Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Gospel is for families...

I love you soooooooooo much!!!!
This week has been WONDERFUL!!!!!
First of all, I testify that the Gospel is meant for families:)  If you guys remember, the D... Family, they are going to get sealed this week on Saturday:)  I will tell you all about it next week in the letter I write...;)

But this week, we have been working really hard.  There are many people that are working really hard towards baptism.  We have been working hard.  Our purpose, as missionaries, is to invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive the restored Gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.  At times, we forget the last part.  We love inviting.  We love baptizing.  But the thing I have loved most, is seeing them endure to the end.  That is when you know that the Gospel has really changed their lives.  I have been able to see and hear as my brothers and sisters,  converts of the Lord, have been able to go to the temple.  Maybe I haven't been able to share it, but it is something I have loved.  Seeing someone in the celestial room is so enjoyable, with such a sweet spirit,  It is so special, and memorable, and much more JOYOUS than just seeing them in baptism.  Enduring to the end is what has changed their lives.  Enduring is when you finally recieve all the blessings.  Enduring is when you get to know how much your Father REALLY loves you:)  That is what I have loved. As I was thinking what to write, I just wanted to share part of those feelings.  I know I can tell you later, but when I heard the D... family was going to get sealed, it made me SO happy inside.  I love them.   I don't know a better way to explain how I felt than pure JOY.  I love the people here.  And although I might not always be able to tell you everything, although I might not be able to explain it all in words - families, people and experiences have changed my life.  As we use the Atonement, it changes us and it changes those around us.  That is why we as missionaries use it EVERY day.  As we use it, we get to know Him, we get to know the Savior, Jesus Christ. 
I know, maybe this letter isn't everything I would like to write, but I love you:)  I will ALWAYS remember and I am sure that we will be together forever if we have to endure:)  We have to give it all.  I love it.:)
I hope you have a great week:) Enjoy everything!
Love you tons!!!
Elder Goodman!!!!


  1. Oh, I see that my contrary view has been censored! Was this by Lincoln or someone protecting him from the inconvenient truth? Whoever it was has no respect for the first amendment - which is ironic because it's what allows them to practice their self deception - and it doesn't change the fact that religion is a scam.

    You only don't believe in one less god than I do; you reject all the other gods just as I do but you've chosen to believe in one of them. Think about it.
    No-o-o, don't just think about a counter argument to use when you hear it again, think about why you believe in your god and reject the thousands of others in which you might believe were you born elsewhere, to other parents, in another culture.

    You might also want to consider why you would remove a real comment and leave the obviously fake comments above.

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