Friday, April 25, 2014

He knows how to speak to my heart...

Mom! Family! 
I LOVE YOU TONS!!!! I love hearing from all of you and the wonderful week you guys have had! It is always the best part of Mondays! I really hope you all enjoyed Easter and saw the mormon message: Because of Him! It is super amazing and I loved it! I hope you all really enjoyed the Easter Pageant and everything happening this week!
Also, tell Clay CONGRATS! I AM SO STOKED FOR HIM. THAT WILL BE SUPER CRAZY. (Lincoln's cousin, Clay has been called to the Washington State mission, Spanish speaking.)

Well, here in Mexico, the celebrations have been a little bit different.  We don't have Easter, for those of you that don't know!  Here there is the "Holy Week" which is a Catholic tradition.  They do different things throughout the week!  Some of those include having parades with a huge cross and getting a little angry at the Mormon missionaries walking by and doing some choice things with choice objects and sometimes it gets a little interesting....but it is ok:)  We had lots of success!  And we had a lot of help with people coming to church.  But it is definteley a little different, the celebrations here.  The church here (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) doesn't do much, and it is really a personal thing if you want to focus on the Savior that day or not.  But it really was good to study, to work, and think more of the hope we have because of this past week, and how we were able to share it with everyone who would listen.  It really helped the people, and they understood a little bit more of how Christ really is CENTRAL to our religion! 
Well, this week we had some great things happen.   First, one of our investigators has been able to stop smoking after his 15 year addiction!  It has been amazing!  His name is Isaiahs, and he has been working really hard.  What happened is, my 1st week here, when I could hardly speak Spanish, we taught him about the word of wisdom, and a little about our church.  Six months later, we find him again!  He says, "Elder Goodman, remember me?!" We started talking and he said we can visit more, and we have been.  We have been able to explain more about everything.  He has understood and really had the desire to stop smoking.  He has, up until now, been succeeding and it is wonderful.  Something I have realized is how Isaiahs does it!  It is because he always reads, and goes to church... it is the same for us.  Maybe not with only addictions, but with growth.  If we want to do something better, we have to say we want to do it, and then do all the Lord asks so that we can recieve His help.  As Isaiahs reads, or goes to church, he stays strong.  When he stops, we find him weakening or losing the will.  And the same is with us.  The Gospel, Christ, is the bread of life... really!  Remember that one thing.  What we feel like after fasting a day and imagine fasting 40 days.  If you miss scriptures, it is a freaking day of fasting spiritually!  Don't put yourself through that! POR FAVOR!  haha...that is all!
This week we also have had great progress with an investigator named Karina.  She is one who was really hesitant to go to church.  We have been searching for a way to help her, and we found it!  One of our less active members, Daniela, told us that she wanted to help.  And as she came to church, she told Karina how the Church really blessed her life.  She explained that maybe she had been less active before, but that she knew how important the church was for her and her kids, and testified strongly of the influence the church had in her family. Karina said she still wouldn't go.  But on Sunday, at 8:00 in the morning, she showed up to sacrament meeting!  Karina said she liked it and Daniela was so happy and really helped her the entire time.  It was a blessing for us to see... first Daniela strengthen her testimony, and after, for her to help another child of God.  It was an amazing experience, and when you have sufficient faith, even the miracles that don't look like miracles happen:)  I have seen a lot of things on my mission, but I really think that was one of the happiest moments I saw Maybe not one of the "wow!" But one of the ones God sends to say, "Elder Goodman, you are trying, relax, just have a little trust in me."  I loved it all. This week was full of a lot of other things, but really the biggest was the love of the Savior.  From the contacts in the street, to the people we taught, we had a week to share with everyone that there was hope.  That there was a Savior and that He loves everyone.  It was great.   I was so happy to be a Servant of the Lord this week!!! 
I really hope all is well with you guys. I love getting letters and reading every week, and I really hope my letters suffice. I know it wasn't much this week, but pictures take like 100 billion years to load. HELP THOSE WHO DON'T UNDERSTAND ABOUT THERE SAVIOR, TO UNDERSTAND.  Pray for help.  I know you guys can kick some butt this week:)  Love you all tons.  I am stoked for May to tell the truth... and hope you all enjoy everything you pass through every day.:)
Love you tons!
Elder Goodman!

 One of our less actives gave us this liquid that is inside that container....we call it the elixir of eternal youth....and I think it is against the word of we don't drink it anymore...

 I found a part of home!!!

 One of the kids was having fun with the camera...

 Making tortillas!

 ...more tortillas!

This is how we shop for fruit...we just pick it off the tree...but they are a little high!

Making cake... there aren't ovens here, so it was nice to finally find someone who can do cakes!!!!


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