Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Lord's time...different from our own.

I..., is an investigator, who two weeks ago was going to be baptized but didn't show up to the interview because her friend made her feel like she wasn't sure.  We honestly, were a little devastated.   We had thought she was ready and all was well, but obviously there were some hookups.  After 2 weeks, lots of work, and her own personal growth she got baptized! AND SERIOUSLY, IT WAS GREAT.  We saw her countance, her way of being change as she gained a strong, firm testimony of the Book of Mormon.  She battled against family and friends to be baptized, and fought many other temptations.  But she endured them a ll, and she came ready, sure of what she was doing.  She was convinced she would never fall again. It was wonderful to see and with the help of D&C 20:37, she knew she was ready to be baptized...but in the Lord's time:)
Second, A..., one of our recent converts who has been on fire, has had problems with his family since he got baptized.  They aren't members and they didn't understand why it was so important for him....we, as missionaries, have been working 4 months with the family, just to ACCEPT us in their home, and guess what?!  IT FINALLY HAPPENED.  This last Tuesday, the whole family came to a Family Home Evening (FHE)with the ward, and they stayed the WHOLE TIME.  A... himself said it was a wonderful miracle, and really, we are seeing a lot of progress with his family and everything they are doing:)
Also, another person who's heart was softened, was Ro....  He is brother of Re..., a recent convert.  He, also had slammed the door in our face, and was not very happy with us these last few weeks.  But this last week, when we went to visit Re..., he came out of his room just to listen to what we talked about.  We didn't say anything to him, but let him listen and feel the Spirit.  Yesterday, Ro... went to church all by himself, a personal decision:)  It was seriously great to see those changes...the work the Lord does while we aren't looking.
And last, we had a training meeting for all leaders this last week.  We recieved a lot of....revelation on how we can be better.  We learned to be humble and to remember, that it is the Lord's work, not mine:)
My conclusion: In the Lord's time.  We struggle in the Lord's time.  We are happy in the Lord's time, and we don't really understand the Lord's time.  He has a point of view, and a plan very different from ours....and it was something I saw.  As missionaries, we would rather push, or worry, or give up, a long time before the Lord wants us to.  So... just wait, and let the Lord do his work.  I loved it.  Humbling for me, and a major thing I needed this week. 
I love you all tons. The Lord loves you. I love you!
Enjoy the week.
Elder Lincoln Ellis Goodman

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