Tuesday, April 29, 2014

He teaches and loves the truth!

I can't write everyone with this week. Not enough time in the world (Lincoln had transfers this week).  I wanted to say thank you for all those people who wrote! Seriously! I love reading and letters are en route.

This week was crazy. We went freaking crazy as all get out finding people and working for the Lord! 
First, I want to explain about Daniela and Alejandro (I talked about Daniela). They are a less active family that is preparing and trying to go to the temple.  It will take a lot of time..more than six months, but they are really working and we plan to see it through!  When people go to the temple it means soooooooooo much to them. They have to save up the money, take days off from work, and do it for their whole family, but it really is a blessing to see how it changes them, and I miss it a ton!!!!!!  They (Daniela and Alejandro) have really been showing us how the Church changes their lives.  They are working and they can see the change happening within their family and in each of their lives.
Also, the Lord reminded us many times what it meant to be a servant of Him this week.  As we have been contacting people this week, we found two people who really needed the Gospel.  One was Marina and the other was Juan.  As we testified and the Spirit touched their hearts, you could see the hope they had through the tears in their eyes.  Juan told us he needed those things at that time, and we visited him again that same week.  Marina who told us of how stressful work was, and that nobody understood also said how much she needed our message.  There are 100s of people we came in contact with every day and it was really a blessing, in these two instances specifically, to see them and how the GOSPEL APPLIES TO EVERYONE.  It isn't convincing people.  It isn't just sharing a message about God.  It is changing people for the better through the Gospel only we have.  I know it is so true and meant for everyone! And I know that we talk to everyone because everyone needs it.  
Last, I know, short letter this week, we found a less active, Berenice.  She got baptized 10 years ago and moved to a little chiquita town like El Golfo, where there aren't missionaries.  After a year here, she finally found Elder Enriquez and I.  She had looked everywhere close for a church, and nobody could help her, but when she prayed, we came walking down the street.  The Lord is soooooo aware of everything passing by.  It isn't like an ipod game, but more like He sees us, and says, "Hey, go help that person. I promise it will be worth it."  And one by one, service by service, smile by smile, and lesson by lesson, the people understand.  Berenice woke up at 5:00am that Sunday with her 4 little kids to go to church, and they all loved it. 
I know the Gospel, more than ever will help ANYONE in ANY circumstance.  I love it soooooo much.  I wanted to share these experiences specifically because they are things the Lord teaches me! 
I am sorry it isn't long this week, but I am grateful.  I hope these words are worth reading for you guys! I am thankful for my Savior. I know that He lives.  It isn't just something people say.  I know it!  And I have experimented with it, finding out for myself, without a doubt.
Love you all and enjoy your week!
Elder Goodman!


 Streets of Mexico. Sea in the background!

 we had transfers! So our Elders left - Elder Olsen and Elder Hernandez.  This is Elder Olsen.
...Elder Hernandez

Interviews  with the Mission President :)

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