Thursday, March 27, 2014

The biggest heart...a converted heart!

MOM I'M SORRY I COULDN'T WRITE LAST WEEK. WE HAD TO GO TO GUADALAJARA TO PICK UP MY KID. AND THEN HE DIDN'T HAVE THE EMAIL OF HIS PARENTS SO I COULDN'T WRITE MUCH AND JUST LEAVE HIM SITTING THERE. I WILL TRY TO WRITE RRRREEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLLLLLYYYYY GOOD TODAY!  (Had to include this little message to me from Lincoln because he always makes me laugh and I know he has the biggest heart- always thinking of others.  You did good Lincoln! haha)

Dear Familia.

This week has been pretty great! You have been asking about my comp, so I will answer those questions!
He is from Mexico!  His name is Elder Enriquez, from Puebla.  The best way to explain it is that, basically Puebla is the Utah of Mexico! hahahaha!  It is going good!  He is growing, working hard, and willing to follow.  Sometimes he gets tired but he is too good to say anything.  He just gets home and sacks out hard.  But I am now too....hahaha!  I feel old!  Not all the energy I had before.  But of course, we will be kicking butt in the fight against Satan!
These last weeks we have been really focusing on finding those investigators who are ready to hear the Gospel, and we have been talking to many. We have been progressing with Israel,  Ramona,  Jesus, and Amelia.  They all feel a little bad with Elder Enriquez because he has so little time on the mission(this is his 3rd week) and he doesn't know how to answer their questions or doubts yet...but we are getting there.  It is going well and we are working hard. 
Amelia is a little bummed right now...she hasn't gotten an answer from the Lord, and we tell her it is all in his time! We are hoping that it all works out and that she just keeps trying.  I know once she has a testimony, she will really be converted and it will be worth it.  Just like any of our other baptisms. 
Oscar, our most recent convert, is really doing well.  He has had much work in the afternoons, so he accompanies us and loves doing the missionary work when he can.  He wants to study Preach My Gospel, and has been super happy that he can say that he is Mormon.  He is making a mormon profile and everything.  It is great!  And he makes me smile when we talk about trying to share the gospel with the whole world, including the lady in Walmart. hahahahaha! He is a great example to our other members!
We have a new investigator who is doing really well.  Her name is Rose.  She has gone to church and she is also preparing for baptism.  It has been great to the see the changes in her life.  He husband is a member, and they are working to get married(that is rough) but it is really good to keep working with them!!!
My favorite moment? I think it was all of Wednesday.  What happened is that Monday we got home, planned for the next day, and went to bed.  Tuesday we passed by a LOT of people... I mean a lot!  My companion was super excited to teach. We must have visited at least 50 houses, trying to teach the investigators and to remember their appointments.  Well... they all fell through.  After walking that much, my comp was a little sad.  We had gotten doors slammed a couple times that day and he was feeling a little bad.  We got home, he was missing home, and I was telling him, "I promise this doesn't happen EVERY day."  It was a little rough.  Of course, that night I was praying with "all energy of heart" for my companion.  That next day, we started visiting and nobody answered again.  It was looking like a day he was going to cry.  But, we figured it out.  We had a break.  We talked about faith and bam...started going at it with a mindset of salvation!  Not like the movies of course, it went even worse!  The last 4 hours of proselyting went really really well!  We broke the wall and we found 5 new investigators.  We taught with the spirit and had some good success with people answering their doors.  I realized many things that day that maybe the Lord was trying to teach me.  First, that it wasn't my work.  My plans may be ok with Him, but that doesn't mean it will be a great day.  And also, that the Lord knows all the people around me better than I do, including my companion.  If that is so, my companion, or even my investigators, shouldn't be my focal point.  It is the Lord.  Of course I knew that, but it was just a way the Lord said "Hey... First, of course I will answer your prayers, but remember you are my servant.  Be proud of that and just keep going. Don't worry." It was something that helped my companion also!  So yeah...that might be personal or weird, but it was amazing for me.
Well, that is about it. We are working hard out here.  We hope to have everyone prepare for General Confrence and that every one of our investigators can attend.  A goal that can be accomplished!!!!  I am super stoked!   I hope you guys are preparing.  Also, I REALLY MISS THE EASTER PAGEANT. Take pics. 
As always... Thanks for the writing of everyone, and I love you sooooooooooooooo much. Don't ever forget that. Thanks for everything!
Elder Goodman!

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