Monday, July 27, 2015

It's about family...

Okie doke a'ma,
It has been amazing... Seriously. 
Ok. so, some hard and fast updates.
First, this week has been awesome.
(questions from me....)
1.  How are you? I am amazing! Seriously.   
2. How is Elder Goodman doing? I am doing SUPER WONDERFUL.  We are working really hard.... like.....'all your heart might mind and strenth'....and let me tell is the best:)  
3.  How is your new Mission President?  He is awesome.  They are pure love.
4.  Lots of differences/changes?  Not yet, maybe in the future.

OK. This week, seriously, has been awesome.
Just do let you know, the first lesson we teach, is based on 2 things. 
1. That God loves us.
2. That the Gospel, He has given us, blesses FAMILIES.
One of the best things, one of the things we focus on as missionaries, you know are families:)
We have seen that this week!
We have a FAMILY, M... and J...  When we found M..., I think I told you about that,  she was by herself.  After listening to the first lesson, she decided to not go through a "seperation or divorce" process and decided to go back to her husband.  He then decided to listen, because of a friend that told him what we did, and decided to ask his wife (M...) if she wanted to listen too. Of course, they found out that each was listening to our message, and they asked us to teach them together.  It has been so great.  They have been listening and they went to church this week.  What has been so great is that they were really a family, that many would label "dysfunctional."  But in these last days, peolpe have asked them what they have changed because they are different.  They normally respond, "We decided to listen to God."
Then there is M... and her husband L....  They decided to also listen.  Although M... had listened for awhile, she had never decided to go to church until her husband listened, and decided to go.  When they went, it was great to see. (L... is a hard core construction worker....and he lookes like a boss)  When they went there to visit, to see them feel the spirit, to listen, and live happily, it was one of the best things ever.  They, by the small things, are also transforming.
It is a principle I love, but that I wanted to share.  The GOSPEL IS MEANT FOR FAMILIES. :) hahahahahaha! 
Thank you for all YOU have done so that my family can be Gospel Centered, and that my life, has been so blessed.   To be a home centered on Christ and not on something else.  I love you so much.  And no, I am not getting trunky... EVER.  If you don't believe me pray about it;)
But I am thankful, and I will always be happy to see those changes as we all use the atonement. I love you each so much.
Elder Goodman.

Sorry kids.... I didn't write any body today, only you guys, and I still didn't have much time for some technical difficutlies BUT....
Faye... I love you.  Thank you so much for all you share and your trust. I am always praying for you.  Whether you are ok or not:)  And Know that I will ALWAYS love you, always.  Have a great week.
Ash... Work hard broskies.  Do awesome.  Read Preach My Gospel chap. 6:)
Dai... I love you.  You are going to have to reteach me how to swim buddy:)
Dad... Thanks for all you do. 
Hope you guys have a great week. Much more said and explained later;)
Elder Goodman :)

That fish was cool...we got to touch got to touch monkey, birds and things!  This bird wanted to eat my hand..... :D

 This fish tried to bite me, but there was glass :)  I have decided when I have some money, I want an aquarium/hall like this....

 Last picture as a threesome/trio :)

 "Virtud" is "Virtue"--- I LOVE IT!!

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