Friday, July 10, 2015

Simple things that cause significant change :)

Mom! Thanks so much for everything you do!

This week has been a little different. We are in a trio.... or a threesome. (that is why the pic has 3 people.)
We now have a bigger area, but we are working hard and we have seen quite a few miracles this week.
First, was J.... He is 10 years old and his parents have been inactive for quite awhile.  Well, Jose decided to change that.  We passed by (in the street) and he told us, "Hey, can you visit our family?"  Well of course:)  We started visiting.  J... wants to get baptized and he is super excited, so he said he will start being an example.  He prays, and is going to church with his family again.  But the part I loved the most, is what we saw this past Saturday.  He told us he had been reading.  And although he didn't understand everything, he felt good.  WE felt good.  It was a powerful testimony for me, to know that the Book of Mormon, in and of itself, is powerful.  Anyone can read or listen to it.  When they do it, they feel good.  What a BLESSING! Seriously! It was wonderful!!!!
Another experience...C...and E....(a couple) E... is inactive, and C... is investigating.  They have been together for 5 years.  Well, we were able to visit them for the first time this week. They told us they wanted changes.  If you want a change in results, you have to change the formula:) --and that is what we told them.  They have started reading, they went to church, and they loved it.  But something great was this... we went to visit E... the other day, and when we asked her before the opening prayer, if she would like us to pray for anything special.  She said, "Pray that my husband can get baptized soon"  That is when we truly realized that they weren't in it just because it was interesting or fun, or that they wanted a different social group.  They were in it for their family and they are giving 100%.  That is what the Lord asks. And those are the ones He searches for. :)
I feel like that is what the Lord has once again taught me this week.  We teach three
"Celestial Habits" 
1. Pray. 
2. Read the Book of Mormon. 
3. Go to church. 
(primary answers.) But as we do them, we get better at them, and change the WAY we do them...THEN it is amazing.  These two families are proof of it.  As we do celestial things, we become Celestial people.  I love you so so much:)  Please say "hi" to the Acors for me!  Give Cason A HUGE HUG! And let him know how happy I am for him:)
Thanks for everything!!!
Elder Goodman!

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