Thursday, May 8, 2014

Finding the Lord's way...

THANK YOU TO ALL FOR THE BIRTHDAY WISHES. I really am thankful and hope everyone ELSE had a good week also:)

This week was super great.  To tell you the truth.  The Lord has blessed us greatly every week, and I am always excited to write a little bit more about it on Mondays!!!!!

Well, first, we started of the week rough.  Just want to let you know.  Well really....the week was a rough one.  Not many people were in their homes, and we lost some, and others "lost intrest" in the message.  So I can apply that at the end of this letter! 
But anyway, this week we found a reference named Javier, and it was seriously a little crazy! What happened is we saw him in the street about 2 weeks ago and contacted him.  We felt and then followed the spirit, as we began to teach him the first lesson there in the street. After, he said we could visit again.  Then later, we recieved him as a reference.  The member only said, "He lives on that street.  That is all I know and I don't remember his name."  So we went there to that street and we found Javier!!  He has been having problems with thoughts of suicide and he is really in a rough spot.  He is older and a great guy, and we were so happy to find him.  We entered his house to find that he had put all the pictures from the first pamphlet on the walls!  We knew it really was a blessing, and we definitely plan on updating you about what happens with Javier.  It was then  I realized, that really, there are two ways in this world; the way of man, and the way of God.  The way of man, is full of the things we can't do perfect, and has imperfections and faults.  But the Lord's way is perfect, and really, it never fails.  It isn't our choice... His way just keeps working like He wants it.  SO IT IS A  GREAT BLESSING TO BE PART OF AND TEACHING THAT WAY OF GOD ALL DAY EVERY DAY.  We contacted Javier for a reason and we recieved his addres for a reason.  I know it!!!
Also, the Lord wanted to reinforce the lesson so he gave me another experience.  We had contacted a reference about 1 month ago, named Liz.  She said she wasn't interested, but about a week ago, she contacted us.  She said, "I need a message right now.  My husband needs a message right now. Can you guys come and share one with us?"  As we went over to her house, we felt the spirit.  The Lord's plan for Liz, was something I had no clue about.  He touches the people we don't know, and we may never see it.  It is a blessing every time. That is why we talk to 100 people every day, asking for other people who need the gospel....because we never know when they will be ready!
After that experience was the best part, on Saturday.  I had been worrying about how to be more effective.  No one had been at home and we couldn't find people to help.  It was like there was a slump in our area.  I can't stand slumps!  So I of course, prayed, planned, and we tried our best.  It all payed off Saturday.  That day, we found people everywhere!  We are walking in the streets, and our investigators show up.  We found members who were offering to help!  It was a great day!  Last moment... THE LORD'S WAY.  I know I had a testimony of that before.  But really, I continue to say it until it is stuck in my head.  My way will NEVER be as effective, no matter how hard I work.  I am grateful  for those spiritual pushes the Lord gives us to say "Hey...remember that lesson you learned the hard way?  You aren't about to forget it are you?"  It helps... I know the Lord loves each one of us.  I testify of that every day. And no matter how cheesy it sounds, I know it is true.  His way, in everything... tests, school, family, is better than my way!  
I love you tons!  I am stoked to talk with you when we talk on Sunday... really!!!!!  I love you with all my stinkin heart!!:)
Elder Goodman
sorry it is so short...I will work on longer letters :)

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