Thursday, April 10, 2014

Continually Amazed...

Fam Bam!!!!
Well, just remember, first, I love you all, and hope all is well at home!  Thanks for ALL OF YOUR HELP! REALLY!
This week was super good! We have been working a lot with everyone.  Less actives, investigators, and new investigators, and active members... EVERYONE.  And we are BOTH tired. hahahahahahha!  We have been working really hard, and I know that maybe sometimes we don't see the full effect of our work, but the Lord has showed us His love in blessings every day!!!!!!!  This week we have been really excited with Oscar!  He recieved the Priesthood and was able to bless the sacrament this last Sunday. HOW COOL is that?  It really is great to see the people progressing.  All of our recent converts are working on taking names to the temple and are trying their best to work on their family history!  Really, it has been a blessing to see the Gospel continue to bless their lives!!!
Also, we have been working with the investigators a lot! Amelia is having doubts and Satan really is working hard with her, but we are fighting just as hard, if not harder:)  We hope to see her be able to take the first step these next weeks!  I know her trials are helping her become converted to the Lord.  Once she takes that first step, she won't leave and the Lord knows that, but right now it is a little hard!  She will make it through though, we know she will :)
Ramona is one that is an old investigator that we have been working hard with these last couple of weeks.  She loves it and was studying the scriptures really hard.  She read about  Lehi's dream the other day.  It was great to help her understand that she could partake of  that fruit and how she could take the next steps.  It was really great to see her get so excited again!!
Israel is really working hard.  He is the boy investigator we have.  He is the only one who can read in his family and reads to his mom every day from the Book of Mormon.  He is trying to remember everything we teach! hahahahaha!  I have loved being able to teach the gospel in a simpler way, with simpler words, and he really is enjoying it. He is excited about General Confrence and is inviting everyone in his little neighborhood in the middle of nowhere...haha!  We are excited for him:)
And of course... we are going crazy with others also, trying to teach as many as we can.  One is Sonia, and Karina, and many others who are progressing really well.   But I don't have time to explain all the people we teach in a week, only some! Sorry!
We have been teaching some less actives that we were super excited about!  Two families that we found in the street (they don't do well passing membership records here in Mexico so sometimes we just find people that say, "Hey elders! I used to be mormon like 20 years ago.  Did you know that?" )hahahaha!  So these 2 families and many other less actives were able to go to church this week.  We were stoked!   There is so much progression with them and we are hoping the church can help as we are growing so much.  One day, to put a church a little closer in these next coming years!  We will see:)  It is great to see the changes these last months, the growth, something great about the church!
And of course, finding new people!  We found 2 great families and some other individuals to teach, it has been big this week!  They are preparing and have the desire to be baptized!  We will see how it goes!  And we are excited that there are so many people!  After so much time in an area, people think I have "squeezed the sponge until it doesn't have any more water"... But we continue to find new growth and it has been really amazing!!!!
Well there is a lot more... I feel like I can only tell you like 1/20 of everything, but it is really detailed if I shared more...hahaha! But we are going crazy teaching everyone we can!!!!!
My companion is enjoying it.  He is a little too excited to baptize at times and sometimes the people get a little scared.  But he is slowly learning to love the people and how that really makes you the best kind of best missionary.  I still am working on it, but we will keep progressing together!  There are great days, and those are more when I am focused on the love of Christ and the joy of teaching...not the numbers, plans, or how fast we have to go! Work hard.  But the quality of teaching and the way the Lord wants it, right pops?;)  We will keep working hard and I am stoked for this next week.  Sorry if I am always so crazy... Everyone says I have "enthusiasm" for the work from home...I just love what I am doing.   Sorry if my letters don't share everything, but out here is great.  It is an amazing thing to be the Lord's servant.  We are hoping everything continues going well, and wish my 'son' (Elder Enriquez) good luck having a 'dad'(trainer) like me....hahaha!  You guys are awesome!  I really love you all tons!  Go crazy inviting people to General Confrence! And I know the missionaries might be different, but help them out! Have them do a family home evening or something with you guys.  They are servants of the Lord and there is a reason they are there. Maybe it is because one of your friends needs to listen to them!!! Love you tons! The Lord is hastening His work.  Let him do it through you! 
With all the Love in the world!!

Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman!!!

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