Friday, February 20, 2015

Only to remember...

ok mom...I will try to answer everything! :) I know...I am not perfect...but I am writing the best I can.

1.  Do you know how much I love you? 
 I think so....maybe not totally to tell you the truth, but I do feel it, and I hope you know I LOVE YOU TOO.  But in a way, I don't believe you understand either:)  You are amazing... Everyone... In the family... And I LOVE you.:)
2. How are you? 
uh...what kind of question is that?  I am good-- hahahahaha!  I AM GREAT.  Seriously, we are having a lot of progress..a lot of answers to prayers..a lot of revelation...a lot of work...what more can you ask for?  Really, I love it.  It was interesting talked to me about the work is something I have been studying...and I love it.  Sometimes, we believe that if we knew everything we knew before this world...we would be better...we would make better decisions.  But also, if we made wrong decisions, it would be greater the Lord helps us.  Elder Bednar said that when we are talking with someone, we are teaching them things they already know.  Their spirit knows it, and they FEEL it.  If we can only remember.  If we ALWAYS remembered would be much harder for Satan to attack and to tempt us.  So that is why Satan works....on how we can "forget" what we knew....two of the most important words- remember and forget.  This week, I wrote to Dad....  we have Spirits that want to remember.  Our spirits feel the difference.  And just to remember, that is what helps people change.  We as missionaries have to remember so much more of Christ, learn more of Him, because we are representatives of Him.  Through that,  we change...everything changes.  Prophets, scriptures, ordinances, covenants, people, angels, revelation, Preach My Gospel, songs... everything, helps us remember the plan that God has for us, and how much He loves us.  I love it.  That is what we have seen.  As we increase out point of view, to see the bigger picture, our point of view changes.  As I have changed my point of view, it has changed the way I look at things:)
3. Let me know about what is going on, with the new building...
 We divided the wards...everyone is working hard, and we have a lot of new missionaries in the zone.  They are excited, and working hard.
4. Are you still in Colima?
    you know it:)
5. What was your favorite part this week?
Any and all of it!!  I love it all!  I know Mom, you love it all.  I do too...but I can't explain it will have to read my journals when I get back.  EVERYDAY is a special experience...and to try to explain it in 720 words is a little difficult.  But I want you to know I love it.  It is a spirit you can never forget here. The Lord shows His loves to so many children every day.  It is incredible.  I love Him and I want you to know I love Him above all other things.   I will always love Him that way.  He is my Father.  He has a perfect plan, and when I love Him first, everything else goes well.
I love you.
Elder Goodman

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