Wednesday, April 16, 2014

An Easter theme, share the message..#becauseofhim

What is going on up in AZ?!  I hope all is well of course.  Mom... You are going to kill me.  No pictures this week...please don't kill me.   We went to a zone activity out in the middle of no where and I don't have my cord to send pictures. But I promise I will send them. I have like 10! So I will send them next week without fail.  You have my promise.  I really am sorry.
Well, I really do hope you guys are looking forward to this week, because I am stoked! It is super intense to try and teach the week of Easter, but we are going to go crazy teaching the message we have of Christ!!!!!  I hope you guys share that message with others too, and really enjoy the week!  If you haven't seen it yet, look at
Ok, well sorry, I didn't realize I said something about when one of our contacts hit me with his guitar....but that is what happened.  Don't worry, it is ok.   And I will leave the story at that....haha! No worries....
This week was super awesome!!! We have been working super hard, and Elder Enriquez is getting more and more excited every day!  We have been having a lot of success and we are working hard and it has been a blessing to see how the Lord uses  that in HIS plan for us! First, we are with Oscar and he is still on fire.  It is crazy how, after baptism and trying to do more things right...more trials come.  And as they face Oscar, he keeps taking them head on and continuing to work hard.  We have been teaching his cousin and his mom, who came down to suprise him, and it was a blessing.  They accepted a little bit more of what he was doing.   They believed we really were different then what they thought and they will be going to church in these next few weeks! (they are only here for vacations)  Also, we have been working hard with the Flores Family, which have been less active.  They were baptized and never went back to church, so we have been explaining to them why the gospel is so important for them and they are finally coming back to church.  But something I have really loved, is that they UNDERSTAND why it is so important.  They remember the testimony they had, and like a child, it has began to grow.  As they grow the Lord really helps with everything they need. The thing that changes everything, is their testimony.  They can go just to church because Elder Goodman and Elder Enriquez are super cool, but it won't change anything if they don't know why they go and they don't have a testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ!  So that is what we have been working on and it has helped them, I believe, a lot!  Our invesigator Ramona kicked her husband out so she can get baptized.  And it will be so great to see her take the same steps her children have in baptism! She has been so excited, and we are just waiting a little longer and hope you guys can see her soon in a picture of white.  Because she really is so ready and doing everything she can to be clean of her sins.  She is trying to get to know her Savior, and to read the Book of Mormon! Something I have really seen in all of our investigators, is what I believe is the most important, their testimony in Jesus Christ.  Who He is... Why He is so important, and what He did for all of us.  It is a magnificent message with so many things I don't always understand perfectly, but yet the ONLY way we have to live with God again. 
We are also working with Israel a lot!  His parents said he can get baptized if he reads completely the Book of Mormon.  We start and read with him as much as we can and he reads (a little slower) when we aren't there...haha! It has been great to see him do something that almost half of our active members haven't ever done, in reading the whole Book of Mormon.   It has been a blessing in his life!
And  this week, one part of my favorites, is that we found a family that has been really excited.  We found them as a reference from one of our investigators and they are great! There is the Mom, Frida, and her three kids.  But two of them are deaf.  I am thankful to the letters that Dailynd taught me like 6 years ago from his preschool class, and the things I learned from primary and also from my friend Tiffany (I don't know if you remember her from high school, that was my friend who was deaf.)  I remember some things and we can least good enough for them to understand and with reading and other things, we actually talk with them better than their mom.  It has been a blessing to see them and see how excited they get when the missionaries come!  They are so happy and we hope to have a lot of progress with the whole family, but we will keep you updated! haha! 
And lastly, we have been doing really well, Elder Enriquez and I.   We are super stoked about this next week.  We will see how it goes!  But really, I hope this week is great, and I hope you are all doing wonderful.  Please remember the Savior.  And remember what he did for each and every one of us.  If we understand that, there is so much more reason to share the gospel with everyone.  It is a message of joy, of Christ, of our Savior.  We can do so much more if we just understand a little more of that everyday! 
I hope all is well. I really do!  I hope to hear the good!  Love you tons!  Enjoy the week! 
Elder Goodman!!!

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