Thursday, July 10, 2014

Our time....

How is the fam-bam?! Sounds like summer is going great! I am so happy:) I hope you are all enjoying swimming! And enjoy the beach this week there in California! Serioulsy! I hope you enjoy it!
This week, has been something difficult.  Better, a week to learn:) hahahahaha!  We are working in the work of the Lord!  I AM SO GRATEFUL TO DO ITTTTTTTT!
This week, we had a few little miracles I have loved seeing this last week.  One was with an investigator of ours, her name is Teresa!  She and her husband "hit a wall" in the Gospel. They decided they were too old to change or to even go to church.  Her and her husband have some health problems,  but we of course, with the Spirit, convinced them to come this last week.  They said "Yeah...we will see you there..." if you dont know, that is the best rejection you will ever hear.  It your dreams I'm going to church!  But, we continued with faith.
That sunday, they showed up, sick, and looking a little fragile.  Her husband, Rodolfo, had been throwing up, but he said he wanted to go so they went.
And the Lord answered our prayers, that meeting was powerful.  We as missionaries, gave talks about missionary work. 
But that is when the miracle came.  Teresa and Rodolfo, after the sacrament meeting, LOOKED better.  After the meeting, Teresa told us, "I never want to miss another Sunday for the rest of my life.  We will give EVERYTHING to come every week."
It was AWESOME!  Seriously!  The thing is, for me, I realized what Sunday really was.  Why I am ALWAYS looking forward to it.  It is because no matter who you are, this day is a day between you and the Lord.  We are healed that day from all the spiritual, and emotional hurts of the world.  It is so important!
Anyway, the other miracle that I loved, is about our other investigator, Maio (my-0).  She is a reference from a new convert, and said she would never be baptized and never go to church.  That was great.  Then....she got sick, and low and behold, the Lord works in mysterious ways.  Her sister (the recent convert) told her about blessings and that of course, it depended on her faith.  She said it was ok, and she asked for a blessing.  As we gave it, we felt calm and with a sure knowledge that she would do great (the Spirit has a way of testifying!)  And three days later, she called her sister.  She said that she knew we did have the power of God, and that she wanted to know more. And.... SHE CAME TO CHURCH! Great things!  
The Lord puts people in our way, but the thing that was most interesting was that our sister reference, had said that her sister wasn't ready... "that is wasn't her time."  But as we found out, it might well be her time.  There is 2 different times in this world.  Our time and the Lord's time.   We have no idea what the Lord's time is.  He knows ours perfectly. So if there is someone who isn't ready, you are judging the Lord's time without even knowing what is His will.  We contact, because as 'Preach My Gospel'  says, "Usually you do not know who these people are.  They may not immediately recognize that you are the Lord’s servants. They may not understand that greater peace, direction, and purpose in life will come through the restored gospel than from anything else. They often do not realize that they are looking for the restored gospel until they have found it. For example, one convert said, “When I heard the gospel, it filled a hole in my heart that I didn’t know was there.” Another said, “I have finished the search I didn’t know I was on.”" And as members, you have the same challenge, and promise, to " Have faith that you will know what to teach and what to do to find those who will receive you."  Maybe it is friends, or family, but I want you to know. Salvation is worth a rejection.  There is no reason to hold back our message.  And after seeing the joy the church has brought to Teresa, or to Maio, I can't help but try to contact anybody who might be ready to recieve the Gospel.  I love you all tons. I know this Church is true with every fiber of my being.  And I know that the knowledge I have, that I can be with my family forever, is all I could ever ask for.
Love you all tons! Look forward to hearing about Ash and  hope she doesn't break an arm:)
Elder Goodman!!!!

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