Monday, November 3, 2014

The WHY...

Hello!! Hi mom... I love you.
To answer some questions: 
1. How was your week?  SUPER HARD CORE TWICK THE TWIRL 110% AWESOME.   
2. What is going well? Ok....little bit harder question mom... seriously? Everything!!  There you go.  We are working hard to find new investigators, and contact anybody who will listen.  We have had some great baptisms that are working to be going to the temple soon, and  WE ARE SO EXCITED FOR THEM.  Really, that is what we are excited about.  I have seen the difference in our point of view.  Like the talk says, to see our investigators not at baptism but at the temple and with their families forever.  That is what we want, that is the goal.  Baptism is just the first step, even for us.  We are excited to see them taking these next steps toward the temple.  And, we have baptisms coming up too.  J... is working hard core and O..., and many others. (for Dailynd, we are teaching like 26-30 investigators, and 10 less actives or people that just got baptized)
3. What is NOT going well? Nothing... to tell  the truth.  We are working hard but sometimes, we don't see the fruits of the work we do.  It is hard to let people choose for themselves, and to see some not get excited or not understand the message we are trying to teach.  To tell you the truth, of about 100 people we talk to every week, only 5-15 want to listen.  It is a little hard, but we are happy to do it and the ones that listen are so worth it:)
4. What are some of your challenges?  We are trying to help people get to church and helping them understand the importance of things after baptism, because we don't ever want them to think that baptism is the LAST STEP.
5. What helps you to keep going? Ok... to tell you the truth, the "why".  Every day, every contact, everything I do, has to have a why and the why of what I am doing.  It changes... why am I contacting this person, why am I teaching this lesson, why am I giving this person a Book of Mormon.  And the thing I have realized, is the 'why' can't ever be for me, at least in part, because it doesn't work out like it should.  It is the Lord's work.  Why do I do what I do?  Because I know it is what the Lord wants.  Here, you can't work for a baptism.  You have to work to help a child of God get back to his Father.  That is the point, and THAT makes the difference.   First, I like to remember the covenants I have made, because that is part of everything we do.  And second, I like to remember that why.  The why, usually has to do with love, or with those two wonderful commandments the Lord has given us, to love Him and our neighbors.  But it is my choice. MOM... OK...THERE ARE WAY TO MANY WHYS AND IT IS WAY TO HARD TO EXPLAIN... but easy.  Because I love my Heavenly Father and I love my Savior.  That is it. 
6. (This question was about something specific for my lessons that I am teaching)  The questions that I really like are "How do I know if I am becoming converted?" --Are you progressing?
7.  "Why is work an important gospel principle?" because God has to work to be God.....
those are my answers.
8.  I know you know about work, but how did you get where you are with regards to work? Work, is the point of this world.  If I don't learn how to work, I  can't progress.  If I can't progress, I won't be able to live with my Father in Heaven again.  That is the spiritual part.  But in everything, I will tell you the truth, the WHY.  The WHY has to be strong enough to get me to do something.  WHY  am I doing it?  And if I change my why, I change my attitude, I change my work ethic.
I love you tons.  Not much time today, but hope that helps.  I don't know how to explain it, but one day, I will explain it well, in person. LOVE YOU ALL TONS...REALLY.
Elder Goodman!

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