Friday, October 24, 2014

How you finish...


2.  How is your new companion? He is chill!  I will be sending pics the following week!  But he is hard core, and we will see if he has enough patience with me....;)
3. What is his name and where is he from?  Elder Monzon (sounds like Monson)....imagine that in the church.  The prophet and hombre bueno in makes for a laugh.  He is from Guatamala. 
4. Is your appetite back or is it a work in progress?  Yeah... all is well.  Everything is good once again.  Sorry to worry you guys.  But really, nothing big, no worries:)
5. What do you need? nothing! 
6. What would you like in your Christmas package?  Yep, the time is already here and I usually send it off at the beginning of November, so you need to let me know.  YOU DON'T HAVE TO SEND A PACKAGE.  NO WORRIES.  BUT THANKS.  I STILL HAVE TO SEND YOU GUYS A PACKAGE...IT WILL GET THERE.  I PROMISE. (Don't worry, I will be sending a package anyway :))
 I can't believe the holidays are just around the corner (mom)-- I can't either.
 Good and bad....they come and go so fast :(  
7. How  was your week?
Ok cool... I will explain my week.
This week, was hard core...and great.  Seriously, no complaints.
Something I have seen is the way the Lord helps us out in whatever we are doing.  There might be harder days, or better days, but if you are doing the Lord's will, you can't end badly. 
This week, we worked hard.  My companion had to slowly get to know the investigators, the less active members, and also the members in our area and of our ward.  So we had a lot of working, and walking to do. <= good thing.
The thing is, no one was at home and many decided to leave on vacations, or they were just  out and about when we wanted to visit them. <= challenge.
SO WE WALKED MORE. <= solution.
Cool huh? hahahahahaha! No, but something really amazing that we had seen is how the Lord led us by the Spirit.  Maybe not everyone was in their home... like ever.  BUT, when we DID find them, the Spirit was so strong in the lessons and we could feel it testifying of every word we said.  We felt that we had been guided to the people we found, and if finding those souls and those people meant walking a ton,  it was worth it to help out one of my brothers or sisters in the end:)
Also, this taught me a special lesson that I had learned a long time ago.  I believe I learned it in the MTC.  It is a saying, "It doesn't matter how you start, what matters is how you finish." And that was awesome to see.  How we ended the days, how we ended lessons, showed where our hearts and desires were.  It was something I loved and it really fired us up  this week!
After that, we had some seriously cool experiences.
One... we couldn't find anybody in their houses so we had started contacting on the way to the next visit.  As we were doing so, a sister told us that she was a less active and that her whole family had been baptized.  She hadn't been found on any of our lists, so she told us directions to her house and everything and said she wanted us to visit.  It was a tender mercy to find her and her whole family.  If we hadn't been contacting, she would have continued letting the missionaries pass by her house without saying anything,  like she had for the past 2 years.
Second... J..., one of the investigators hit a hard point this week.  With his family and everyone fighting, life was little down, and his work was also.  He came to us one  night in the church and explained all that was going on.  He asked how it was possible that the more he looked into the Gospel, the worse things seemed to get.  We thought about it.  I will tell you the truth, there are like 100 different ways to answer that question for me and I didn't know which he needed.  But, then we went to the scriptures.  We talked about SALVATION. How salvation wasn't cheap, but was definitely worth it if he always had it in his mind.  That the rules, were not rules or restrictions, but more opprotunities for us to be blessed.  That if he wanted blessings, the point was to follow those specific commandments.  It was great to see him change his attitude and he ended saying, "Well, I want to SHOW the Lord I am serious, so if you have any more rules you guys want to tell me, tell me all of them right now!" hahahahaha!  It was great:)
And also...O... was a blessing.  We have had problems getting him to chruch and we were praying on how to help him.  Well, we went and visited him and he said he not might be able to go.  He had  some excuses so we told him, to do what the Lord wanted.  But, we were unsure when we left.  Saturday we passed by O... house, because we were in the neighborhood again, and he called to us from across the street.  He said he felt a NEED to go to church, and that he was sure he wouldn't miss... and he did come.  But something we saw, was that he had changed.  Not from us, but from the Lord, and it was wonderful to see him in conference.
Last... we had Stake Conference.  Me and my companion helped in the priesthood session to teach the members a little bit more about the work of Salvation, especially missionary work (we have a little experience in that part).  It was great to see the brothers and sisters receive revelation during our talk/lesson, and writing down things they wanted to do.  Although we hadn't had much time to prepare, the Spirit guided us, and helped them know what they needed to do in the next six months.
I think that was the best.  Looking at all that, the phrase comes back, "It isn't important how you start, it's how you finish."  It applies to so many things...the, and what God wants for me.  Maybe regarding the whole week, I could say it was rough or that it was great, but the thing I loved is how we finished.  It has been wonderful.  I love it out here,and the thing about life, is how you finish.  I love you guys so much.  Hope you have a great week, and enjoy everything:)
Elder Goodman!!

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