Friday, November 14, 2014

Focus on the positive!

Life, in Mexico is perfect, let me tell you . You are amazing and really, I will try to update you hard core this week.
We have been running on the daily, to help my comp out, and we go to a bunch of different yeah....but there are more pics to come, we are having some technical difficulties.
This week was great.  We have been working with quite a few people, but we are really trying to work on finding ALL the people the Lord would have us teach.  So we have been working on talking to EVERYONE. EVERYWHERE, ALL THE TIME.  There are a lot of people here in Colima.  Let me tell you, we have contacted many people daily, and this week, we were working on really applying it hard core.  The thing was....with more people to talk to, you see two things.  First, more rejection.  Second, more miracles--and that is wonderful to see. This week, I didn't have much time once again.  I AM SO SO SO SO SO SORRY...really... I will make it up.  But I learned one important thing.  The 100 "negative" (for lack of other word) experiences and their memories are destroyed with 1 "positive" experience.   I love that part about life.  We, as human beings, don't LIKE to remember the bad.  The Lord blesses us with the ablity to remember the good, and enjoy it while it lasts.  I love this time- seriously.  We are working hard to make every minute count for the Lord.
I hope you have a great week. SORRY. X2...SERIOUSLY.
Elder Goodman

 P-day just HAVE to ride a chicken at some point in your life! haha

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