Thursday, June 19, 2014

Transferred! A new adventure :)

Hey! Sorry I couldn't write yesterday! As you already know, I got transferred and it was like 10 hours in bus.  SUPER FUN.  But it was worth it to get here in Colima!  It is going to be great! 
This last week we had many miracles, and we always do... some little, some big, but all are wonderful!  And I never feel like I can sufficiently share them with you via email!  But once again, I will attempt.
This week, we knew might be the last week there for one of us, Elder Enriquez and I, so we tried to give that final squeeze of the sponge before transfers came!  Victor is still progressing and was reading every day.  He has changed completely.  When we met him, he was a drug addict, with his hair freaking crazy in a ponytail and no one was sure he was in the world or not.  But when we started to teach him, he wasn't on drugs, and after that....he never took drugs again.
For those of you that don't know... for someone to stop a serious drug addiction from night to day is actually dangerous.  It can cause so many problems, for your body or for your mind. So about 2 weeks ago he was really struggling and asked us to give him a blessing.  He never had problems again.  The desire, the need in his body, or the all stopped.  He could focus. He can sit still!!!! And, it is all from that blessing and power of God.  He reads, and prays every day.  Victor told us, without us ever saying or connecting the blessing to the his recovery, that it was like putting on protection for a day against Satan.  How true it is!   I was so happy to see those changes take place with him.  To see his testimony grow is a blessing for me every day.
Also, we have been working with some other people.  One person we were working with is Naty.  Through her, God taught me an important lesson.  Because we contact and teach so many people every week, there are times we can't pass by all the houses because they are different cities, or because they give us false directions or numbers.  Well, we talked to Naty, and she said we could pass by any day in the afternoon, and we hadn't been able to for about 5 days.  But the fifth day, she found us in the street and YELLED "BUENHOMBRE! Why did you never pass my house?!"  It was something that almost never happens....and I was surprised!  I then realized, I hadn't even realized ALL the blessing my father had given me. He gave me one of his children and I hadn't passed by her house for 5 days!  It was something special to see her excited for us to pass by and showing US the message.  Wake up call Elder Goodman! haha
Finally... this saturday, as our plan, our last baptism as a companionship was an investigator named Miriam, and a boy named Angel!  Miriam hurt her leg, and couldn't be baptized Saturday in the morning.  So we planned for just Angel.  His mom is Daniela, and they had been less active, but Angel told us he wanted to get baptized.  We taught him and he recieved an answer perfectly clear that the church is true!  But we had some...technical difficulties with the baptism....and it wasn't possible to happen.  First, he was dissappointed.  But the craziest part was his mom.  She had been mad at some of the members for never helping her or never helping her feel welcomel.  Well, again, we had had some problems again with members here....but she explained her testimony to her son.  She told him that EVERYTHING happens for a reason.  She was so sincere as she shared her feelings, that no one is perfect and that really, there was no reason to be offended or feel bad.  She told her son that they would do the baptism next week.  After she talked to her son, she came up to me and said, "Elders, you were right. When you share your testimony, it strengthens you personally.  I think I have to share that a little bit more with others.  Thanks!"  It was a blessing to see a sister who had felt offended, share with her son, that it wasn't important.  To share  the things she believed.  She wasn't sure of certain things.  She hadn't even completely forgiven the members yet. But she had the faith to say the words, and feel the power and truth that were in them. 
The Lord works in misterious ways! But at least the week ended well! 
I hope the stories make sense. But they taught me a lot, every single experience.  That is why I share them with you!  I know it problably isn't always the most interesting or those crazy stories, but they are things I feel that I should share!  
I hope you guys have a great week! And thank you for your letters always, sorry I don't always respond in the best way!
Also, my comp is from Peru and his name is Elder Tejada (Tehada).  He is 26!  It is super cool.  Well, later!  I will send pics next week!!!!!!
Elder Goodman!!!!

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