift in my own life.  I would not be able to share it if I didn't undertstand it.  That has made all the difference.  If you can't tell in the letter, I AM SUPER EXCITED.  This is the time to share!   I am so happy it is my job to share it with everyone and anyone who will listen.  But, if I want to do it well, I have to live it.  I have to be obedient.  I have to strengthen my testimony every day.  I have to live what I preach.  It is the same for everyone of us:)  I hope you guys can share the Gift.  But first, discover it, and accept it.  Then, share it:)  I love you guys so much!  I want you to know one special thing... I know with every fiber of my being, that my Savior lives and I know I can be clean through Him.  It is a fact.  I have done it and continue to do it every week of my life.  I hope you know how important He is for me.  Because He is my gift.  Jesus Christ is the most precious thing I can share with anybody else.  I love you soooooo much!  You are amazing.
Elder Goodman!

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