Thursday, March 27, 2014

Busy and loving it!!

I also wanted to let you know that one of the people you knew, Oscar, got baptized this week! He has been preparing, and is working super hard! He is so awesome and his baptism was a wonderful expeirience as we saw him make that covenant and recieve the companionship of the Holy Ghost!
This week, we have been working really hard to find new people! We are contacting many, but more in contacting to teach. We ask everyone for refererences, including our contacts, and have been trying to find those chosen and prepared by the Lord.  Our work has been progressing well, and we have many investigators who are working towards Salvation! 
Just something quick as part of finding new people... sometimes all of our 5 back up plans fall through and we have to find people to teach.  This week, we had some special experiences with that...having plans fall through.   I had heard of a story in the MTC about a missionary who prayed at every corner to ask where he should go next, and how he was really succesful.  It was a lesson of how the Lord guides us every day.  I told my companion that we should try it out, so we do it at times and it has been really great.  As we work hard, relax, and pray on who we should contact, we recieve direct answers.  Without fail, we have found people really important.  One of those people is a woman, Norma.  We found her in front of her house and we have been teaching her and she is so ready to accept the Gospel.  We have become friends, and as we have prayed with her, the Spirit comes so strongly, testifying that the Lord loves her and that we have something different.  It has been great. 
Every day we see miracles.  People who need the Gospel.  People who gain testimonies.   And that prayers are always answered. It has been so important to have the Spirit there all the time and to be perfectly obedient in order to teach by that Spirit. The Lord has answered so many prayers in that way and this week has been a really great week of progress!!!!!!
Anyway, that is about all. I have no idea what else you would like.  But I love it here.  I feel like a 'greenie' when I say that, but I do love teaching and serving the Lord!  I hope you have been able to find those people who need help right now. The Lord answers those prayers.  I know He does!  He has people who if you don't talk to, no one ever will!!!
Thanks for everything!  Love you all!

Elder Goodman!

I wanted to send a pic of baptism this week! Oscar got baptized! It was awesome!!

I party hard after baptisms. called "regetonero"
(He is a goof!!)

 The less actives started throwing away our we wrote on their cars...don't think it is bad right?
(Not a marker...this is what happens when you don't wash your car!! Gotta love it!)

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