Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Every Moment Counts!

Mum! I luv you! (in English accent, of course)
Thank you sooooooooo much for your letter!  Seriously!  I am so happy to always hear the testimony of each and every one of you!  I love to see the difference every week:)
This week was great!  We have been doing a lot of work here in Colima, and the Lord is hastening it in many different ways!
First, I wanted to tell you guys of some of the miracles that have passed these last few days! The first on is about Cesar.  We have been working to find new investigators here in our area.  Very few people were really progressing, and we decided, the first few nights here, to start with prayers.  We pray every day, all day, and it has really payed off!  One of those blessings is Cesar.  His friend sent him as a refrence one day and we found him.  He thought it was so great, to see clean cut, organized adults like us....;)  And, he wanted us to pass by another day!  We did and it was so great to see how the Lord had prepared him to recieve us!
He had been in some tricky situations with buisnesses...and had  some problems with lying (yeah..cool huh?!)  He felt like he was a little 'dirty' of the things he had done (really...he felt filthy.)  He went with his friend to church because he thought it might help him feel better..there, they talked about lying, how it wasn't ok, and that Jesus Christ and the Atonement were important to becoming clean...he asked for more, wanted more, and that is were we come in.  As you can see, Cesar felt that need, the need to change.  The Lord had touched his heart.  But his friend, the one that brought him to church, thought he would never listen...and that of all her friends...he was last on the list to accept the Gospel.
Something so big that we can never get into the members heads, is that they have a part in missionary work.  It is a calling as a witness of Jesus Christ.  God will never NOT put someone in your path that needs the Gospel, and no matter how sure we are that they won't accept it...the fact is we aren't all knowing, and God is-- SO TRUST IN HIM!! hahahahaha:) 
I learned the same principle.  We had to search for a house because we were helping to open a new area for some missionaries coming here and they needed a place to live.  We couldn't find one!  We looked and looked, contacted, looked, worked some more, and looked again. And we couldn't find anything.  We had also been praying.  Finally, the perfect idea came. Pray right there.... and we prayed in the street.  Then we were led on a wild goose hunt, and in the end, WE FOUND THE PERFECT HOUSE.  It was SOOOOOO COOL.  It HAS AIR CONDITIONING!  It didn't even say that it was being rented, it didn't have a sign, but we knocked on the door just because we felt we should.  The man said we were mind readers. hahahahaah! It was a great experience. 
And in the end, I just wanted to share the most important thing this week.  I gave a talk, teaching gospel principles, and I taught about "the role women play in spiritual moral." (yeah...that was a little difficult seeing I am not married. But thanks to mom, I have a testimony). But the one I loved to give the best was the talk about missonary work.  I wanted to share some thoughts with the family.
Alma 26:27,30-31. Is shares a principle super important. If we are ALL missionaries, we all have to pass through these afflictions. Doctrine and Convenants 4 says with ALL your heart, ALL your soul, ALL your mind, ALL your strength.  To me, it doesn't sound like an easy work.  So, my challenge is, this next week, to give it ALL.  Every minute, every moment, as a witness and member of the Church of Jesus Christ. Sorry if that is wierd or may be difficult but something I felt I should say. How many of us, as members, really give 110% to the missionary work every week? 
I know the Lord answers our prayers.  There were so many expierence I want to tell you, that I never have time to write about, but I want you to know that I know my Savior lives.  That our ways, are not the Lord's ways. His are SO much higher, so much BETTER.   We can't write someone off when we don't know what they are really going through.  The Lord will work through us if we let Him. I love you all tons. I am so grateful to be here.  I miss you, but it is a blessing to see YOUR testimony grow.  I love you tons, more than you will ever know. 
Remember Him in all you do.:)
Elder Goodman!

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