Monday, April 14, 2014

I love the enthusiasm this boy has to teach as he believes!!


After General Confrence, I am taking the challenge to heart! I want my family to read Preach My Gospel and teach me from it every week:)  Planning on hearing about it! Of course, you have your agency, but only a challenge I have for you!
Well, this week was super great! With General Confrence, we went to all parts of our area going crazy and inviting everyone.  All other missionaries of other religions got a little mad when they saw their members with our flyers, but it is all good and we will continue fighting 110%... YOU KNOW IT! 
We have been really working hard, and Oscar has been helping a lot.  Israel wants to get baptized but his parents are stopping him right now.  We are teaching Amelia with a new vigor and a new spirit to help her understand the importance of the Church and the difference it can make.  It will be wonderful when she gets baptized. We are so excited for their family!
Oscar has been working well and really trying to share the Gospel with everyone.  He is going through some rough things, but when we taught him of the example of Jesus Christ, he has really been trying to focus on others and not just on himself, which has guided me to think of those same things.  When I received answers or was more converted in the past and how I need to feel like that ALL THE TIME...that happy, that level of revelation, but also that level of happiness to share it with others.  With that in my mind this week, we have been KICKING BUTT. hahaha!  We have found a new investigator named Rose, who is progressing really well.  Her husband is a less active and they have been to church and are really progressing.  They went to conference and felt really good.   We will be following up with them this next week!!!! We are really excited for them!
And, also we have been working on helping the people understand a little bit more of what the Gospel really is about.  How it really is Salvation.  It is not just a beautiful message or that they should listen because we are nice.  That it is different. That the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the truth, and that it will change their lives forever if they just try it!  It has been a real blessing to share that and to testify of the changes it has and will continue to make in my life!
General confrence was amazing. As I said, we shared it with everyone and we had a good turn out who came to watch.   We plan on showing other parts to those who weren't able to go (apparently we didn't explain that it was a prophet with the power of God well enough for them to cancel other plans.) But we love them and will therefore bring it to their homes!  Technology really is a blessing with all of that!
Also, I hope all is well with you guys!  We also have another investigator Karina, who is progressing really well.  We are teaching her family and plan to see them prepare for those covenants with the Lord that they need, to be baptized! Really, I know I always say this, but the Gospel, literally, from the first 5 minutes you share it with someone, can change their life.  And sometimes, 5 minutes is all you get.  But when you can share that part in short of time, the light of Christ automatically helps them to recognize something and change their lives for the better.  I love it and no matter how many people hit me with their guitar...(another story) I know it is worth it for others to listen to the Gospel. I said it to dad, but planting seeds every day...I love it!  It is my job!  Sea Feliz. Sea Mormon:) (Be Happy, Be Mormon) Love you all tons!
Elder Goodman!!

Stories of Mexico and my companion:
This week, we drank fermented fruit juice. I think it was against the Word of Wisdom...not sure, but it was from a member and they said it was ok? Then me and my companion got sick... and we believe it was a sign. haha
Uh....I am teaching my companion we will see how it goes.  He just goes to all the missionaries and says two things, "How you doing bay-by?! (kiss kiss)" and "Wanna fight me?" hahahahahaha! Poor kid. Why does he have me to teach him Enlish?!  But it is all good!!
And that is about it....sorry I can't send pictures this week. (I know mom. I lied. I AM SO SORRY.) But next week for sure! Love you guys tons!!!

Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

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