Thursday, February 5, 2015

Come Follow Me....

This week, I learned about the phrase "Come, follow me." 
As a representative of Jesus Christ, sometimes it is hard to understand the BEST way to invite others to come unto Christ.  There is a stinkin book on how to do it, and to tell you the truth, I have never felt perfect in even one chapter...(Preach my Gospel).  But, the best I can do, is to say that same phrase, "Come, follow me."  I have seen the difference in my teaching, in the spirit, and in the way people progress, as I start to apply that phrase in my life.  I can't invite somebody to do something I am not doing.  I cannot try to help somebody with something if I myself don't understand, or have a testimony of that same thing.  We are working with the stake and we are working in the work of Salvation.....therefore, my "focus" has isn't just investigators, like, it is investigators, less-active members, active members  and recent converts.  It is EVERY child of God here on this planet.  THAT IS A BIG FIELD OF FOCUS!  And I don't know if I have ever told you that. But the thing is, I can't teach them all.  I don't have the time, nor the skill, or anything, to do it all.  So, I have to apply a way of teaching the Lord used more that anything else...  My example. 
This week, we had some investigators, L... and M....  They are going through some hard times, and they don't know how to get out.  They have to do it without work, without family, without support.  We invited them  to CHANGE THEIR LIVES FOREVER.  And they are working on it, but my companion nor I would have been able to do anything without saying, "Come, follow me."
We had a class as a zone and we taught various points of teaching, about our work as missionaries, and of how to change our way of being "robots" at times.  But we couldn't have changed anything without saying, "Come, follow me. " 
We have seen many differences, as that has become our main way of teaching.  It has changed the way the people see us, as missionaries.  They know that we won't teach something we don't know personally, through individual application.
The way the Spirit works, when we are working in that way, has changed us completely. Seriously...that is why I wanted to share it with it just erased half my letter...bummer...but , know that it is true.  I love you.  The best I can say is, "Come, follow me:)  Just so you can feel what I feel! 
Elder Goodman :)

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