Thursday, June 19, 2014

A New Area :)

Fam Bam!
Hey! I just wanted to say thank you for always writing! You are amazing! And it is wonderful to hear from everybody on Mondays. Sorry I don't always respond at the same quality...:/
This week was great.  The area is a lot different from my other one to tell the truth!  Colima is a different state, so there are different challenges! But, we will be working to improve in every way possible:)
This last week, we have been visiting many different people and investigators, with many different names, faces, and needs.  The greatest thing I have seen is the way the Lord works with the instruments He has.  We might be good instruments, but sometimes, He needs a completely different one to do what He needs to accomplish His plan.  We each have the characteristics that are special for us.  And we are all different tools for the Lord, but there are ways He needs to use each and every one of us.   Our Savior wants to use the tools He has  every day. 
This week we baptized a girl named Jennifer.  She is the most recent, and last convert of her family.  It was wonderful to see the "way of the seed" the missionaries first talked to her sister, and then to her parents, and finally... we talked to her.  The Lord works in mysterious ways, but it was wonderful to see the difference in her life when she got baptized.  And we will see what waits in store for her family:)
This week, we really have also been working just to get to know the area.  My companion doesn't have much time here, so we are getting the help of members, and have had a great week.  
How are the missionaries there in our stake?!  How many are there?! Do they have investigators in our ward???  Do you guys feed them? hahahahahaha!  I just wanted to ask! (Glad Lincoln is checking on us...and yes we feed our missionaries and we have investigators!)
Also... hopefully, I will be sending a package in the coming weeks to you guys-- AT LAST. 
And sorry that this letter is all over the place, really, there are many things in my mind! Sorry!!!!
Well, that is really everything for this week! Short, but more next week. Love you all! 
I miss you!
Elder Goodman!

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