Sunday, July 13, 2014

The message that changes lives....

Hey! Just a few things. Faye! Your hair is so long! You are crazy!
Ash, don't break a leg.
Dailynd... I love you tons bud! And you look so muscular shirtless;)
Liz... You are beautiful. I love you so much and I miss your hugs.
And thanks for all your patience with me.  Sorry I stink at writing, but I am working on it...process of repentance. No worries, little by little, grace by grace.  Puts a whole new meaning to "line upon line".....hahaha;)
WEATHER FORCAST FOR COLIMA MEXICO: Good Afternoon. I hope you are all sooooooo well.  This week has been great.  We are loving life here in the mission. T he skies are cloudy.  Thunder struck our house the other night and I went deaf. hahahaha!  Rains indicate that there is nobody to contact outside their houses, and we also see that there are many dangers here in Mexico with live wires, open electrical boxes, and rivers in the streets.
BUT NO WORRIES. We are protected by the Lord...and our sound Logic....:) right.....
Anyway, to tell the truth, it has been raining and we have been going crazy, but it has also been a wonderful week.  We have taught, found golden investigators, and seen miracles!  It is wonderful!
This week, we visited a man named Cesar. I have to tell you about Cesar!  He is a man made for the Gospel!  He sells juices.  Juices that are super tasty!!!!!!  And he is a great man.  Cesar, we found through a member, who invited him to church.  She said there were young men that were really great...and she wanted him to become like them.  He said ok, and he came.  We met him and it was a great experience!  We have been teaching him the lessons. The thing is this... the Lord is the worker here.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and we told him we would visit in a few days. T he next day he called.  He had read the Book of Mormon and he said it sounded great.  He felt great. And he figured out that the missionaries don't convert.  The Lord speaks for His church.  We believe in PERSONAL REVELATION.  The Lord will tell you, you just have to ask with faith and a sincere heart. And that is what Cesar did.  Now Cesar is learning and on his way to have a better relationship with his Father in Heaven. I am so stoked for him!!!!
Also, we have some other investigators that are working hard.  One is Teresa.  She is the older lady that had a hard time coming to church.  Well...she twisted her ankle badly and couldn't walk.  She decided to let us know she wouldn't be able to make it to church, and was worried she wouldn't feel good all week because she hadn't gone to church.  It was a testimony I loved to hear!  If she, not being a member,  worried or felt that way, how much more did my less actives, or actives members, for that matter, feel the same way?!  I love that part.  The Lord speaks to us.  It isn't the mouths of humans that share the message of the Restoration.  It is by angels and the power of God.  And it has been amazing to see that happen these last weeks.  The Lord has blessed us over and over in this area this last week.  We have loved every minute, and we are seeing progress in the area.  This next week, an investigator named Gerardo, will finally be baptized!  He and his wife recently got reactivated and are using the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
This week, I think, was just full of gratefullness.  I know that maybe none of these stories make sense, or have a lesson, but I was just pure happy--to see people changing their lives--to see them use the message we have. We see it every day, morning and night.   And we see how the LORD works in their lives, not us, but the message and the Gospel as it touches their hearts.  I love this Gospel.  And I love my Savior Jesus Christ.  I am so grateful for what I have, and the testimony and knowledge I have!  I hope that makes sense. hahahahaha! Thanks for everything. I LOVE YOU ALL TONS. 
SORRY FOR MY SHORTCOMINGS of writing letters.
Elder Goodman:)
 Training for zone leaders :)
Elder Goodman teaching other Elders with a baseball analogy :))

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